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James Kermit Smith
(Donald Lee Smith's Older Brother)

Well, I thought, Why not make a page for James, my older brother...
Here is Dad, Donald and James...

Now James and Donald... That's Donald on the right

So I looked around in my files and didn't find very many... of Jim...
Everyone got to sit on the Pony for a photo those days...
Donald doing the driving here

And the ones I did find had Me and Jerry in a couple
We had our own friends and own things to do and really didn't pal around together much
Here Jim with the chicken and Jerry with the cat...

Here all three when we moved to the House on Elmwood... And a longer walk to school

Here with the whole Family, but I am missing
I was taking the picture with my new Speed Graphic camera I bought at 16
In 1948, when working at Sears

A visit at my place in Parkville a few years ago

Here he brought me a gift of a genuine Regulator Clock in 2011

- - - Be right Back - - -
Waiting for James to send more pitchers!

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