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~ Thursday ~ July 31, 2014 ~
~ July Leaving ~ Pay Day Tomorrow! ~
~ President Obama Visits Parkville ~

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~ 6 inches More to Pie Size ~

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70 Degrees at 10 a.m. and Cloudy, my kind of Garden Working Weather, you bet
I finished the Tomato Bed Back Gate Netting then and back inside for a while
I was without a Vehicle for the Day so no Morning Runaround, just some garden work

~ Back Gate Re-Netted ~ Finished with that Project ~

Then a knock on the Door, Tom the Maintemance Man, came to load up the old super Computer
I sold it to him for a giveaway Price, but I wasn't using it and too good a Box to just sit Idle
Then he noticed my Blazer missing and offered me a ride anywhere I wanted, nope, just for Lottos

And then, I wanted to water the Back Beds again, trying to get some Seeds to sprout
And also Try to rejuvenate the Cucumber and Swiss Chard Bed, does not look promising
So I was busy doing that and noticed a Helicopter flying back and forth above my Place
And also circling what looked like the whole of Parkville, so what's that about anyway?
I got a Photo of it on it's last pass Southeast over the Gully

And then by chance here comes an Email from Bob Fluchel, Nature Sanctuary Director
He sent a Link to KMBC Live Breaking News and I checked it out
Well it was a Video of President Obama visiting Downtown Parkville, Hey! No one invited me
He had visited Kansas City on Tuesday, ate at a local BBQ Joint, made a Speech later
Then spent the Night and was apparently headed North to KCI International and made a stop in Parkville
And he stopped in at Parkville Coffee House, walked around Downtown and up Hiway 9
Stopped to talk to people all over Downtown Parkville as the Cameras followed him
Too bad I wasn't there to get some decent Video and Photos, most of the ones online were not so good

~ The Helicopter above my Place ~ KMBC News Photos Downtown ~

~ And at Parkville Coffee House ~

So I was stuck at home all day without my Wheels, so this is like having no Car?
How can anyone (except Sigi Wulle) live like that?, no Bus service around here
Well there is that OATS Service but you have to call and wait forever and I don't like that

I did without my Scratchers for the first day since forever that I can remember, well $20 ahead on that anyway
So I waited through that long afternoon for Bob, my Mechanic friend to get off work
I expected a call about 5:30 p.m. or so but no, and I waited and watched TV until about 9 p.m
I called and asked what's the deal? He had just finally finished but said he would bring the Blazer back today
But that means I have no Vehicle until after 5 p.m. Wonder if I can walk to the Price Chopper and back?

I used to walk downtown every day for the Mail, a mile each way, but that was 15 years ago

Anyway, I'll survive another day... And find some Obama visit Video to post tomorrow
I don't want to show him so much, just the scenes in Parkville

~ Here we Go Again! ~ Ever Onward and Upward! ~

~ Wednesday ~ July 30, 2014 ~
~ My Blazer Unleaked ~
~ Another Computer Tune-Up ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And up to the Back Beds Tuesday Morning to do what? Well drag the netting up for the Tomato Bed
No hurry to do that, no sign of back Gate Entry by any Varmints, but might as well take care
Will finish that on one of these cool Mornings we have been having the last couple days
I thought I would plant some more Beets in the front of the Tomato Bed... But I put a 'Beet Greens' seed tape there
Nothing had popped up, maybe need to water that some more now, wait a few days to see

And my Pumpkin Number Three is bigger than Number One and Two now and hiding under some leaves
I got that Photo of that one with a Rule, now at 3 1/2 Inches, now watch it grow

Then I went to P&G Hardware for some more Staples for the last Netting job when I get ready for that
And then to the Price Chopper for a couple Items and my Lottos, no big winners again

So then I got back to getting that Old Computer ready for Tom, the Maintenance Man
He says he will pick it up Today some time, I just want to get it out of the way
And then nothing much the rest of the Day until my Mechanic Friend called me
Said bring the Blazer over and I'll work on it this evenng so I headed over
So I gave him the Blazer and he gave me a Laptop from his Wife to upgrade to Windows 8-1
It is a NEW Laptop, never upgraded from Windows 8... I needed to tame it with Windows 8-1
Then she could work it like Windows 7 from the Desktop and get something done, like I did with mine

~ That Laptop after I whupped it into Shape ~

Back home that took me until Bedtime, getting Windows 8-1 Ugrades started, back to the TV
Then back to see the progress on the Upgrade, seems it took forever but finally Success
These super Desktops I have ruin me for a slow Laptop with 4 GB of RAM
The 16 GB I have on each of my Desktops zip right along, even the 8 GB on my Laptop seem slow

Now 6:30 a.m. on Wednesday... time does fly! Waiting for my Blazer, see what it costs me
I should charge HIM for the Computer set-up but I never have... Oh well...
At least I didn't have to crawl underneath it to fix it... Now on to the Day!

