~ The Movie ~
~ Donald Lee Smith's Very Short Career as a Movie Actor ~

From the director of Disco Fever, Lamar Card, comes another Movie 'SUPERVAN'

A Movie made to capitalize off of a marginal craze of 1970’s
A movie about the Van culture with a drunken Charles Bukowski Cameo added
The story is about a guy named Clint who enters his custom van, Vandora
Into a Van Show contest at the Vans Am “Freakout” Truck-In
Eventually Clint has to outrun some goofy country Cops on the Highway
And then use his Van to battle a group of bad guy bikers in a Junk Yard
A good thing he installed those solar powered laser beams in his van!

I first made this Web Page from My Photos, a few Photos I got online
And a couple Clips from the Film to show some of my participation in the Movie
Then in March of 2018 I decided to make this Video of the Web Page
And added a lot more of the Movie Footage to tell more of the Story

Following is the Web Page I used for some Scenes in the Video

In the 60s George Barris constructed a custom vehicle for the movie "Super Van."
Starting with a stock Dodge Sportsman Van, design concepts and work began
The 318 cubic inch engine and automatic transmission were left intact

It started out as the Love Machine in the late 60’s
But from that point on the van underwent drastic changes

The "World Premier" showing was at the Hillcrest 4 Theaters in Saint Joseph, Missouri
The home of the Pony Express Van Club
All the Van Club members and those in the film were invited, along with their friends

A Van Show was held and judged by George Barris who was the Host of the event.
And the WINNER of the Van Show was none other than the Club President... Donald Smith!

Then after the movie, a Van Parade through town
And after the Parade a Hot Dog Roast and Keg Party to celebrate

Some still clips from the film now showing ~MY~ BIG parts in the movie
On the far side of the lake (red arrow) The Donald and Friend Clarence

Same scene, different take, now we are on the opposite side of the lake
They gave us a Six-Pack and a baseball, we were supposed to be playing catch

And in the movie you could see us move, but here we are hardly even there

They kept switching the take Scenes
And we were on both sides of the lake at the same time in the movie

They wanted me to back my 76 Chevy Van up that hill for a backdrop
And you can hardly see it!

This guy walked down the Hill but now only shows the Van next to my Van there
And you can hardly see it!

Now my big walk on scene, I was in this shot almost twelve seconds.. WOW!

The sweethearts are in there somewhere... Holding Hands?

Clarence followed me in... We were the only two Club members that showed up that day
The Donald and Clarence and my 75 and 76 Chevy Vans

Hah, I got Top billing... I walked in FIRST...

Now the STARS of the movie... and we are walking behind the trees

Yeah there we are.. see the legs back there?

Now the actual clip from the film showing all the action in my exciting walk-on

Then I watched them set up the 'van show'scene
And figured where I would be able to get in it

They had the camera up on a boom following the inspection party into the scene

I stood behind the dark van until I saw them heading in
Then stepped out to see what was gong on

And ended up right in the middle of the scene

The preacher (left) and Amy his wife
She had a hard time staying out of the guys vans

I was trying to stay in front of the camera but still not be obvious about it

My final scene at the Van Show and had just walked past Amy
On the left, the preacher's wife...(red dress)

Here on the first take I watched where they were tracking the camera
So on the second take I might be in the scene... And it worked

Here is all the credit we got for all the Vans and people we provided
But it was all in fun and we had a great time helping make the Movie

A real SUPERVAN... Owned by Ted Wienstroer whose brother had a part in the movie
He had a copy of 'SuperVan-The Movie' and Googled 'Supervan' and found my Van Club page had mentioned it
Then he emailed me asking if I had been in the movie... Yes, lots of our Pony Express Van Club members were
I told him I would be glad to get a copy of it and make up a web page as a spoof
So he had a copy made for me and Special thanks to Ted for the movie and the incentive to do this page

~ So... It Was My First and Last Film... But it was FUN! ~

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