~ The Riverwalk ~
~ In Kansas City's Country Club Plaza ~

The Country Club Plaza is an outdoor Museum of romantic Spanish architecture and European art
It was designed in 1922 as the nation's first suburban shopping district
Since then, its open-air public art gallery has continuously added to its collection
With fountains, sculptures and murals that bring to the heart of our city the very best of the Old World and the new.

Kansas City's scenic Riverwalk on Brush Creek winds through the City for six miles
The riverwalk provides local flood control and urban green space
And encourages economic development in the communities along the river's banks

Before the turn of the 20th century, the Brush Creek Valley was little more than a watering hole for those on their way to somewhere else. Fur trappers, Indians, soldiers and early settlers all walked its banks, but their journeys took them elsewhere

One man had the vision to see the little valley as something more. With steadfast determination and hard work, Jesse Clyde (J.C.) Nichols changed the face of the land forever, transforming a swampy, unappealing tract of land into the country's first shopping center, the Country Club Plaza

Looking East into the Country Club Plaza from Bellevue Avenue Just above the first Weir constructed to maintain the level of Brush Creek

West toward Bellevue where the Riverwalk Project begins

A 'stairstep' Weir provides a scenic West end of the Riverwalk

Looking down from the Bellevue Bridge overlooking the start of the RiIverwalk

West from the Riverwalk back to the Weir at Belleview Avenue

And the Riverwalk then winds on Eastward through the Heart of the Country Club Plaza

What appears to be a Fountain is actually an Aerating Pump to help maintain the purity of the Creek Water

The Poles at the left define the area of the Docking site for Sight Seeing Boats that once shuttled Tourists up and down the Creek

Another Weir maintaining the desired depth of the Creek through the Riverwalk Area

Volker Memorial Fountain

Carl Milles, a Swedish sculptor, based his memorial to William Volker on an equestrian figure of St. Martin of Tours, who had done much to enrich the city

The Eastern End of my river walk at this time in I believe 2009

Since then the Riverwalk has been extended farther East from the Plaza

Now more Views of the Scenes on the way back to my Starting point

A rewarding stroll down the Creek on any fine day on the Country Club Plaza

One last look back down from one of the many Staircases down to the Riverwalk

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