~ Off we Go Again! ~ Ever Onward and Upward! ~

~ Tuesday ~ July 29, 2014 ~
~ Miracle-Gro on the Back Beds Again ~
~ Sold My Old Super Computer ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ Los Flores son Bonitas ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And up the Hill well after Sunrise on Monday to Water the Garden Beds with Miracle-Gro
I don't know how much that stuff helps but I do it anyway, now and then
So I started in on what's left of the Cucumbers and Swiss Chard, the new Seeds haven't popped up yet
Then the Tomato Bed, and the Beet Greens Seeds I planted in there haven't done anything yet either
But the Tomatoes look GREAT! Best Crop I have had in the Bed since I started it in 2011
Well I built the Bed in 2011 but the first Tomato Crop was in 2012 and didn't do all that well
The 2012 Crop did some better but did not produce what Better Boys Tomatoes usually do
So now, with all the fertilizing and good weather maybe this wil be the Crop I have beem looking for

Next the Pepper and Eggplant Bed, The peppers are not doing all that well either
I never did have great luck with Green Peppers, the Eggplants there are doing better though
Then I watered the Spreading Pumpkin Patch, that was a good idea on that bare Hillside
And I found that what I call 'Pumpkin Number Three' is now the Biggest of the three I am watching now

~ Pumpkin Three on July 24 ~ And on July 28 ~

Then I hit the Side Beds, Popcorn Roses and Rhubarb, looks like I am going to get a couple more Pies
And then back inside to clean up and head out for my Morning Run for this and that

And that was about it for the outside action except later to drag the Hose back down and water some more
I dragged the Hose next Door and watered the plants our front over there
Then as I was dropping the Hose down to my front Area I saw Tom, the Maintenance man next door
He had asked me earlier if I had any Computers to get rid of, at the time I had hooked my oldest to my TV
But since I got the New Laptop I can hook it to the TV and easier so I offered that old Desktop at a bargain price
So he said Sure so I spent the Afternoon cleaning my old Data files off, getting it ready for him
And so that was the Finale of the Afternoon, except to Grill a Burger on my new Grill to finish the day

~ Saying Goodbye to my Old Super Computer ~

I bought that Computer when Vista came out in 2007 and Vista worked great for me, no complaints at all
Then I up graded it to Windows 7 and worked even greater, It did it's job very well until I got my HP with Windows 7 in 2010
That old HP Desktop was doing everything for me in until I got my newer HP and then The Dell Desktops
Newer, Better Faster, more everything, still do not need an upgrade for those, my new Laptop can't do as much as they do

And so... on to the new day, several things on tap to keep me busy, see how many of them I can get accomplished
Actually July has been a busy month and we are about to use it all up.. then into the August Doldrums?

~ Off we Go Again! ~ Ever Onward and Upward! ~

~ Monday ~ July 28, 2014 ~
~ Picked my First Better Boy Tomato ~
~ Made Ratatouille Sunday ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sunday Morning, nice looking sunny Morning in the 80s, not quite so hot they say
Well Ratatouille on the Menu, off to the Price Chopper for the Ingredients
I had my Eggplant but needed most everything else to make it the way the Book says
So, Produce first, Onions, Green Pepper, Garlic, Tomatoes, Zucchini, Mushrooms
Then some grated Parmesan Cheese and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the only kind to use, yeah
Then back up the Hill when I got back, I picked the third little Eggplant to go with the second

~ Ratatouille on the Way ~ And Ready to Serve! ~

So then about 1 p.m. some Peeling, Slicing, Dicing and Mincing, sauteing the Eggplant
Then layering all the Ingredients into a Casserole Dish and into the Oven for an Hour or so
I try this Dish, seems at least once every year with my second or third Eggplant
My favorite way to prepare it is my Panko Crusted Oven Fried Eggplant but I vary a little now and then

Later I went out front with my Watering Can, watered everything out front again
That Tomato Plant in the Pot sure drinks up a lot of water, the Sweet Potato Vines too
But most everything out there looks great, Boss Bob says he likes the looks of my place

Ans then to wind up another nice day, I sampled my latest try at Ratatouille
And this wasn't the prettiiest example but it sure was the best tasting I can remember
And as usual, enough left over for a couple more samplings

Now Monday again, and I do like Mondays, first plan for the Day is Miracle-Gro on the Back Beds
And then what? More nice unseasonalbly cool July Weather ahead for the Week, How Sweet it Is!

~ Off we Go! ~ Ever Onward and Upward! ~

~ Sunday ~ July 27, 2014 ~
~ Picked my Second Eggplant ~
~ Ravaged Cucumbers Making a Comeback! ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ Second Eggplant ~ A Beauty ~ Goes in the Ratatouille ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And off on Saturday Morning for my Lottos at Price Chopper and WHAT IS THIS?
I stepped on the Brakes and the pedal went almost to the Floor! Again?
This happened once before a few Years ago when a Brake line Broke... Now What
That time a Mechanic Friend fixed it for me right out front of my Place
I made it to the Price Chopper and back, there is some kind of backup System
And I called my friend Bob and he said he would come by after work and take a look

Then I scratched my Lottos, only came up with a $9 Win, well better than nothing
So nothing else to do, I headed back up the Hill for a look around, Pumpkin Vines still spreading
And I found that neat little Eggplant ready to harvest, I'll make a Ratatouille out of that
Then a look at my Cucumbers the Raccoon lunched on and new leaves are coming on
See if they will recover enough for a Crop, they should have a good Root System already

~ New Leaves on the Stripped Cucumber Plants ~

And a look at Pumpkin Number one, wondering if that Varmint Bite was enough to ruin it, still looks good
Kind of irritating, some Animal takes a nibble but doesnt eat it, just ruining it for me

~ Will My Chomped On Pumpkin Survive? ~

On into a boring Day... nothing to do, nothing to cook until later
So how about some great Music? Hooked my Laptop to my TV again, works great
I can get You Tube on my Samsung Smart TV alone but no KB and takes forever to select a Song or Video
But with the Laptop it is a snap to choose anything on there you want
And it looks great Full Screen and with my Bose Solo Sound System! Try it, you will like it!

