~ Matamoros, Mexico ~
~ Another -Short- Side Trip from South Padre Island ~

Well, you can walk over the bridge, or take this bus for 50 cents and ride to downtown Matamoros
Usually if we just wanted to stock up on Tequila we just walked across
Then to the first large Restaurant and Mercado Complex ~ Sort of like a mall in one building

But it's not all that far to walk to the center of town...
Here on the U.S. Mexican border, in the center of the bridge, looking down at the Rio Grande
And back across the River to Brownsville, Texas

The Gateway to Mexico
I think it cost 10 cents toll to enter here but only 2 cents to cross back over

And not too far from the bridge, turn the corner toward downtown and we pass the Holiday Inn

And some kind of fiesta going on in front... Maybe they hired them for the entertainment

Too bad it was such a gloomy day to dim the bright colors of the costumes

A few Gringos watching but it looks like most of the audience were locals

We watched for a few dances then headed on to the center of town

And then this friendly little muchacho asked: "Hey meester, you want me to chine your choos?"
But I told him..."No tengo dinero"... and gave him a quarter anyway

Passing through the high rent district? "Hey man, you like my car? Real charp, no?

This looks better, I liked the tiled walk but it didn't show up all that well

OK, I think the market is up this way

This is a big Central Market, stalls all around the ouside and a lot more inside

Like the new Antique Market Building in Parkville... wall to wall Junque

Every Mexican town of any size has it's Central Plaza... This one just a few blocks from the Market

A rest on the Plaza... Looks like I have my Tequila in the sack and a couple cans of beer
I was buying cans of Mexican beer for a can collector I knew back home

And every Central Plaza I've seen has a large church on one side
A lot of bustle and activity in the square

Oh yeah, occasionally there would be a Bullfight in town while we were there
Here the ticket booth in Matamoros

Here another bullfight ring in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

Just to throw in a pic from a bullfight in Nuevo Laredo

And the parade of the Toreros to start

And another walk back over the bridge, to get back to the beach at South Padre Island

~ Is There another Side Trip I can Find Somewhere? ~

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