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~ Some Parkville Nature Sanctuary Work Projects ~

~ Trail Maintenance with Park Hill South National Honor Society ~

~ Stream Team with Park Hill South Advanced Biology Class ~

PNS Vine Cutting Work Session from Donald Smith on Vimeo.

Another volunteer work project at the Parkville Nature Saunctary

Lewis Jonas, Committee member supervising a hard working crew from the Parkville South National Honor Society

This crew spreading mulch and topsoil on one of the Native plant gardens

Working from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, April 28

Another crew spreading gravel and then wood chips on a soggy trail near the dam

This crew being supervised by Jim Reed, Sanctuary Director

They had all the gravel spread by 10:30 a.m. or so, then a break and a start on spreading the wood chips

Almost at the end of the trail section needing gravel... Another crew another 'Stream Team' project scheduled for the afternoon

Then Jim suggested taking another look at the waterfall, much more water coming down after the last rains

I will maybe add some of these pics to the Sanctuary page, but temporarily put them here

~ Another Project ~ 1:00 p.m. on April 28
~ Stream Team with Park Hill South ~
~ Advanced Biology class ~

This was a lab field project for the Advanced Biology class from Park Hill South high school

Orientation and planning at the start of the project

I didn't have much information as to what the project consisted of but got a fair idea along the way

One project was to measure stream turbidity... What's that? Muddiness, what else?

And another step was to collect and identify samples of insects, larvae and other material in the creek

But I just took the pictures of the activity and am just not quite able to comment properly

So I will leave that to the student Biologists in the class and their instructors

But... Apparently... a good time was had by all

And an interesting outing on a very nice afternoon

With the project well underway... I'm off to make another web page...

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