~ Jim Reeves with his Best Song ~ Mormon Tabernacle Choir Full Screen Video ~

And what the rest of the day, well I needed a couple things to make Ratatouille so I put that off
I'll venture up to the Price Chopper this Morning for those, taking it easy with that Brake Line leak
I finished out the Day Saturday by grilling an 'Omaha Steak's' Chicken Breast, that was tasty
So other than the trip to the Pice Chopper I will just hang around and hope my Mechanic Friend shows up
I could trot up the Hill to Re-Net that final Back Gate... But... maybe not yet...

~ Off we Go! ~ Ever Onward and Upward! ~

~ Saturday ~ July 26, 2014 ~
~ Installed the Re-Netted Gate Ends ~
~ Back to HOT July Weather! ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Weatherman said it might hit 100 Friday so up to install the Re-Netted Gate Ends Friday Morning
It was nice and cool to start at 73 Degrees when I headed up, but the Sun came out and I was dripping soon
That Humidity is the thing, had an occasional cool breeze but did not help much
So I Fitted and Drilled and Screwed and got the Ends Fastened on, looks safer against the Varmints
Now all that's left to do on that Project is the Back Gate and that sure would not be Friday!

~ New Netting On the Tomato Bed ~

And then of course another peek at the Pumpkin Patch, how many pumpkins in there now I can't see?
Actually last year I only got one good sized one, enough to make four Pies though
This looked more Gorgeous when I went up early, by 10 a.m. the Blooms were closing already
I would like to get in there and pull some of that tall grass out... But those chiggers, ya know

~ Gorgeous Pumpkin Patch Friday Morning ~

And then finally Shower time and off to see the Wizard, where today? The Price Chopper?
I had $35 worth of Winners to trade, bought $21 worth, only won $8 back, still ahead for the day anyway

And really then nothing to do the rest of the day except to water the Beefy Boy Tomato plant in the Pot
That thing takes a lot of water and it was Hot the last couple days

So, not much to do back up the Hill today and it's going to be another Hot one
They say it will cool off a bit Sunday and then a few more days of great weather in the 80s
Now that's more my style... No plans today, just coast and see what comes up

~ Off we Go! ~ Ever Onward and Upward! ~

~ Friday ~ July 25, 2014 ~
~ Finished the Gate Ends Netting ~
~ A Gorgeous Weather Day on Thursday! ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thursday Morning after my Pumpkin Exam I went back down for the Hose, then Watered Next Door
Then my Side Beds and then up the Hill to water the Pumpkin Patch and the Back Beds
I noticed some of the Tomato Vines needed to be propped up so I went behind to do that
And taking off the Back Gate, not watching what I was doing... I stepped on one of my new Pumpkins
I squashed it beyond any repair... Darn the clumsy bad luck, well I have more than I will need anyway

When I was done watering I picked 20 Jalapeno Peppers and one Big Bertha Sweet Pepper

~ Latest Jalapeno Harvest ~

And when watering the Cucumber Bed I notice some new leaves on the stripped Cucumber Plants
I wonder if they might recover, the first damaged ones all died soon after

Then back inside to clean up and head for my Lottos, won about $15 back, that ain't gonna pay the rent
And then back outside to work on the Bed Ends Netting, two Ends and the Back Gate to Go
So far nothing has tried to get in the Back Gate so there is no Hurry for that I guess
But something had tried to get in both of the End Panels, and that's what I worked on Thursday

And so, done with that about 2:30 p.m. and the Temp was only 81 at the time, just one Gorgeous day!
Just needed to take the Panels up the Hill and Screw them on the Bed Ends

Into the Afternoon, only won $19 that morning in Lottos so I headed back to the Fast Stop to trade
Then back home to scratch those and wound up with a $35 Win, a little profit for the day
Not much else for the rest of the day, just TV and later some Dinner

Now 7 a.m. and time to head back up the Hill to fasten those Ends on the Beds
A nice 73 degrees at 7 a.m. but they say it might hit 100 this afternoon
So best to get the outside activities done early... But then they say it will cool of tomorrow
O.K. Away we go.... Into the Wild Back Jungle!

~ Off we Go! ~ Ever Onward and Upward! ~

~ Thursday ~ July 24, 2014 ~
~ Nothing Accomplished on Wednesday ~
~ Took a 'Sick Day' Off ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

First a look at my new Pumpkins, then to complain about my 'Lost Wednesday'
I headed up the Hill this morning at 6:30 to check on my new Pumpkin Buds, now potential Pumpkins
Got a Photo of Pumpkin Number One and something had taken a bite of of it!
Then Number Two and looks like something nibbled on it, Darn them Varmints up there!
Then I found two more New ones, well Number Three there looks bigger than my Number One
So it looks like the Bees are doing the job, I won't have to help now, I have enough pumpkins going

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Well I don't much like to read about people's Illness and I don't say much about mine
But then I usually don't have much of that to write about, a few visits to the Docs for this and that
But not much of anything serious or persistent except old age aches and pains
But I had to take a 'Sick Day' off on Wednesday and got nothing done... until about 5 p.m. that is

And I learned a new word... GERD, sounds messy but it isn't, just a hell of a nuisance
Stands for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease... Or just plain old Acid Reflux that a lot of people have
And I have had some of that for years and usually know how to minimize it but...

