~ My Gardens in Saint Joseph ~
~ A Small Peek at Some the Gardens I had over the Years ~

Welcome to my Saint Joseph house...
Want to see my garden? NO? Come on around back anyway

When I retired in 1987 I built a couple decks and a gazebo around back
First the lower deck, the next one outside my kitchen sliding glass door I installed for the upper one

Then I installed a gas grill on the upper deck and a smoker just like the one I have now

The lower deck was two level... and I built it around a producing cherry tree
Here looking down on the lower deck from the upper deck

The lower deck didn't get as much use after I built the higher one
Bt I did pick cherries and sit under the tree there to pick a bowlful for a pie...
This must have been mid-summer, the pepper plants are getting tall and the marigolds have some brown blooms

But much earlier I had a garden somewhere all over the yard
I added to them... or moved them around...
Here I had one at the lowest part of the back yard

What do you mean lawnmower? I thought this was something to play with

Well, Frank sure thought it was something to play with

It looks like this patch is coming along nicely

Green bean anyone

Yeah, we got green beans

How about a white radish then?

Only one guy a couple years ago at the Farmer's Market had white icicle radishes
They don't ever have them at the Price Chopper, I guess people don't ask for them

Now a patch at the very top of the yard
Was this before or after the lower one? Maybe two at the same time?

Look what a little watering and a few weeks growing can do

This is the opposite side of the yard, across from that last patch

Raymond! Get yer dog outta my watermelon patch!

What is this? A very large cucumber or a very small watermelon?

Knee deep in the sweet corn patch... That stuff was sure good

Then a permanent patch at the sunny South side of the house
Later put raised beds in here... and raised my cucumbers

Later I went to all raised beds... Had about twenty overall
4 X 8 feet and full of compost, peat and sand, whatever the crop needed
And they were productive... Some sweet peppers in this one

A little patch of sweet corn alongside the lower deck
Later I grew my eggplants here

Here, just a pumpkin patch wandering around in a corner
Just needed a couple pumpkins for holiday pies

And here, a bed full of beets... Why the fencing over the beds?
Well I had cats too, and cats like to dig in soft loam... sooo...

And a bed of lettuce, about gone wild here and too bitter to use

And Better Boy tomatoes, later in the season
Would climb to the top of the fence support and start down the other side..

Well, that's about it for now... I have about 60 more garden pictures
But how many weeds does anyone want to look at anyway

~ All Gone Now...Have to get that Stuff at the Price Chopper ~
~ ...or the Farmer's Market ~

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