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~ The Fountains of Kansas City ~

There are Two Hundred and One Fountains listed on the City of Fountains Web Site
But can we settle for these Few Samples?

One More of The J.C. Nichols Fountain in the Country Club Plaza

(as I said... the Most Photographed Fountain in Kansas City)

Meyer Circle Fountain

The busy intersection of this boulevard and parkway has become a popular landmark in Kansas City. The fountain hosts a 17th century Venetian sculpture purchased by J.C. Nichols in the early 1920's.

Even though the Nichols Company and the Parks and Recreation Department understood the heavy traffic volume carried by Ward Parkway, they attempted for decades to maintain an almost rural setting for the parkway’s centerpiece—the Meyer Circle fountain

Delbert J. Haff Circle Fountain

In the 1890's, Delbert Haff became an essential influence in the direction that the Kansas City Park Board has evolved today. A circle outside Swope Park was dedicated to this pioneer.
The mirror pool was designed with a low retaining wall of coursed stone. In 1966, it was equipped with a center spraying ring and seven vertical jets that operate year round.

This fountain welcomes visitors to the entrance of Swope Park and pays tribute to one of Kansas City's most influential proponents of the local parks system.

Northeast Concourse Fountain

This year-round fountain was originally known as the Northeast Concourse Casting Pool. Originally it was used for the organized sport of miniature yacht racing. I liked it better when it was a large open pool

In the 1940's it was popular among fisherman who could practice their art of casting. Fountain jets were added in the 1960's and it took on a whole new identity.

Carl J. DiCapo Fountain

This fountain, named for Carl DiCapo, a restaurateur and community volunteer, is located in Kessler Park on scenic Cliff Drive in Kansas City's north end.

Converted from a natural spring and dedicated in 1989, its composition of natural rock and spring water place it in a unique category. The recirculating waterfall was constructed to draw attention to a natural spring with a rustic cliffside setting.

Argosy Casino

Five miles down the road from Parkville, my favorite winning casino of the moment. This fountain at one of the entrances seems to need more than one jet of water as big as it is

They don't allow photos on the floor of the casino, but I asked permission to take one of this fountain in one of the lobbies

Seville Light Fountain

A triangular traffic island at a busy intersection on the Plaza is the setting for this ornate fountain. Sculptor Bernhard Zuckerman was commissioned to create an exact replica of the Plaza de Los Reyes fountain in Seville, Spain.

The central shaft is 30' tall and carved from several kinds of marble. Water flows from the four masked faces located near its 20 foot square base.

Vietnam Veterans's Fountain

The fountain pools represent the country's growing involvement in the war culminating in two pools symbolic of the divided opinions of the time. (Words etched on the plaque at the entrance)

This fountain is provocative in its honesty and beauty. It was developed by the Kansas City Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund. A semi-circular wall backdrop has the names of 451 casualties. Visitors to this monument leave flags and flowers to honor those who served during one of America's most turbulent eras.

Loose Park Lake Fountain

A small lake was already on the grounds when Mrs. Jacob Loose donated Loose Park to the city. In 1964, the lake was beautified in the style of a Japanese garden. Willows make a quiet backdrop to the “Diana” spray pattern fountain erupting from the lake's center.

In 1993, after renovating and sealing the lake, the fountain was donated to the Parks Department by the Air-O-Lator Corporation and the Cramer family in memory of Roy A. Cramer Jr. the founder of Air-O-Lator Corporation. Air-O-Lator also extended perpetual repair of the fountain at no charge

Loose Park Rose Garden Fountain

Mrs. Jacob Loose donated eighty acres of land to the city with the stipulation that it be developed as a quiet, restful area as opposed to a recreational park.

A one and a half acre section known as the Rose Garden has this pool fountain at its center.

Loose Park Wall Fountain

A competition was held to select the sculptor for this wall fountain, and Jeannette Keline of Kansas City was awarded the commission. She created larger-than-life-size figures of a man and a woman, which were placed in semicircular niches on the south wall of a service building.

They were unveiled during the 1942 Rose Day celebration. The kneeling figures each hold bowls from which water trickles into basins at the base of the niches

Ward Parkway Mirror Pool Fountain

This pool fountain was constructed in 1924 as part of the beautification effort along Ward Parkway. Renovated in 1965, the pool is equipped with 3 sets of spray rings. The center ring produces higher jets giving the fountain symmetry.

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