My problem lately and I have to change it... I don't have much appetite and forget to eat much
A little for a late Breakfast, skip lunch. my Cocktail in the afternoon, maybe a Snack

So by the time for a nice big Dinner I haven't had much to eat all day
And then my empty stomach rebels at the first bite of food and here we go again!

I have gone through this about three times this Year, it is no fun and I have to watch it
Maybe I have learned my lesson this time, put off the Cocktail and eat some lunch!
Tuesday I was busy all day, finally made that big fresh Salad and set out a half a Grilled Chicken
Time for dinner, took that one bite and OH OH.. that lump in my throat and that was it

Then I headed for the Bathroon, got rid of the first bite, then put everything away and went to bed
And didn't stay there long, I was up and hitting the Bathroom every few minutes all night long
Nothing coming out but clear liquid but that's the way this thing happens, I read online about it

And finally, up around 5 a.m. next day, complaining to my 'Yahoo Messenger' friend Sigi in Germany
But then it came back and I went back to bed, back up Midday and tried again but no way... back to bed
This time a good sleep, woke to a knock at the door at 4:30 P.m. The UPS Man with a package for the Complex
Boss Bob leaves at 4:30 and asked if he could have the package delivered to me after he left

Well then... all gone, I felt GREAT! Time for some healing Potato Soup. I was out of Taters so headed to the store
Got me some Potatoes and Milk, back home to make some Soup, just what Doctor Don ordered
I had my soup watched some TV and then off to bed for a good night and I feel GOOD this morning
Now back to work on that new Netting for the Tomato Bed... Tally Ho!

~ Off we Go! ~ Ever Onward and Upward! ~

~ Wednesday ~ July 23, 2014 ~
~ New Netting on the Tomato Bed Ends ~
~ New Bike Seat Delivered ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Well I headed off to P&G Hardware for my Wire and Screws, they had the Wire but not the kind of Screws I wanted
So I didn't buy either and set off for Lowes Home Center a few miles farther
And they had my Screws of course and also the Wire, twice as much for half the price
So I headed back to El Ranchito to get started on my Project of the Day

I cut and stapled the End Netting to a couple of 4 foot 1 X 2s, to use them as the top bracings
Then drilled a couple Holes to Screw them to the Cage End uprights
Then all that was needed was to Cut and Screw on several 1 X 2 pieces on each end to hold the Netting to the Cage

So I Measured and Cut the Netting for the Back Cage Gate and the other Cage End
But it was getting HOT out front, I had to come in to wipe off the Sweat and cool down
So then I was out and in about every ten minutes til I gave up around 11 a.m.
Just too Hot out there to do anything... And I wanted to Water Next Door and Out Back too
Well there is always tomorrow isn't there? Well there has been for the last 82 Years that I know of

Later in the Afternoon I ran back to the Price Chopper, I forgot to get Wine, got to have that
And I picked up a nice big Tomato, wanted to make a Salad with one of Odelon's (Mexican Friend) Cucumbers
So I started on that, Diced and Sliced Cucumber, Tomato, Green Pepper and Sweet Onion
And I wanted some Italian Dressing with that so I made some of my own, sometimes it is quite tasty

So, into the Measuring Cup with Olive Oil, Malt Vinegar, Sugar, Salt, Basil, Oregano, Minced Garlic
There, that should do it, mixed it up and into the Fridge for the Flavors to 'meld'

Then I headed to the Price Chopper one more time for a couple items
And stopped on the way back for the Snail Mail and my new Bike Seat was there
My Bike is in the back of the Blazer, so I flipped the quick release lever and popped off the Seat
Brought it in, removed the skinny seat from the Stem and on with the new one... easy

~ With an 82 Year Old Bony Butt ~ Pick a Bicycle seat ~

So now, just need to pop it back on the Bike... adjust and then ride off in comfort
For today.. several things I want to do if I can get around to everything

~ Off we Go! ~ Ever Onward and Upward! ~

~ Tuesday ~ July 22, 2014 ~
~ Put New Netting on the Tomato Bed Gate ~
~ I think my new Pumpkin is on the Way! ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And out and up the Hill at 7 a.m. on Monday Morning to check my Potential Pumpkin
As expected the Female Blossom had closed and will drop off in a Day or two
They have to be Pollinated the first day they open and usually the early part of the Day
Now the Question is will I get a Pumpkin from that one or not? Will see in a few Days

~ That Female Blossom on Saturday, Sunday and Monday ~

I got a Photo and then Back in for a Cup of Coffee and to start today's Datribe
Then back out and up the Hill (getting routine Huh?) to measure the Gate Ends of the Tomato Bed
Yep four feet just like I built them way back when, and then brought the Front Gate down
Then Measured off eight feet of Netting and began stapling, not as easy as it sounds
That Steel Netting is stiff, hard to bend and that Stapling wears me out real quick
Finally finished and then hauled that Gate back up, heavier now with the New Netting

I put the Front Gate back on the Tomato Bed. took a peek, counted at least 25 Better Boys Tomatoes
Looks like a lot better Crop than last year, in fact best so far in that Bed
Checked that Pumpkin I pollinated. looked bigger already, maybe I have a Winner there!
And another Bud I have been watching, will bloom either Tuesday or Wednesday!

