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~ Rebuilding the Parkville Hiway 9 Bridge ~

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The Old Hiway 9 Bridge in Parkville over White Aloe Creek

It Carried heavy traffic Westbound from Kansas City
and Eastbound from Parkville for many years

In June, 2010, Construction was started to rebuild the Bridge

Construction started with dredging White Aloe Creek
to make room for a One Way bypass around the construction of the Bridge

Continuing dredging the creek to build the framework for the bypass

Laying out the lines for paving the bypass

View from the busy corner of Route FF from Parkville and Hiway 9 to Kansas City

White Aloe Creek flowing South into English Landing riverfront park

Comstruction was suspended until September 2010

Work was started on the North Piers for the Bypass

Looking West on Hiway 9 where bypass construction is in progress

Now several views of the bridge construction for the bypass on the North side of Hiway 9

Forms for the piers for the bypass bridge

More of the same

And still more before pouring the top of the bypass bridge

Several more views of the piers

And another...

And One more

Then Construction was stalled until fall
I suppose for the several Festivals that need the bridge for access

And One more view from East Street
Junction of Hiway 9 and Route FF

Construction was resumed in October of 2010
With the continuing completion of the bypass lane

After pouring the top of the bypass bridge

And grading the route for the paving of the bypass

Following are more views of the route of the bypass before paving

A last look before coming back to check the paving of the Bypass

Back for more photos in November, 2010

With the completion of paving the bypass

And then the Construction is suspended for the winter

Now in March of 2011... Construction resumes

Parked in the lot at the old Train Station

To walk over and see what was going on at the South side of the bridge

The base for the South side piers had been poured

Now preparing to build the forms for the piers

I had no idea they were building the piers until I went back later

But it was interesting to walk around the project and speculate

More of the same the next few shots

Enough shots of this side of the operation

Back to the West side of the Bridge to get a vew from that side

Back again on March to check the progress

Now I could see that they had been building the piers for the South side

Back to the West Side again

Then on March 21... Southbound Hiway 9 Closed

And most of the Old Bridge is gone

A big gap between the bypass and the South piers

Well, not completely gone but almost

Using a Jack-Hammer to knock down what is left

Then the Power Shovel to dredge up the old bridge debris

Back once more on March 23 for more photos

More jack-hammer and dredging up what is left of the old bridge

Back again on March 28 to see the Bridge piers had been poured

Big Pile of Gravel to be used for the Bridge deck

Removing the pier forms before paving the bridge deck

Back again on March 30 for more photos

The Bridge Deck has been Poured

Looks more like a large Culvert than a Bridge

Next to fill in the Roadway and Set Up the Guard Rails

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