~ The Pony Express Van Club ~
~ 101 Vans on Parade! ~

Well, not 101 different vans, some repeat shots of some... But 109 Photos here
This parade was in Saint Joseph, Missouri

And several different parades at different times and locations
Here in a small town, Stewartsville, East of Saint Joseph

And after 33 years, I remember some of the vans but sure not all...
Here one of our Vans, The Freedom Machine folowed by our sponser's van, Olympia Beer

And I didn't know some of the other vans from other Clubs then
Here back in Saint Joseph and my 1976 G-30 van, my 1975 blue G-20 van was in the parade

And... Overall most of this page is boring, but not to the owner of the van
This parade, in Saint Joseph again, with the former Club President leading the Pony Express Van Club

We did have some great fun times in the old Van Club days

Here I got these shots standing on top of MY 76 van

Proceeding down Frederick Avenue to Downtown Saint Joseph

And our good sponsor... Oly Beer

This was one of the several Missouri Western College Homecoming parades we attended

Now some vans from other Van Clubs that showed up

Oh, switching to another Parade in Leavenworth Kansas... Some "Pioneer Days" parade of sorts

Here, "Crash"... Ken Madsen, one of our club members

Some "Pioneer Ladies" joining in along the way

They wanted us to parade in ~doubles~ in this one

Back in Saint Joseph, rounding the corner from Frederick Avenue to Francis street

Making the Downtown loop, West on Francis, South on 6th street
Then East on Edmond to disband the Parade at 10th Street

Rounding the corner, passing in front of another good Sponsor... Tadlock BF Goodrich

Where is this? Looks like before the Leavenworth parade, I see some "Pioneer Ladies"

And this is a "Pit Stop" for some OLY after one of the Saint Joseph parades

More socializing after the parade

Well, we are jumping around... Back to the parade in Leavenwoth, Kansas

And ... is this my 1976 G-30 Chevy? I think I took two vans to this event
With my IBM Field Manager going along to drive my 76... And a lady friend for company

Vans in this one from several local van clubs

And no, this isn't my blue 1975 G-20... But looked somewhat like it

More vans...

And MORE vans..

Hey there! OK, here is my blue 75 van... With the Tadlock BF Goodrich Tires

Is this the last look at the Leavenworth parade, who knows?
I didn't put these Photos in the proper time sequence

Nope, Back at the Leavenworth parade

And another one of our vans.. The Orange Crate... Owned by Don... (forgot his last name)

More vans?... Yes more Vans...

And more vans...

This is the FIRST parade I was in with my then BRAND NEW Chevy van
Here parked at the curb while I ran across to get pics of the vans passing by

In the First Saint Joseph parade for me.. The former Club President leading the way
I took over as President at the next election

I tried to get a photo of all the Pony Express vans in the parade
And then I showed the slides at the next Club meeting

More vans and more vans, what else can I say?

Another? Van?

Oh... Another...

One more?

Lots more...

Here's a Ford... Hey, Mike Wylie's Ford

Here's a Dodge...

And more... I told you at the start, this is boring...
But I couldn't leave out ~THEIR~ van...

So, Now I will just keep quiet unless I see a need of comment

Have to mention Ken Madsen again.. Why did we call him "CRASH"?
Well he doesn't like us to mention that...

OK, here's one towing the VICTIM of the Van Bash for Charity

Hang in there.. only about 50 more vans to go

Mike Wylie again

AHA... My friend Bob Elsworth driving My 1975 Chevy so I could take the Photos

Oh, I know this one, the wife of a former Club President who resigned because of his work

And the former President that I suuceeded in office
Note, The Strathman Photo Studio behind, owned by one of our Club Members, Mike Wylie

Mike Wylie's old Ford, before he traded it for a later Orange one

More vans and more vans, what can I say?


Again... My van, driven by Bob Elsworth, long time friend
When I moved to Parkville he then lived and worked close to my place

And One more?

Bob's passenger, one of Bill Long's sons, Bill my IBM partner for 30 years
But is that Rob, or Steve or John riding?

The end of this parade, one more block at 9th street at the top of the hill

Some chit chat afterward in the parking lot

And a visitor, wife of another IBM cohort... and my CB750 Honda

Mike Wylie, prepping his van before the start of the Missouri Western Homecoming parade

And Bob Elsworth waiting to drive my van in the parade

More Pony Express vans lining up...

Some more last minute polishing

Rob Long, no Rob ya can't drive, where's yer license?

Bob, wiping off some bugs?

Who is that in my van?

Mike Wylie's Ford again

Being new to the club then, I didn't know many of these people

Some, just casual onlookers

Van on the right here, from Leavenworth Kansas truckers

Leading a whole pack of Kansans

Former PXV President.. What was his name anyway?


Hey what am I doing way back here?

Towing the van to be smashed at the Van Bash after the parade

Yeah, it was 1976 then.. a good year

Bringing up the rear

And we are on the way.. lead van

And haven't we seen something like this before?

So on with the parade

Good lookin' Blue Van on the right there

And this is REALLY the End of this Van Parade!

~ And That is the End of This Page! ~

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