And then... I hooked up the Hose and watered everything out front, today next door and up the Hill
So... I used up all but three feet of one Roll of Netting, and one foot from the other Roll
I need two four foot pieces for the Ends and one 8 foot piece for the Back gate of the Tomato Bed
So I have about 12 feet salvaged from the 'Trash Basket'... That will make one End and the Back Gate
Then wire the two of pieces from the Rolls together and I should have enough for the Job

Then I headed up the Hill at 7 a.m. today... Wanted to check my new Pollenated Pumpkin
And the new one I found yestrday Morning, see if it opened yet... And it did!
So I pollenated it and as I was doing it a Bee flew in to help but I think I beat her to it
I have seen several Bees up there in the Mornings so I think I can just let them take care of things now

~ Blossom Pollenated Sunday this Morning ~ New One Pollenated Today ~

And so, back down the Hill, grabbed that piece of salvaged Netting and dragged it around front
And then... Off to P&G Hardware for some Wire and Screws and back to work on the Bed Netting

~ Ever Onward and Upward! ~

~ Monday ~ July 21, 2014 ~
~ Picked my First Eggplant ~
~ Pumpkin Blossom Pollenated ~ New Netting on the Cucumber Bed ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Well now, I got most all I wanted to do on the Weekend accomplished
Always more to do though and plenty of time to do it when I get the urge

So I waited about a month from the first Male Pumpkin Bloom til a Female showed up
I did see some Bees back there in the Blossoms but you can't be sure they get to the Female Blossom
You have to catch them at just the right time, the Blooms open early in the Morning
Only stay open about half the Day, then drop off soon after that, so hand Pollenation is Insurance

~ Pollenating a Female Blossom ~

So I did my Morning Run-around after that and then what to do? Back up the Hill
I wanted to pick that first Eggplant, and it was just the right size for one Serving
Then I had my eye on that 'Trash Basket' I was using to haul Trash to the Ditch

~ Salvaged the Netting off the 'Trash Basket' ~

Originally it was a Cage to protect the first Pumpkin Planting I tried, no Pumpkins that year
And on three sides it had that same Steel Netting I needed for my Tomato Bed
So I sat on my Hillside Bench and dismantled it, there is about 15 Feet of Netting there

The only other Cage renovation was to unroll and straighten out some Netting for a Gate on the Bed
I have enough left from a new Roll for the Front Gate and from the 'Basket' for the Back Gate
I just might start on the Gates today, then all that's left will be the ends of the Cages

On into a gorgeous afternoon, prepped the Eggplant for Oven frying, had my Manhattan and TV session
Later wound up the Day trying the first Eggplant of the Season, I breaded it with Panko Crumbs
Then into the Oven to crisp up nicely, then served up with some 'El Pato Jalapeno Sauce'

~ First Eggplant Serving from this Year's Garden ~

And... it was almost OK, cooked up nicely but just not quite as tasty as I remember from last time
Maybe because I sliced it a bit too thin and there was more Breading than Eggplant
Well there are four more Eggplants on the Plants in the Garden, can try again whenever

So now... New Day, new Week... New Adventures... (Well my simple doings here are plenty of Adventure for me)

~ Ever Onward and Upward! ~

~ Sunday ~ July 20, 2014 ~
~ Pollenated a Pumpkin Blossom! ~
~ More Netting on the Cucumber Bed ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ Female Bud Saturday Afternoon ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Saturday Morning, out and up the Hill at 7 a.m. Bright Sunnny Morning but still Cool
First I installed new Netting on the other end of the Cage, took a while
Measuring, Bending, Clipping, Stapling. Drilling, then putting Screws in to hold the Bottom Bar
All the Stapling there is now covered and can't be reached by thieving Paws
Next I took the Front Gate down to my Porch to Staple new Netting on that
Then back up to fasten the Front Gate back on and bring the Back Gate down
I just left that one on the Porch, I had enough of that work for the Morning

~ New Netting Installed ~ All Except the Back Gate ~

So I spent a lot of Saturday running around for Lotto Scratchers, kept winning back what I spent
I hit Kicks 66, the Price Chopper at least twice and the Fast Stop once
And I still have most of my winning of that run-around to trade in today

Then I decided to attack that rear Gate, that new Steel Netting is harder to work with
But I got it all stapled on and hauled it back up to attach it to the Bed

And back behind that Cucumber Bed is the Pumpkin Bud I have been watching
I got that Photo of it late afternoon on Saturday, might open this morning
Well it is now 7 a.m. Sunday Morning as I write... After my Coffee I should trot up the Hill to see

And so, up the Hill at 7:30 a.m. or so, saw from 50 feet away that the Female Blossom was open
So, first a Photo and then over to the closest Male Blossom and rubbed the Stamen with a Cue-Tip
Then back to the Female to gently rub the Pollen all over the Stigma... WAH LAH! Pollenated

~ Female Blossom Open ~ Male Blossom with Bee ~

And then, I peeked in the same Male Blossom again and there was a Bee working away in there
She was all over, under, above and all around that Stamen, collecting Pollen
So now, I don't know if I can get the credit for Pollenating that Blossom, or maybe a Bee
But it doesn't hurt to help the Process... and now a Pumpkin may be on the Way!

