~Let's Get Smokin~

Smokin Ribs in January 2010 from Donald Smith on Vimeo.

~el Pato Donaldo Smokin Pork Ribs~

(Un poco mas de Musica?)

The Old Homestead in Parkville

Smoking Chicken on the Old Electric Smoker

We Needed a Bigger Smoker

And a Glass of Vino Tinto

Now We're a Smokin

Now Let's Let's Smoke some more Chicken

That is some Nice Smoked Chicken!

Some More Chicken Leg Quarters

And Smoked Turkey Legs

And More Smoked Turkey Legs

Let's Try Some Ham

That Ham almost Ready

Slicin up that Ham

Can Grill in There too... Grilling some Brats

And Now some Burgers

Hey the Ribs Look Ready

The Ribs after a Finish in the Oven and some K.C.Masterpiece Sauce

Now a Beef Brisket is Smoked, Rested and Ready

Sliced and Ready for You and Me

Now for Pulled Pork
Start by Smoking a Pork Shoulder (Boston Butt)
Four to Five Hours in the Smoker

Then Wrapped in Foil and Four Hours in the Oven at 250F

Let Cool and then Shredded (pulled)... Ole! Pulled Pork!

Next, Some Sliced Pork Shoulder Rubbed and Ready
Some Call This "Country Style Ribs for BBQ" But no Way is it Ribs...
I also Roast this and then Dice and make Pork Chili with it

Some Baby Back Ribs - Before

Them Babies - After Four Hours

Ready for Sauce and a Rest in the Oven

A Try at Smoking Pastrami... And it was Good!

And Finishing up with a Turkey for T-Day

~ OK That's a Sample... Come on Over for some K.C. Style BBQ ~

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