~ All of Those Motorcycles ~
~ The Motorcycles I Had from 1965 to 1972 ~

This the my First try riding a Motorcycles
In 1954 I bought this old 48 Harley 125 two cycle from a guy who was leaving the base

I cleaned it up and painted it a bright yellow, had some fun times with it
Then sold it to another Air Force guy when I was discharged in 1954

Then in 1965 my nephew Terry had to move in for awhile and needed transportaion to work
So, we got him this 1965 Honda CB160... Rode it a whole couple months before he ran into the back of a car

We put it back together and then Terry joined the Navy
His brother Danny took over the 160CB but it wasn't big enough
So he ended up with this Honda CB77 Superhawk

Well now.. I rode it a bit and thought that was some fun
So I bought ME a Honda CB77 too... That was the start of my motorcycle era
And it was all about Motorcycles for several years after...

So here we go with all my Cycles from 1965 to 1970 and some
Just too much going on to write it all down... Just look at the Photos and you can see... Yeah!

And then in 1975 I bought my big Blue Van and Sold my Hondas
~ Then I Went Truckin on Down the Line ~

~ In the Big Blue Chevy Van ~

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