Corpus Christi
~ Corpus Christi, Texas ~
~ Another Side Trip on the Way to and from South Padre Island ~

The Harbor Bridge at Corpus Christi... Carries Hiway 181 North and spans the ship channel at Corpus
I was just reading on the net that it cost $17 million to build about 50 years ago
But now it's showing it's age and they are proposing a replacement
It is 234 feet tall now, but they want to increase the clearance by 60 feet to allow for taller ships to pass
And at a projected cost of $150 million

On the way South to Padre Island we usually take off East just south of San Marcos
To take the shorter route past Corpus Christi

You can drive out on the piers, here looking back to Shoreline drive

A walkway on the outer edge of one of the piers

Still 150 miles or so from South Padre Island and my favorite stop over was the Sand and Sea motel

Really nice place right on the waterfront, a beautiful courtyard and pool inside

A rest and proper libation before heading on South

Waiter, would you refill this for me please?

The huge high Harbor Bridge in the background

And the piers and boats just across the street

Fishing boats and shrimp boats... Boats for hire for a tour or a fishing trip

Out on the pier, little parks with picnic areas and restrooms, really nice

Another look back to Shoreline Drive

Then another side trip across the Harbor Bridge, North to Aransas Pass and Mustang Island

A very extensive view possible from the top of the Harbor Bridge

And a look back toward Corpus Christi harbor

On the causeway leading to Aransas Pass

Now a wait for the ferry to Mustang Island

OK, back in the van, here comes one

And on an earlier trip we waited in the 73 Pontiac...

We're next, let's go for a boat ride

Hey, we're in the water! did you think this van would float?

Here's a ferry on the way back from Mustang Island

Almost ready to dock...

On the beach on Mustang Island...
Mustang Island is the same barrier island that extends all the way South to the Mexican Border
A road leads to the Southern extent of Mustang Island, then becomes 'Padre Island'
And a causeway leads back to Corpus Christi

The fishing pier off Mustang Island

Just choose an open spot, the fishing is good all the way out

I went fishing one night here and caught a little shark
The ferry stops running at 10 p.m. and we caught the last one

At the end of the pier, looking back
Saw a Mexican with a really nice bonito he had just caught here

Ok guys, don't be sitting on my Chevy...
This was even earlier, that was my 72 Nova SS

Help! Doggone, where's the lifeguard?

A pavillion farther South on Mustang Island

Late afternoon approaching so...

On South to South Padre Island...
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