~ Ever Onward and Upward! ~

~ Saturday ~ July 19, 2014 ~
~ Planted More New Cucumbers ~
~ Stronger Netting on the Cucumber Bed ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And it was off to KC Skin and Cancer Center at 8:30 a.m. Friday, what are they gonna do today?
They always seem to find something so I have to come back for another Appointment
I got there at 8:50, fired up my Laptop and then I was called in... A few questions then
And then off she went and said the PA will be right in, fired up my Laptop again
And not long again, in she comes, a few questions, a few pokes here and there
And then a few Squirts of Liquid Nitrogen on a couple 'Sun Bumps' and she says see you in six Months

Then I scooted around the Corner to Lowes, picked up some wood Screws, three 1 X 2s
Loaded them in the Blazer and then drove to the far end Garden Center to find some fencing
Found some nice strong 'Cage Wire' ...that should do it, but it wasn't cheap
Spending a lot of money just to raise a couple Dollars worth of Cucumbers
But it isn't the idea of growing for profitable Crops, it is a 'FUN' Garden

Then back by Kicks 66 for my Lottos and then back Home to scratch off $15... just a $3 loss
Next a late Breakfast and then plugged in my Drill to fasten some Screws in my Cage repairs
And then up the Hill, only 78 Degrees and Cloudy but kinda Humid, set to work then
Measured, clipped, and stapled the new Cage Fencing, got one end done and then back in to cool off

~ New Steel Netting Installed ~

I need to install new Netting on the other end of the Cucumber Bed, then front and back gate
And I think I may have enough of the new Netting to do the Ends and Gates of the Tomato Bed
I noticed a couple places something pulling the Netting away from the Staples
Shouldn't be able to do that the Way I am fastening the new Netting now

The original Chicken Wire and Plastic Netting worked fine for the Deer, that's what the Cages are for
But Raccoons are a whole different story, they can get in there and pull away with their Paws that work like Hands

And while I was up there I checked the Pumpkins again, several Buds that tried and didn't make it
Now quite a few Female Buds showing up and some look pretty healthy, we will get a Pumpkin yet

~ The Pumpkins are Coming! ~ The Pumpkins are Coming! ~

Then on the way back in I saw a Green Tomato on the ground next to my Beefy Boy Tomato plant
Something had chewed on is some, looks like the way a Squirrel does, a few nibbles then tosses it
Now am I going to have to put a Cage around that Plant too... Oh No!

The rest of the Day was just the usual routine, TV, a Dos Equis Beer instead of a Cocktail and then some Dinner
Now Saturday, this Morning back up that Hill to work on the new Cage Netting some more

~ Nunca te Rindas! ~

~ Ever Onward and Upward! ~

~ Friday ~ July 18, 2014 ~
~ Another Doctor Day Today Day ~
~ New Netting on the Cucumber Bed ~

~ Then Something Ate All My Cucumber Leaves! ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ Keep it Looking New ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

OK. Thursday Morning, headed up the Hill to check for more Cucumber Damage
And... it didn't lok like there was more done, but I found a hole in the Cage Netting
Some animal pulled the Netting from under the Staples holding it, so now what?
So I trotted back inside for my Clippers, Staple Gun and new Plastic Netting
I read that Animals don't like to mess with that Plastic stuff, and it is pretty strong anyway

~ (1) A Hole in the Netting ~ (2) Damage to new Cucumber Plants ~

So then I Measured and Stapled new Netting on that end of the Cucumber Cage
Then noticed a hole in the other side, didn't look recent though
I replaced the Netting on that end anyway and plan to replace some on the Tomato Bed

Then I took a look around back of the Beds, checked the Pumpkin Patch again
At the end of one Vine was the Female Bud above, but it was Missing the leaf at the end of the Vine
Wonder what ate that off? Deer didn't seem to bother the Pumpkin Vines last Year
And then I saw a few Buds on the Vine on the far other end of the Patch, some hope there?

Then on into a long and routine afternoon, late afternoon I thought I would go staple some more Netting
So I trudged up the Hill, nice afternoon, the Cucumber Bed in Shade then
Then I saw that all my Cucumber Leaves had been stripped again!

~ New Netting Pulled Loose ~ My Cucumbers Gone Again! ~

The same corner as before, the new Netting pulled away from the Staples... Had to be a Raccoon
And in the Day Time! I put the new Netting on at 8 a.m. Went back up at 3:30 p.m.

So now what? Have a Dermatologist Appointment this morning, that's close to Lowes Home Center
So after the Doc I'll buzz around the corner and get some STRONG netting and try again
Then plant my Cucumber Seeds for the THIRD time this Season, always the Optimist!

From Planting to Harvest is 58 days they say, so I might have time for another Crop

As Sigi Wulle in Germany would say... "Sagen Sie nie Sterben!"

~ Ever Onward and Upward! ~

~ Thursday ~ July 17, 2014 ~
~ Another Lucky Day! ~
~ HEY! Won Another $135.00! ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ An Even Better Win Wednesday ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Another nice looking day on Wednesday Morning, nice at 73 Degrees and hazy Sunny
Such nice Weather in July, I see Al Gore didn't mess up all the Weather with his Global Warming
So I set off on this nice Day to the Fast Stop to trade in a $15 Winner, Home to scratch off a $10 Win
Took that one back to Kicks to trade for more and then won two $10 and a $100 Winner, very NIZE!

