Donald Lee Smith ~ My IBM Career 1956 to 1987

I was hired by IBM in Kansas City on March First, 1956
There was no vacancy in the Data Processing Division (DPD)
And I was trained in the Time Equipment Division (TE)

IBM was located in a small downtown store Front building in 1956
Shortly after I was hired they moved to a larger building downtown
Some years later they moved again to another larger building in Midtown
Finally to this huge edifice where they still have offices today

IBM had many Time Equipment Products when I started, Time Card Clocks
Time Stamps, Landmark Clocks,Electronic Master Clocks with syncronized Wall Clocks
Most major companies had some form of them, I serviced many of those Companies

One of my customers was the Kansas City, Missouri City Hall
34 floors of IBM wall clocks there
Controlled by a Master Clock in the Sub-basement

One of the ornate IBM lobby clocks in the City Hall
Most of the others were simple wall clocks

The wall clocks were automaticly syncronized by the Master Clock in the Sub-basement
After a storm some did not correct and I would have to check every clock in the building
And so I have been in most every room in that City Hall

This clock atop the Central Police station was also controlled by the City Hall Master Clock
This huge clock was 8 feet tall and I could walk inside it for service

In 1958 IBM sold the TE Division to the Simplex Company
And I was transferred to the Electric Typewriter Division (ET)
Here the Typewriter models: Model 01, A, B, C, and D, the last typebar machine

I was being trained on the Selectric Typewriter in Kansas City in 1962
Then their only man in Saint Joseph, Missouri that could service TE products
He resigned because he could not service the Selectric Typewriter
And I was asked to transfer to the Saint Joseph Sub-Office

I did not care for the City but I was offered a nice pay increase so I said OK
Actually the work there was nice as we had no resident supervisor
And we could service our territories with much more independence

One of the ET Division products was transferred to the Computer Division
And as I was the only one there trained on that machine, I was asked to transfer to FE
Then I was sent to Basic FE School in Minnesota for training on their other products

Then another FE school in Austin Texas for the Mag Card Selectric Typewriter
We went to a lot of schools as new products were introduced

Here another school in Lexington Kentucky for the System Six products

And along the way, if our work record showed superior performance
We were awarded a trip to an annual IBM Technical Conference
My first award was a trip to Denver Colorado, the Second to Disneyland in California

Here on the Plane in First Class on the way to Disneyland

We were treated to advanced Courses, elaborate dinners and of course our Lapel Pins
There were always spectactular shows with Bands and professional Show Business people

Here a memento Award from our District 9 Manager in 1969
Was this the Denver or the California Conference?

And then in March of 1981 one of the Best Events ever
My induction into the Quarter Century Club with many benefits
Here I was presented with an Album of Congratulatory Letters and Photos

And my choice of a Mantel Clock for another award
I still have it in working order

And also a framed Quarter Century Award Certificate

And maybe best of all?... A $1,000.00 check

My Album of Congratulatory Letters, my Check and my Clock
And my Mother as Guest of Honor

My invited special guests
Our Saint Joseph salesman. The Kansas City Branch Office Manager
My former Field Supervisor and one of my fellow Customer Engineers

Four more Customer Engineers, on the far right
My Saint Joseph partner of 25 years, Bill Long
And my Mother in the Honored Guest position

And then being pinned by my Field Manager with my Quarter Century Lapel pin
Another benefit, attendance at a yearly Quarter Century Club Banquet at a major Hotel

That Quarter Century Lapel pin is still attached to my Best Blue Blazer

And then in 1986 my 30th Year Luncheon
At that time IBM gave us a special Luncheon every 5 years until retirement

I asked that my Luncheon be held in Saint Joseph
I was also given a Reception in the Kansas City Office
Here my then Field Supervisor offering 30 year congratulations

Also an Album of Congratulatory Letters and Photos
Presented at my 30th year Luncheon

An Album was presented at my 25th year Luncheon, my 30th year Luncheon
And at my Final Retirement Reception and Luncheon

And then my 30 year Luncheon at the Holiday Inn in Saint Joseph
Again with special Invited guests, our Office Secretary taking the photos

Again at the head of the table, my Field Supervisor and Branch Manager on my right
A fellow Customer Engineer on my left

And a photo of Bill Long, my Saint Joseph partner for 25 years

And then my Certificate of Retirement in March, 1987 at age 55
After 31 Years at IBM... Now in 2018 retired for 31 Years

Again a very elaborate Luncheon in Saint Joseph and another Reception in Kansas City

What is this? am I suppose to eat it or wear it?

OK... Wear it for a group picture with my guests
Bill Long, John Jones, our Branch Office Manager, my Field Supervior and Bernie Wilson
Bernie was the one who first showed me the ropes in 1956 on my first Service Calls

My Retirement cake at the Reception in the Kansas City Branch Office

So as of March 1, 2018 I have enjoyed these 31 years of retirement
As long as the 31 years I worked at IBM to earn and emjoy it

~ And Away We Go ~ Ever Onward and Upward! ~

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