~ The Flood of 2007 ~

~ KANSAS CITY, MO - Heavy rain from an already deadly storm system
Sent the Missouri River and other Midwest waterways over their banks Tuesday
Forcing thousands of people to evacuate
And bringing warnings that the region could see flooding close to the devastation of 1993 ~

You can't take this walk in the park today... (Monday, May 7, 2007)
This bridge and the entire park are underwater

Rush Creek full to the brim

Yes, the creek is in there, right down the middle

South from the Main Street Bridge

Wonder what kind that is... Guess you could call it a Water Snake, huh?

Rush Creek just 12 inches under the Main Street bridge now

The South Entrance to the Sullivan Nature Sanctuary...
Or is that the Sullivan Swamp?

South by the River to Smith's Point and the A-Frame bridge

Mr Woodchuck, up a tree for now

Not a good choice, a few hours later this was under 5 feet of water

Smith's Point and Rush Creek bank to bank full

The Missouri River just a foot or so from inundating the Point

View from the A-Frame bridge, never looked like this before

The creek, usually about 15 feet below this level... now bank to bank

Smith's Point on the right, almost ready to submerge

Other side of the bridge, looking North and West

The Main Street bridge over Rush Creek in the distance

Back at the Boat Ramp... No long haul now

South of the Boat Ramp... A look back at Smith's Point

Boat Ramp and A-Frame bridge to the right

One last look before heading back... water still rising...

~ Back to the Park at 5 p.m. May 7, 2007 ~

Oh Oh, can't enter the park now... The water now over the Main Street bridge

The bridge, top left and the water creeping up Main Street

Looks like 4 feet or more to flood the ball park on the left

Main Entrance to the picnic area and river trail

Might need a boat to get to the shelter today

No, you can't go wading here

That is White Alloe creek coming from the waterfall in the Sanctuary
A bit deeper there than usual

What say we postpone the picnic a bit?

Back up White Alloe creek a bit, where it enters the park
Usually not more than a decent trickle there

Channel 9 News, covering the action from the ground and from their copter in the air

And on down Hiway 9 to get a long view of the park

Pulled over on the shoulder for a photo...
Parkville Policeman coming from the other way gave me a mean HONK!

I snapped a couple pics and then he came from the other way to run me off

But for some reason he made a U-turn and headed back and so did I...

~ Now the Morning of Tuesday, May 8, 2007 ~

A long view to the river, the water now just behind the police car just over the tracks

In the 1993 flood the water would have covered those cars turning the corner there

This is a far as they would let the general public approach

But I walked over and told the Policelady that I wanted to get photos of the Sullivan Sanctuary
Just past the Barricade and she said OK

And I did, that's the new Sanctuary off to the right

Yesterday at 5 p.m. the police barricade was at this point

I thought I heard on the news this morning the river had crested
But spectators here said it was expected to rise another 4 feet, possibly more

I climbed up the walk to the Art Gallery for a longer view to the river

But you really couldn't get a good view of the water in the park
The river in the far distance here

So then, back across the tracks to talk with Lewis Jonas
Parkville Nature Sanctuary Committee Assistant Director
Who happend to be watching and chatting

He suggested it might be interesting to walk down the tracks
And get some pics of the North side of the Sullivan Sanctuary

So I went back to the van, drove a couple blocks down Hiway FF
And then hiked across the tracks

This is the North side of the new Sanctuary

And a youth work party was scheduled to work there that weekend
But it didn't look feasable in any way then

And then on back to add these pics to the story...
And a few more may be added if the water gets higher...

~ Back One More Time, 10 a.m. May 9, 2007 ~

And the river had crested and the water is on the way down

Some were thinking the water would reach the railroad tracks but almost a block short

And I expected the water level to be higher than this today

You can see that the water is now receding here

The High Water mark in 2007...
In the 1993 flood, it was up to the deck on the building across the street

There was extensive damage to downtown buildings in the 1993 flood
But there appears to be none this year

~ End of Another Adventure in Parkville ~

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