~ My Gardens in Parkville ~
~ A Start in 2007 ~ And Many Years After ~

After 6 years or so back in Parkville I was missing my garden I had in St Joseph
And those luscious tomatoes... Where could I plant some here?
Let's go See

To the left here, under the tree is the large pot with the tomatoes I grew in 2007
Quite a crop produced in that one pot

Off to Wal*Mart to buy a big pot and some potting soil
Then to Larry's Nursery for three Better Boys tomato plants

And after a few weeks they are going good

Then a few weeks later, looking great!

And then the Tomatoes started coming... Had to start tying them to the trellis

The first to start turning color

The first tomato? Well, it was really delicious

And then really producing...

And I had all I needed to use myself and some to let the neighbors sample
I believe the final count was 140 GOOD Better Boys

But at the end of the summer, the plant tired out and was retired

Then, after I planted the tomatoes, how about trying some peppers
Here some Mexibells, I got a few, had a nice spicy taste, good for stuffing

And some jalapenos, got enough from this plant to pickle a few

And some Hungarian yellow wax peppers
Had a few from this plant, not as productive as the jalapenos

Then a try at some herbs... Thyme, Rosemary and Basil

The basil did great, picked and dried and I got a lot of this
I got a bit of the rosemary dried and stored, but the thyme died out

Then an experiment that didn't work, planted radishes in a planter
But didn't thin them enough and got nothing but leaves

So, I replaced them with geraniums which bloomed all summer long

And then just for fun, a little cactus from Larry's Nursery

A yucca from the Price Chopper and three pineapples from tops of fresh ones
I planted to see what would happen... The last planting for 2007

So, what's new for 2008? Set the pineapples back outside, that wintered inside

Separated the yucca into 4 sections as it had grown to touch the ceiling inside

Then I constructed a small raised bed at the side of the building for the tomatoes

Planted three Better Boys tomato plants in the new bed
And tred a crop of radishes before the tomatoes got going

And I thinned the radishes good and they looked good... but...

The entire 2008 crop of white icicle radishes
They were tasty but I just have no luck with radishes

So after harvesting the radishes, the Better Boys had the bed to themselves

After a delay by a late cool spell in May, the Better Boys finally took off

Reaching to the roof

Finally they started to color and I could pick a few at a time
But somehow they didn't seem to taste as good as last year

They were really loading up on the front of the vines

And finally toppled over with the weight of the still unripe tomatoes

So I picked all the green ones and chopped up the vines and into the dumpster
And made some green tomato relish with these 60 or so green ones

But then... What about that big pot I grew the Better boys in last year?
When I got the Better Boys transplants, I picked out a cherry tomato plant and tried that out

And the cherry tomato plant did quit well in the big pot

I posted the growth progress every week on my Yahoo Blog

HAH! Now taller than I am

Then they started to ripen and I had as many cherry tomatoes all summer as I could use

Later, a lot more than I could use

I even had some that I could share with my neighbors

As the season waned the plant started looking tired and shabby
But the tomatoes kept coming

And I kept picking until they were all gone
Then the poor old plant was chopped up and into the dumpster

But what about the flowers? Since the geraniums were priced so high
I opted for less expensive marigolds this year

And they grew and bloomed happily all summer long

Then I got a packet of seeds in the mail
What's a cosmos? Well, let's plant them and see

Well they grew and grew, I looked them up online
They grow like weeds and bloom extensively (they said)

And they grew so tall that the wind starting blowing them over
But NEVER a single bloom of any kind

So, what else can I add to the 2008 season? Ahhh... The attack of the tomato hornworm

I just missed a few days checking on the Better Boys tomatoes
When I did I saw extensive damage... Who or what is stripping my tomato plants?

So a bit of poking around and I found the culprit.. or culprits
There were several of the voracious caterpillars hiding in the leaves

So I knocked off a few and stomped on them, then off to buy some insecticide
Here the nasty critter lunching on my plant

What else? Well no room inside this year for the yuccas or the pineapples
So the bitter cold and snow took great toll on them

And on a warm day late this winter I took them out of the pots And tossed them into the dumpster>

So, what in store for the Next Year?... This was the start of the First year in 2007
And there are more new plans for the many next years to come

~ And That was the Garden for 2008, What's Next? ~

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