~ The Fountains of Kansas City ~

As well as being called 'The Heart of America' and 'The Barbecue Capitol of the World'
Kansas City, Missouri is known as 'The City of Fountains'

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The J.C. Nichols Fountain in the Country Club Plaza

The 1910 sculpture by Henry Gerber of Paris, France
Ten and one half foot high figures weighing 1 1/2 tons each
Rearing in a pool eighty feet in circumference
The four equestrian figures and small figures of children riding Dolphins
Were commissioned for the formal gardens of the Clarence Mackay estate on Long Island, New York

My Fountain on the Veranda

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The little fountain in Parkville, next to the old Train Depot

The waterfall at Park University... No it wasn't there a few years ago

The Children's Fountain
This fountain is one of several city fountains located north of the Missouri River. It features six sculptures of local children at play. It is one of Kansas City's largest fountains and parking is available for a close walk to enjoy this fountain

The dedication reads:
"The bronze figures represent children everywhere to whom this fountain is dedicated and the activities that shape young lives making childhood a joy." The figures, from tallest to shortest represent: joy, meeting challenges, ballerina, soccer player, handstand boy and girl walking

Northland Fountain
This fountain located in Kansas City North is one of the few fountains that runs year round. It has also been called the "Spirit of Cooperation", because it illustrates the unified effort of the public and private sectors who worked together to achieve a common goal

Its benefactors range from Farmland's $30,000 contribution to a three-cent donation from a schoolchild. An 80 foot circular base contains a center geyser which can propel water to a height of 35 feet. In winter it becomes an ice sculpture attracting people to view varied shapes created by the frozen water

Clay County War Memorial
Located near the Northland Fountain, it honors the war dead in Clay County from the Civil War through the Gulf War

Is This a Fountain?
Well it looks like one, located in Brush Creek in the Country Club Plaza. Actually it is supposed to act as an aerator to help clean the creek water

Henry Wollman Block Memorial Fountain

This gift to the city in the name of the co-founder of H&R Block, Inc. is located at Pershing & Main Streets outside of Union Station. It features 232 jets arranged in three concentric rings within an ellipse of black granite. A thin sheen of water on the flat granite creates a mirror to reflect the monumental architecture on either side.

A computer choreographs an ever-changing pattern of display. On each hour and half-hour, a five-minute "high show" presents a celebration of water in movement

The Muse of the Missouri is located in the heart of downtown, at 9th and Main Street. Based on classical mythology, this creation of artist Wheeler Williams personifies a goddess bestowing her interest and guidance on the Missouri River

Williams had originally intended to use fish native to the river spilling from the net. However, he found catfish too ugly and carp unworkable. The nine fish netted by the muse are a hybrid using a carp body and bluefish head. There are 200 spouts of water making up the total fountain display

The City Hall Fountains consist of two rows of four pool basins. The northernmost sculpture of each row is a bronze mythological sea horse flanked by dolphins. The remaining basins have sculptures in the form of seashells with dolphin heads shooting water.

In 1942, the fountains were the subject of controversy. In an effort to economize for the war effort, they were turned off. It saved the city $1.50 per day in electricity. This fountain facility is intricate.

Barney Allis Plaza
Located near Bartle Hall Convention Center in downtown Kansas City, this fountain runs nearly a block long.

Computer-assisted cycling action varies both the colors and height of the water columns formed by the 112 geyser jets.

Ilus W. Davis Park, named for the 1960s mayor who was associated with the city's growth and progress, strengthens the north-south axis and adds softness and color to the government district, now called the Civic Mall, on the northeast side of downtown.

The park includes a large, shallow reflecting pool, a small fountain that flows to the reflecting pool, with flower beds, shrubs and more than 350 trees, including flowering crab, large red oaks and ginkgoes

The Pamona Fountain
A Plaza courtyard is the setting of Pomona, the Roman goddess and protector of gardens. This fountain was acquired in Italy and installed in 1969

The goddess holds a cluster of fruit as a sheet of water flows from the pedestal into the basin below.

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