~ (Music ~ Kansas City Railroad Blues) ~

~ The Smokestack in Parkville ~

~ The Demolition of a 90 Year Old Landmark ~

Park College Power Plant smokestack ~ A prominent landmark in Parkville for many years

It could be seen for several miles on Highway 9 West from Kansas City (far right)

And as you Enter Downtown Parkville

On the West Side of Main Street

From the Shopping Mall

And from the Train Tracks

At Christmas a lighted star added to the night view of the towering smokestack

Later the smokestack became a sort of Logo for the Power Plant Brewery
That was established in the old power Plant

But then tiles began falling from the nearly 90 year old landmark
From the deteriorating exterior of the stack, creating a possible danger
To passing traffic and pedestrians below

Local authorities and the owner of the property decided the stack must be removed
For public safety and insurance reasons

The Restaurant operators did not agree and wanted the smokestack repaired
And maintained as did many citizens of Parkville

The operators filed a lawsuit, stating the stack was a part of the premises
And that it should be repaired and maintained

But protests failed and demolition was started, most work progressing at night
When they could close off the streets to traffic

Demolition of the smoke stack was scheduled to begin Sunday, March 4, 2007 at 10:00
Vehicular traffic was detoured around downtown

The Power Plant Brewery operators used the Stack as a trademark for the restaurant

The lease with the Power Plant operators required insurance on the restaurant
But not the smokestack, actually was several feet to the rear of the building

It was decided by the property owner that demoliton was safer and much less costly
Than renovation so demolition was ordered, costing a reported $35,000

The building owner's engineering firm had assured city officials
That the smokestack was not in danger of toppling

And the operators of the Power Plant Restaurant had said They believed under their lease
It was the building owner's responsibility to repair and maintain the smokestack

The owner the former power plant, said he had already planned to tear down the smokestack
Because it had gotten too expensive to maintain

The owner said he understood that people are upset over the demolition
But that he planned a similar structure in it's place

They didn't take it all the way to the ground
The top is now about level with the roof at the rear of the Restaurant

The smokestack originally was more than 110 feet tall before an earlier repair
Now is about 20 feet tall and capped with concrete

Now all but gone except as a memory, a Parkville Landmark that may be gone forever

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