La Corrida
~ La Corrida ~ Ole! ~
~ Scenes from Bullfights in Nuevo Laredo and Matamoros, Mexico ~

The Bullring at Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

And this is at the Bull Ring in Matamoros, Mexico
Getcher tickets here... and better get the shady side

A convivial group we transported to the Corrida, five Canadians and one Yank

We met these guys at the hotel and Mark, my friend and neighbor from St. Joseph
Fell right in with them... Mark is in the middle there

This is the only pic I put on from the Corrida in Matamoros
This Matador performed all the actions on horseback as the Picador, the Banderillero, and the Matador
And it wasn't a good show and the crowd didn't like it much

Now this pic was in Nuevo Laredo, a different Bullring and a better show overall
Yo tengo una cervesa fria en mi mano... (And... I have a cold beer in my hand)

And a lot bigger crowd and better arena in Nuevo Laredo

But back to the 'real' bullfight in Nuevo Laredo...
Three Matadors on the schedule... and three bulls

Primero, el desfile de los combatientes del toro...
OH! Don't speak Spanish? I said "First the Parade of the Bullfighters"

La mirada. aquí viene el toro... y él es enojado ya...
Ooooops, did it again... What I'm sayin is "Look. here comes the bull.. and he's mad already!"

The Picador, shoves a long lance into the bull as soon as it enters the ring
But the bull got his revenge, knocking the Picador off his horse and stomping on him
The Gringos in the crowd got a kick out of the bull getting in a hit

~ La Entrada de los Banderilleros ~
~ The Entrance of the Banderrileros ~

This can be as dangerous as the fighting by the Matador

The idea is to lean over the horns of the bull to thrust in the colorful banderillas

And without the benefit of the red cape to distract the bull

Now the Matador takes his turn at the bull

There are names for the moves with the cape, but I'm not versed in bullfighting

The idea here is to get as close to the horns of the bull by feints with the cape

This bull tired early and the crowd booed as the matador couldn't stir up any action

The Matador continues his moves until the bull tires and stands still

And there is a phrase for this final move, the dispatch of the bull

~ Ahora el toro va a su recompensa final... la mesa de cena... ~
(Now the bull goes to his final reward... the dinner table)

~ Now back to the Beach at South Padre Island ~ Ole! ~

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