So I took those back to the Price Chopper to trade in for more, put the profits in my Pocket
Then went back later to trade and won another $15.00, some lucky day on Wednesday

And then...something to do, didn't think my new Bike was shifting right so I took a look
Looked like the Chain was on the wrong cog on the rear Shifter, so I checked the Book
Then moved it over and checked the front Shifter, it looked OK, now will have to check it out, next ride

And then what? Saw the Fedex Truck pull up outside and the guy brought me a big white Cooler
Popped that open, got rid of the Dry Ice then spread out the Goodies for a photo
Then I stored it all away in the Freezer, another 24 free Meals there, looks like

~ Another Cooler from Omaha Steaks ~ And the MO Lotto Prize Inside ~

On into another TV and Snacker afternoon, went after another of those Pickled Kielbasa Sausages I made
And that stuff is good, well if you like that kind of stuff, tastes just as good as the ones at the Bars did
But they don't have them there much anymore, no free lunches either, them was the 'Good Old Days'

~ Pickled Polish Kielbasa ~

So that was just about it until Dinner time except I wanted to head up the Hill to check things
Just another gorgeous Afternoon, sunny and cool, you sure this is July?
So the Egglant I am watching can be picked any time now, a bit bigger every Day
OOOPS... A half eaten green Tomato in the Tomato Bed, and a Hole next to it... Do Moles eat Tomatoes?
And then the Cucumber Bed.. NOW WHAT! Some Leaves all gone again... bare Stems... DAYUM!
And they were looking so GOOD! Back inside to hookup the Hose and Sevin Sprayer and get some Weed Killer
I poured some undiluted Weed Killer down the hole in the Tomato Bed, then started with the Sevin Spray
I sprayed the Pepper Bed, The Tomato Bed, the Cucumber Bed and the Pumpkin Patch
There were no leaves with holes in them like Insects make, just the whole Leaf gone to the Stem
If it was an Animal, wonder if the Taste of the Sevin Spray will deter the Varmint?
No holes in the Netting, maybe a Squirrel or Raccoon went over or under the Cage?
Anyway after such a good and Lucky Day otherwise, losing those new Cucumber Plants really did upset me!
If I lose the rest, that's it for the Cucumbers this year, no time left for more... DAYUM!

(I dread looking up there to check today)

~ Ever Onward and Upward! ~

~ Wednesday ~ July 16, 2014 ~
~ Another Busy Day! ~
~ HEY! Won $50.00! ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ Best Win in July so Far ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

After the Rain Tuesday Morning the Sun came out but then it was so nice and cool most of the day
The Weatherman said it might be a record low Temp of 52 on Tuesday Morning but didn't quite make it at 58
And it was a little wet and muddy up on the Hill but I got everything done I wanted to do
No plans for Tuesday Morning but I am watching one Eggplant up there, any day now it will be ready
I like to pick them before they reach full size anyway, just enough for one nice Serving

And then off to get my Daily Dose of Lottos, tried Kicks first this time, hey a $50 win!
Then I thought I would take another Bike Ride, try to get into Riding shape again
This time I headed back to the new Platte Landing Park, this time parked near the Entrance
Then I just rode down the Trail next to the River and ended up at the Dog Park
Several People there so I thought I would get a Photo or two for the Web Page I made there
Then I pedaled and walked (that Bike Seat is too narrow and hard!)... back to the Blazer for my Camera
Then I drove back to the Dog Park to get a few Photos for the Platte Park Web Page

~ Dogs Having Fun in the New 'Off the Leash' Park ~

Then I headed back and at the Entrance of the Park I saw a group of young people entering the Sullivan Nature Sanctuary
Our Parkville Nature Sanctuary manages that area too so I stopped in to check, ran into Bob Fluchel
He was overseeing chipping of the Trail by a group fron the Youth Volunteer Corps
So I chatted a bit with Bob and some Members of the Group and got a few Photos to add to the Sanctuary Home Page

~ Youth Volunteer Corps Workers at Sullivan Sanctuary ~

Then time to head Home to finish out the Day, found a package on the Porch, a Cover for my Grill
So I opened that up and tried it on for size, that will keep it nice and dry and clean for a while
Then I went out back and up the Hill to check things, and still looking even better
And I picked up a few more Chiggers either there on down in the Sanctuary, darn it anyway

Then TV, Cocktail and Snack time, I tried one of those Pickled Polish Sausages I made a couple weeks back
And they turned out just like the ones they used to serve at Bars, Spicy, Hot and Delicious!

So... that was just about all of Tuesday except for Grilling another hunk of Sirloin Steak
Yeah, that grilling just makes most everything Taste better that I have tried so far
And now... On to the New Day! Ole!

~ Ever Onward and Upward! ~

~ Tuesday ~ July 15, 2014 ~
~ Halfway Through July ~
~ A Little Garden Work before the Rain ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A slow start on Monday, even getting up early, a little Cloudy but the Sun came out about 9 a.m.
I headed to the Price Chopper first for a couple things, then walked over to Kicks 66 for my Lottos
They all tell me to get more exercise so I got some the last few days, it's a couple blocks over to Kicks
Well it's over 600 Paces, figure that out.. what 1500 feet?

