San Diego
~ San Diego for a Weekend ~
~ What I Managed to See and Photo ~

Well... in 1952 I was assigned to Luke AF Base in Glendale, Arizona, near Phoenix
And a High School buddy Frank, was in the Navy, stationed in San Diego
So one weekend I drove out for a quick visit...

That is a good distance from Phoenix so it took most of a day to get there
So I really only had one day to look around before heading back

And so I spent most of the day at the Beach and San Diego Harbor

Not a real warm day on the beach... I can't remember what time of the year it was

This stretch of beach rather deserted

But there were a few hardy souls out in the Pacific surf

And a few more... Way out there waiting for a wave

More activity in San Diego harbor... Fishing boats and some Navy ships
The Naval Station at the far right

Fishing boats and lots of gulls

Is that a skiff... far left? and a lone fishing boat at anchor
And a freighter in the diatance

Some more Navy ships at anchor and a lone gull on watch

And a lone gull flying sky patrol

An old Spanish lighthoue on Point Loma... Now a National Monument
And I never noticed til now... The man on the walkway on top

The day waning and time for the long trip back to Phoenix... and my Base

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