~Kansas City Missouri~

Kansas City Skyline at Night

Kansas City is a city covering parts of Jackson, Clay, Cass, and Platte counties in Missouri, USA
Although it is the largest city in Jackson County, the suburb of Independence is the County Seat
Situated at the junction of the Missouri and Kansas rivers
It lies along the boundary between Missouri and Kansas and directly opposite is Kansas City, Kansas

Often abbreviated KCMO, Kansas City is the largest city in Missouri and 27th in the United States
The entire metropolitan area (in both states) is approximately 2 million

Although my town, Parkville is a separate city with it's own government and police
It is actually contained in the geographical area of the 318 square miles of Greater Metro Kansas City
And located just Northwest of Downtown Kansas City, Missouri

~ Music ~ Everything is up to Date in Kansas City ~

Downtown Kansas City and Union Station From the top of the World War One Liberty Memorial

Union Station and Downtown at Night

This is probably the Most Photographed Building in the City

Skyline from the Downtown Airport

You can't see downtown from the KC International Airport 15 miles North...
(unless you're in the air)

Downtown Airport in the Center
Downtown to the Right... across the river

The Kansas River at the bottom flowing into the Missouri River... Kansas to the left of both rivers

Parkville is to the far left of the photo

Another View of Downtown from the Downtown Wheeler Airport

Bartle Exibition Hall at night...

The weird things on top of the struts caused quite a Civic comment, called them a toaster and hair curlers and space ships

Interstate 70 goes underneath the building

City Hall, in downtown Kansas City, was completed in 1937
When it was first built, it was the tallest building in the state. It remains one of the tallest city halls in the country, housing about 1,500 city government employees.

Of the hundreds of Statues in Kansas City, the most Photographed might be "The Scout"

Located in Penn Valley Park, the Scout Looks to the North toward The Liberty Memorial and Downtown

Also in Penn Valley Park, the "Pioneer Mother", another Popular Landmark

Symbolizing the Pioneer trek to the West.. However they are heading South

Downtown in Barney Allis Plaza another and somewhat Whimsical Statue of a Cowboy

A Reminder of the Wild West Days when Kansas City was known as a Cowtown

The Union Station plaza and Crown Center plaza, the Center of MidTown Kansas City

The IBM Building with the H&R Block Memorial Fountain in the foreground

Part of the Elevated Walkway between Union Station and Crown Center Hotel

The Block Fountain, in continual Motion, Programmed to Various Actions and Heights

From the Top of the Liberty Memorial, Crown Center Hotel to the Right

Looking West into Kansas City, Kansas, Interstate 35 on the Right

Kansas City, Kansas Upper Left, I-35 Upper Center, Railroad Tracks Lower Center

New IRS Building under Construction

Bartle Hall Exibition Center with Interstate 670 running beneath

Jackson County Courthouse Annex. The Main Courthouse is in the County Seat, Independence, Missouri. This much larger Annex is in Downtown Kansas City

The New Federal Courthouse

Mirror Pool between the Courthouse and the City Hall

The Wheeler Downtown Airport upper Left, Heart of America Bridge to North Kansas City on the Right

Two Blocks of old Buidings torn down to Construct Civic Center Park Between the City Hall and Federal Courthouse

Looking Northeast, I-35 and I-29 junction, the Missouri River in the Distance

From the left, the black 1201 Walnut Bldg, Next the tallest in Kansas City and Missouri, One Kansas City Place, next Town Pavilion

The Sprint Center Arena under Construction, now Completed

On the Left... The spire to the rear, Kamsas City Power & Light Building behind the green H&R Block World HQ

Another View of the Jackson County Courthouse from the top of City Hall

The Missouri State Office Building

The Historic Folly Theater, former baudy Burlesque House

We Finish with a Stormy Night View of Downtown

There are Many, Many, Many More Pictures of this 318 Square Mile City that I haven't taken yet, and may Never get to

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