* My Trip to Knotts Berry Farm in 1972 *

Arriving on the Trolley

Play me some Carnival Music there Sam

Let's jump on the Stage Coach

For a Ride around the Park

Let's skip the Trolley Ride this Time

The Train Station is right around the Corner

And we can buy a Ticket for the Train

And Go Choo-Choo around the Park

Here we Go! All Aboard!

Out of the Way... We're coming Through

What's for Sale in Here?

Now let's take a Ride on the Little Train

And up the Hill we Go!

And on the Way back Down...

Pulling into the Station

What's in the Barn?

Wading through the Water Garden

Now we Drive the little Cars

Round and Round we Go...

Tuning up for the Concert

And coming down from the Mountain

And now we're Heading Out... See ya next Time!

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