~ (Music ~ Kansas City Railroad Blues) ~

~Union Station~
~Kansas City Missouri~

Downtown Kansas City and Union Station From the top of the World War One Liberty Memorial

Probably the most photographed building in Kansas City

The third largest Union Station in the U.S.

This fully restored 1914 landmark is Kansas City's most prominent destination for entertainment and cultural activities.

One of the Two South Entrances to the Grand Lobby

The Station is home to a permanent rail exhibit with vintage rail cars, an interactive science center, a vibrant Theater District featuring giant-screen movies and live theater, fine restaurants, unique shops, spaces for meetings and events and much more.

Of course, you can still catch the train at Union Station, once again among Amtrak's busiest stops

One of several Restaurants is located in the Mian Lobby of the Station

Once the home of the historic Fred Harvey Restaurant and Lunchroom, The Harvey House Diner now serves up a full breakfast menu all day long, as well as Blue Plate lunch specials, burgers, sandwiches, hand-dipped shakes and malts and fresh-baked pies seven days a week. Enjoy the authentic, diner-style atmosphere, affordable menu prices and fast, and friendly service

100 foot high ceilings, beautufully decorated

On the Right, Entrance to Amtrack ticketing and departures from Union Station

One of the Two South Main Entrances

Entrance on the Right to the Main Waiting Room

"Meet Me Under the Clock"

In Kansas City, that expression tends to say it all. No further explanation needed. People have been saying it ever since Union Station first opened in 1914. They realized there's no simpler way to arrange a meeting in the vastness of the Station.

Perhaps the Station's most famous icon, the clock - at 6-1/2 feet across and 3 feet thick - weighs a whopping half-ton. Light illuminates the enormous clock face

It seemed only natural for Kansas Citians to mark the passage of time under the city's greatest timepiece. Ringing in New Year's "under the clock" rapidly evolved into a KC tradition

Throughout the 1930s, as many as 15,000 revelers packed a smoky Grand Hall and waiting room each Dec. 31. As train travel withered, so did Union Station's New Year's Eve parties. Finally, in the early 1960s, they stopped altogether. But with the Station reopening in 1999, the tradition was renewed.

The Main Waiting Room

Arrivals and departures for 12 Trunk Lines in the early days

One of the busiest Rail Stations in the country

Science City Fountain

Dedicated when the Union Station re-opened in 1999, the Science City Fountain was a gift from American Century Investments, Inc and is located in the Sprint Festival Plaza.

Unfortunately the fountain was not flowing on my last two visits to the Station

A view from the North end of the Main Waiting room toward the clock and lobby

On the Left, Exit to more restaurants and the elevated Walkway to the Crown Center Hotel

Information Booth in the Main Lobby

Looking toward the Western Entrance from the escalator from the lower level

Service from this restaurant on the Lobby floor or on the raised deck

Just across Pershing Road, a parting view from the lower grounds of the Liberty Memorial

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