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~ A Solitary Spring Walk in Parkville Nature Sanctuary ~

The forsythia and dogwood were blooming in my neighborhood close to the Parkville Nature Sanctuary so I thought I would take a look to see what was blooming in the Sanctuary

Crossing White Alloe creek

The White Trail ahead leading to the highest part of the Sanctuary

This time I stayed on the 'Old Kate Trail' and didn't climb the steep 'White Tail Trail' to the highest point in the sanctuary

I stopped by to check out the old root cellar

There was a large farm on the Park University grounds in the past and this cellar was used for winter storage

Some supportive reconstruction was done at the entrance, and a grill placed to bar entrance to the interior

Continuing down the 'Bluebird Trail' I saw a large wild tom turkey ahead. He is barely visible crossing the trail in the center of the four trees to the right

By the time I got closer he had wandered into the trees

A bit of color from the dogwood starting to bloom

The upper reach of White Alloe creek with the high earthen dam for Riss Lake in the background

Looking down to the 'Bluebird Trail' from higher up on the 'Old Kate Trail'

The foliage is so thick in summer you can't see that trail from this higher level

Then I saw two deer feeding on the fresh new foliage

As I tried to get closer I would make a sound and the deer would look up but didn't run away

This doe was joined by a larger buck and they foraged together

I wanted to get a picture of both together but as I got close enough the buck wandered off

They must get used to trail walkers as they didn't seem to be very wary of my presence

Crossing White Alloe creek on the way out. I'll come back later for Jim Reed's conducted Spring Walk

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