Then back to scratch off $16 worth of Wins, not bad, I didn't lose it all
So, a little Hazy Sunny and still cool so out to do some Garden Work... Work? It's a Hobby...
First I tied up a couple Branches on the 'Beefy Boy' Tomato Plant out front
Then up the Hill to tie up the new Cucumbers, they sure look good, and the Swiss Chard perked up a little too

~ The New Cucumber Vines Tied up Again ~

Then back behind to check the Pumpkin Patch, that Female Bud I saw looks like it isn't going to make it
They do that, start out looking good, shrivel up in a few days.. Oh well, someday
I need Heath Milks to bring over one of Bee Hives so one will be here if I ever get an open Bloom

~ Pumpkin Patch still Spreading Out ~ Tomato Bed from above the Pumpkin Patch ~

Then I saw some Vines in the 'Better Boys' Tomato Bed leaning on the Back gate of the Bed
So I opened that up and tied up a few straggling Vines there, I can see 10 Tomatoes in that Photo
Hard to see but there are over twenty I counted overall, best Crop back there so far

It started Clouding up about the time I was finished with the Morning Project
And it started to sprinkle on the way back in, and then we had a nice gentle Rain
The Plants seem to enjoy all this Rain we have been getting along with my Watering Efforts

And so, there is some empty space in front of the Tomato Plants, what can I plant in there?
How about some Turnips? Greens and Roots are both good, and I was out of Shaver Cleaning Solution too
So I headed out to Lowes, they didn't have any Turnip Seeds, but picked up some Bird Food, I was out of that too
Then I went next Door to Walmart, yeah found some Turnip Seeds, said '7 Top Turnip', what's that mean?
Well when I got home I read the package, said makes lots of Greens, but don't eat the woody Roots!
Darn! I like the Turnip Roots too... And I have Swiss Chard planted for Greens, oh well

Then I drove another Mile or two to Target for my Cleaning Solution, HAH! On sale and I get 5% off too
Then back home a little after Noon, rain pretty well stopped, so then what?

Aha, Time to make more Sugar Water for the Hummingbirds and some Pasta Salad for later
So, I made the Sugar Syrup, simmered the Pasta, boiled the Eggs, filled the Gazebo Bird Feeder
Cleaned the Hummingbird Feeder, filled it back up, hung it in the Tree for the Birdies

And then... Sliced and Diced Onions, Sweet Pickle, Green Pepper, Celery, tossed it into the Pasta
Then mixed Mayo, Mustard and a little Cider Vinegar for the Dressing, stirred it into the Pasta
Finally sliced the quartered Boiled Eggs, folded into the Pasta Mix and Wah LaH!, done and into the Fridge to meld

And so done for the Day? Not quite... I made a Turnip Seed Tape, actually four 2 foot Tapes... (8 Foot Bed)
That didn't take long and then up the Hill to tie a couple Tomato Branches up out of the way
Then planted those Seed Tapes and the last Garden project for the Day accomplished

And that was pretty much it for Monday, now Tuesday Morning at 58 Degrees, that 'Global Warming' setting in
The Weatherman said it might hit 52 Degrees, a record low for July, but didn't quite make it, looks like...
And nothing in the garden needed done today, HAH! A day off, how about that?

~ Ever Onward and Upward! ~

~ Monday ~ July 14, 2014 ~
~ Just another Rainy Day ~ To Start ~
~ Then a Sunny Day and another Bike RIde ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sunday Morning, was thinking of trotting up the Hill first thing to see what might need to be done
The new Cucumbers are getting big enough to need to be tied up again so they climb the Trellis
But a look out front, everything all drippy and wet again, well I watered yesterday and it happened again
So it will be muddy and slippery on the Hill, not gardening weather so far for Sunday
And I was thinking of Biking in English Landing Park too, looks like that was on hold too

Well that was early Sunday Morning, Rain quit early, Sky brightened up and the Sun came out about 10 a.m.
So that changed plans some, then what to do? Well I worked my Lottos, entered the Losers for Points
Lookee there... 8,900 Points, lots of stuff available for that many points, but what do I want?
Well I saw nothing I needed and not much I wanted, how about some more Omaha Steaks?, about out of that
Well they had a nice Backyard Bonanza of 8 Steak Burgers, 8 Chicken Breasts and 8 Pork Chops for 8,900 Points
So I got online and ordered that, that will be here in about a Week or less

And the day slipping along fast... 1 p.m. 85 degrees but felt like 95, all that humidity after the Rain
I wanted to check the upper Gardens and headed up the Hill and everything was looking great
I see five Eggplants in there growing every day, a lot more 'Better Boys' Tomatoes on the Vines
And looks like the new Cucumbers doubled in size overnight and after the Rain

~ New Cucumber Planting Catching Up ~

So it turned out to be another Gorgeous Day and I decided to head to English Landing Park
The Trail there is always next to or in sight of the Missouri River and usually more people using it
I unloaded the Bike at the Entrance Parking lot and set off down the River Trail
Lots of people at the two largest Picnic Shelters having fun and festivities
Quite a few walking and Biking the Trail on a fine Sunday afternoon

I didn't get far and needed a rest, stopped at a Bench on the River, two People and two Dogs at the next one
So we had a little Bench to Bench chat, I told them about the new Dog Park next Park over
They hadn't heard of it and said they would llke to go try it out sometime

And I set off down the Trail again, it was close to 90 then and I am still not ready for a long ride
I made it about a Mile down River, had another rest and headed back, the total trail is three Miles
Got within sight of the Entrance to the Park, got off and walked the rest of the way
That narrow Seat on the Bike doesn't fit me for a long ride, I had a bigger softer one on my old Bike
I'll have to see about getting one of those for the new one if I keep at this awhile

~ Back at English Landing Park ~

And back home to finish out the Day, had a Negra Modelo Cervesa while writing on this BLOG
Then some TV, some Dinner to wind things up and off to bed a little earlier than usual lately

Now Monday Morning... Hurray! I like Mondays to get the week started again
What to do? Not a clue.. But I'll find something to, don't I always?

~ Monday, Monday! ~ Ever Onward and Upward! ~

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