* My Trip to Knotts Berry Farm in 1972 *

In 1972 I visited a Friend in California and had to Visit all the Tourist sights I could

I started at Disneyland of Course, don't remember all the Places I visited though

And I have 25mm Slides of a lot of the Trips

I'll have to check if I made any Web Pages of the other Trips

If not I can copy the Slides from those other Visits and add them here

Or make a Web Page of each Trip if there are enough Photos of interest

But the Idea for this Page came from a Facebook Post of Knotts Berry Farm in the Old Days

And I wanted to get this page constructed and back on Facebook quickly

Just thinking, if I did make another Page of those Photos
I can call that one 'My Trip to Los Angeles' as they are all over town

But for now I'll just let these Photos speak for themselves
and get this page uploaded to my Site Today, July 10, 2016

Hasta Luego until I get another Idea for a Page

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