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There are too Many to Include on this Site
But Here are Some More of the Best

The J.C. Nichols Fountain in the Country Club Plaza

(No... I didn't take this one... I borrowed it from KCPix.com)

Kansas City Star Fountain

This fountain is designed to produce a pleasing symmetry of water and landscaping. The city's emphasis on urban beautification in the early 1960's served as a catalyst for private enterprise.

The owners of the Kansas City Star Building installed and dedicated this structure in 1964. Located at 18th Street and Grand Avenue in front of the Original Newspaper Building

Firefighters' Fountain

This fountain located at the south end of Penn Valley Park is a collaborative effort from many private sources.

Dedicated only recently, it commemorates the city's firefighters and memorializes those who have given their lives in the line of duty.

Science City Fountain

Dedicated when the Union Station re-opened in 1999, the Science City Fountain was a gift from American Century Investments, Inc and is located in the Sprint Festival Plaza.

Unfortunately the fountain was not flowing on my last two visits to the Station so I 'borrowed' the next picture

The water in the fountain flows up, not down. And while staying "mostly dry," you can walk into the fountain

The fountain is comprised of 18 jet nozzles in the basin and 18 more at the top which reverse the water's downward current to generate the fountain's trademark water "rods" while sensors detect your presence, shutting the water streams off and on, opening a "gateway" to allow entry into the fountain.

Eagle Scout Memorial Fountain

In the 1960's, the Kansas City area awarded more Eagle Scout badges than any other council in the country. John Starr, president of the Boy Scout Regional Council, petitioned the Pennsylvania Railroad for a sculpture adorning the Seventh Avenue entrance of the Pennsylvania Railroad Station in New York City which was doomed.

The sculpture was transported here where the original clock centerpiece was replaced with the Eagle Badge.

This fountain is sadly in need of major plumbimg repairs, which would be corrected shortly if the former Mayor H.Roe Bartle was still living. He was actively involved in The Boy Scouts of America

Volker Memorial Fountain

Carl Milles, a Swedish sculptor, based his memorial to William Volker on an equestrian figure of St. Martin of Tours, who had done much to enrich the city

Flanking the main statue are four subsidiary figures. Fountain jets are contained in two pools on either side. Three tiers raise water to heights of 5, 20 and 28 feet

To add a touch of humor, Milles has an angel playing the flute from the wrong end and carved a wristwatch on another angel.

Look closely to see the watch on the left arm of the Angel

Kauffman Memorial Garden

Midwesterners who want to get away from it all have only to step inside this urban retreat of prolific fountains and rich vegetation

Visitors can experience the cherry pie plant, which fills the garden with the scent of fresh-baked pie. The Kauffman Memorial Garden is an elegant spot with the warmth of midwestern hospitality.

Near the entrance to the Kauffman garden, this little lady is pouring water from a sea shell

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