Those Parties
~ Party Time ~

~ Some of the Fun Times in My Rec Room in St. Joseph ~

There were a lot of fun times in my Saint Joseph house
Here are just a few of them...

I kept adding to my bar stock, had everything anyone wanted

A lot of times the guys at IBM would stop in after work...
Bill, in the center was my partner in the Saint Joseph office for 30 years

John calling his wife...
Honey, I'll be right there, I stopped off for a minute at Don's

One of the youngest Customer Engineer Guests
Didn't make it far, he was fired for incompetance...

My Field Manager liked to stop over and have a few
His wife liked a few more...

This time his wife was not with him...
Honey, come on over to Don's... We're having another party

This CE (Customer Engineer) came to St Joe to help out
Stopped by after work for a Cool One before heading back

Some names I can't remember now... Just whether they were a help or a hindrance

Then an Election party... When was this? 1968?

We were all stocked up for an evening of vote counting
But the results were in before the party even got into full swing...

Mike would come over without his wife, she wasn't much for partying
Whatcha drinkin Mike? Were we serving champagne too?

And who were these Guests?, friends of someone? Not IBM people

John didn't bring his wife but he brought his son...
Wonder why Bill and Betty missed this one?

OK Dad, enough of this silly stuff... let's go home

Well, Bill and Betty made all my Birthday parties
This time she brought the cake

And Bill brought me a bottle of McCormick Gold bourbon
Also I got several gifts of Yellowstone bourbon, my favorite at that time

Age 29 on the Cake? (all of that and a few more years)

I probably could have put 30 plus candles on that cake then
But now I only have room for numbers like this one

I can't get away with 29 anymore, have to revise it up to about 49...

Hokay Greengo... Heer ees thee way to drinking the Tequila
First you are to chug the Tequila, si?

Segundo, preparo for la lima, es verdad!

Entonces (then) lima en su boca... Bueno!
Next the salt, who got the salt?

Then I was taking an adult Spanish class at Missouri Western State College
When we finished class we had a little party at my place

A fellow student brought a couple visitors he had from Mexico
Also very fluent in English and muy agradable... (very friendly)

I put on some Mexican Music and Enrique did a cha cha for us

This guy back again, this time with his lady friend
I didn't like to see him leave the company, he was a nice guy

This couple was from New York, we got a lot of criticism from them
About our backward Missouri ways... But they were a lot of fun...

He did LOVE my Bloody Marys, could chug them faster than I could mix them
His wife was more moderate, maybe one to his four

More wives, John's was here this time in back
Bill's and Gerry's wife in the foreground

And they brought their kids, Here is Gerry's daughter

And two of Bill's sons, Steve and Rob
And that is a special kiddy cocktail for Rob

~ OK The party is Over... What Next? ~

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