Them Guns
~ Them Guns ~
~ The Gun Collection ~ I Used to Have ~

I bought a .22 caliber pistol in 1956... A 'High Standard' model from Sears...
That didn't start this collection, that came later

I had that one for 30 years without incident... And then after I retired in 1987, it disappeared...
Stolen from under my pillow? Well, I sure didn't know who or when...
The long gun here is a commemorative issue of the Winchester 30.30 carbine, I bought that at a Gun show

Well, I always had wanted a .38 caliber, so I headed to Hatfield Hardware and Sporting Goods
I bought this sharp Smith&Wesson Model 14, target model... This same gun, as the Model 15
Was used earlier by most of the police and military as the standard .38 caliber

Then I was nosing around the gun case at the Gold Mine pawn shop, and saw this hefty looking .45
This one had the Large frame that was used for the higher powered models, the .38 Model 14 was the medium frame
And this .45 was originally a .357 Magnum, Model 27... Then was changed with a barrel and chamber for a Model 25
Which came in three .45 cartridge models. This one used the .45 ACP, used in the Army Colt automatic
Needed 'clips' to keep the cartridge from dropping into the chamber

I started chatting on the Prodigy Shooting Sports BB and reading gun magazines and the hobby started
I read about the famous Colt .357 Python and bought this blue model at the A-1 Pawn Shop
.357 is the diameter of the bullet, the casing is .38 caliber, just like the .38 special
You can fire .38 specials in a .357 magnum... But that longer .357 shell can't fit in a .38 special

Then a 'Dirty Harry' gun? I bought this Model 29 .44 Magnum new at a shop in Kansas City
But it came with rubber grips and I didn't like that... Then I ordered custom wooden grips
But the gun didn't have the frame that used the older wood grips that I preferred

So, then I saw this older model Model 29 at a Gun show, traded the new one for it
Just like Dirty Harry's except it was nickle plated

Well, I was never happy with my blue Colt Python, took it to Kansas City
And traded it for the Ultra Stainless it was famous for... They call this one the Colt Cadillac

No Harry, your .44 Magnum isn't the most powerful handgun in the world any more
This is the Freedom Arms 555, caliber .50 revolver
It uses the same cartridge as the Israeli Desert Eagle automatic
Looks twice as big as a .44 caliber... .50 caliber is a full half inch

And it cost $1,600.00 and I had to wait six months after ordering it for delivery
What's if for? Flash and noise... What else... I never could hit anything with it
Kicked too hard... Wanna hear it?

I don't think I fired more than five shells in it total
The first shot it banged my hand against the firing table and that smarted a bit
But all the guys wanted to try it though...(ONCE

Some of the guys at the range didn't have their ear muffs on
And they backed off and put them on after we started firing the .50 caliber
A couple of these photos were taken from old video, so a bit fuzzy

Then I read about the newly designed Heckler and Koch USP40 automatic
Ordered to replace the 10mm used by the Special Forces and FBI...
The 10mm kicked too hard for the results obtained... Using a new cartridge the .40 S&W
A 10mm cartridge with about the same power as the .45 ACP... but much less kick...
Some think the 9mm autos are so powerful, actually they have about the same as the old .38 special
The only advantage? is they have more capacity for more shells in an automatic
9mm is actually .36 caliber... one mm is .1 inch...

These targets in the picture are real results of using that gun at a 50 foot range
You can see here that I was firing low and to the left, I always did that with the .44 Magnum too...
You might notice I did better with the Colt Python, the most accurate gun I had
Except for the .38 Special S&W Model 14...
Well... I did pretty good too with the .45 caliber ACP

At the time I made the first 'My Armory' page on the old St. Joseph site
I was chatting on the Shooting Sports BB on Prodigy about as much as I am on the Kitchen Chat now

There were many Gun magazine writers and law enforcement people commenting on the BB and also on my guest page
Their comments are still there

One well known New York writer, Worldly Gunzine Expert, Dean Speir, in touring the Don L. Smith "My Armory" Web Page, stated:

"It was a moving four minute glimpse into the private world
of a Manhattan-soaked mid-western gun nut who has too much time on his hands
and too much unused technological ability in his brain."

~ Mom always said "Them guns are gonna get ya in trouble" ~
~ and they did, but that's a whole nuther story ~

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