~ Work Sessions at Sullivan Sanctuary ~

Much work had been done in the new sanctuary before the flood of 2007

The flood washed out much of the prior work as well as adding flood debris

Jim Reed, Director organized new work sessions to clear the area

On Wednesday, June 27, 2007 an energetic group of 20
from the Community Covenant Church in Lenexa, Kansas began the days session

A hard working group, they made great progress clearing the trail South of Rush Creek

Jim remarked that he was very impressed with their attitude and energy

At noon, a lunch break was called in English Landing Park

Grilled hot dogs, chips and soda

And marshmallows to roast for dessert

It looked like they had a great time working and then during lunch break

Now heading back across the park to continue with an afternnon work session

<Later in the afternoon another larger group arrived from a YMCA Volunteer Youth Corps

From the Sanctuary we saw them approach, it looked like at least 100 entering the park

Jim remarked that he could sure use his share of that group

Some were assigned to work in English Landing park and then a large group headed our way

It would seem at least 50 or so were going to help in the Sanctuary

I asked where they were from, one representative said "From all over the States!"

Jim Reed had a job just getting them oriented to the task, but soon they were at it with great vigor

Anyone would be impressed at the attitude and energy this group put into this work session

There was at least one still photographer from the media catching photos and taking notes

And Channel 4 TV News was at the park, I later saw that on the evening news

To observe these two sessions wouild certainly renew your faith in our outstanding American youth

Then on July 9-10-11-12 another work group from the Greater Kansas City Volunteer Youth Corps

On Monday July 9, they worked on the South trail reconstructing steps...

These steps were washed out in the flood earlier, now waiting for the handrails to be added

On Tuesday, July 10, they were working on the North Trail, spreading wood chips on the new trails

More than plenty of poison ivy in this new section and I would think lots of chiggers and ticks

In a previous session, I thought I was avoiding the obstacles but came home with four chiggers and one tick...

The previous day was oppressively hot and humid... 90 degrees

This time I went earlier in the day and it was cloudy and cooler and a lot more comfortable

Here a Volunteer Youth Corps supervisor, J.J., joins in to help load chips

They had a small tractor to help on transporting the chips but it conked out

Here Jim gives up after some time trying to jump start it

But there was still some manual transportation available

One load coming, others empty going back for a refill

Then on Monday a lunch break
The food prepared and brought to the park by Diane Reed, Jim's wife
A sumptious repast of Cincinnatti chili... over spaghetti and topped with cheese

Tuesday,the next day, the food was being prepared by Dianne Kixmiller another hard working Committee member

Wednesday lunch, tacos prepared and served by Pat Harris, another full time Committee member...

A smaller volunteer group this day but plenty of work was accomplished