~ All Those Computers ~
~ My Computer Equipment from 1985 to 2018 ~

1985 ~ My First Computer ~ IBM PCjr ~ 64KB Memory ~ Color Monitor ~ No Hard Drive
IBM gave us a discount but the full System still cost $750 with Monitor

1985 ~ Later added a 20MB Hard Drive and a 128KB Memory Module

1987 ~ Not sure when I bought this one ~ IBM PS2
I remember it wouldn't do all that much and cost way too much
I think the list price on mine was $6,500 but with IBM discount it was something like plus $4,000

1990 ~ Later an IBM PC ~ A Bit more Memory ~
Faster Processor ~ Larger Hard Drive ~ External Speakers and a Dot Matrix Printer

1998 ~ Then my First Compaq ~ It had a 386 Processor, Larger Hard Drive
Also bought a new IBM Proprinter Dot Matrix Printer

1998 ~ Brought the Compaq with me when I moved to Parkville

2003 ~ Then a Newer ~ Better ~ Faster Compaq
and an HP Ink Jet Printer and New Scanner ~ Now had two computers to play with<

2003 ~ Then I had a problem with the Compaq... Didn't use it much anyway
So I gave it to my Neighbor BJ who had it repaired, used it for some time after that

2005 ~ Sometime around 2005 I wanted a new HP Media Center Computer
Found a good price at Best Buy ~ added a Web Cam

2005 ~ Then upgraded to Flat Panel Monitors and added another Web Cam

2005 ~ The 2005 HP with a new HP 19 inch monitor ~ Added memory to 2 GB Maximum
Was still my main Internet computer in 2012 but couldn't be upgraded to burn Blu-ray DVDs

And my original Scanner gave up and I bought a newer better one
The new one cost less than the original

Then I decided I needed a Photo Printer ~ Ordered this HP Photosmart Photo Printer
Sometime later my original HP Injet printer passed away

2007 ~ Next Windows Vista came out in 2007 and I wanted to try it
So instead of upgrading my 2005 Box, I bought a new one (center) with Vista installed

2007 ~ This Computer came with an external Media Drive slot so I ordered one
The first Media Drive was a 160GB capacity

2009 ~ I bought a new HD Video Camera and I wanted to burn Blu-ray DVDs
I added Memory to the Max of 4GB, a new Video Card, a Blu-ray Burner and a HD Video Editor program

2009 ~ Adding 2 GB of Memory to the 2007 Media Center HP, bringing the total memory to 4GB

2009 ~ Added a more powerful Graphics card for Blu-ray burning

2009 ~ Added an LG Blu-ray multi Drive to burn Blu-ray DVDs

2009 ~ Then a friend's computer quit, I wasn't using the Compaq much, I gave it to him
Back to using two computers, one for Internet, the other for Graphics, Photos and Video
And upgraded the 2007 HP to Windows 7

2010 ~ And then I saw this HP Pavilion Elite in PC World magazine and I had to have that
Quad Core Intel processor, 9GB of Memory, 1TB Hard Drive, TV Tuner, Blu-ray DVD Burner, Windows 7
21 1/2 inch HD Monitor, HDMI input, Full HD 1920X1080 resolution
Just everything I wanted but didn't need as the Older 2007 HP could do all that I needed

2010 ~ And then needing more external Drive space for Back-up
I ordered a second Media Drive... 1TB Capacity
The same HP Media Drive with a greater capacity, cost less than the original 160GB

2011 ~ Now the Computer Line-up in January 2011

With my Panasonic HD Video Cam and my Canon DSLR
We are ready to put you on the Internet

~ The Computer Set-up February 22, 2011 ~ With the New Shelves ~

Next an Upgrade to my U-Verse 'Gateway' Modem/Router (left)
And a U-Verse Transmitter for a New TV Wireless Receiver (right)

And the new U-Verse Wireless TV Receiver

Replaced the HP Photo Printer with a Dell 715w all-in-One Printer

Bought a Dell Laptop just to play With And sold the Oldest HP to a Friend
Later I sold the Laptop to a friend that needed it more than I did

~ The Computer Set-up September 15, 2012 ~ And More Coming in October, 2012

Ordered October 12, 2012 delivered and installed November 02, 2012
New Dell XPS 8500 Custom Ordered with Windows 8 Installed

Liked Windows 8 so I Downloaded and Installed Windows 8 Pro on the HP Pavilion Elite
Now all up to Date November 6th, 2012

~ And Again the Computer Set-up November 06, 2012 ~ Can there be More? ~
Yes! 8 GB More RAM for the new Dell Installed

March, 2012, read about the new Super Fast SSD Drives in PC World Magazine
So I ordered what they said was the best, Samsung 840 Pro 256GB SSD Drive
Installed that in my Dell XPS Desktop and yes! It is FAST!

Ok, April 2013 I installed non Dell Ink in my Dell 715w Printer
That messed up the Print Head and Dell wanted $120 for a new one
But they offered me a new better Dell 725w Printer for $119.95 (list $169.95)

Needed a place to put the new Dell Printer so I moved the TV hooked up as a Monitor
Then I found a source for the Dell Printhead for $59.95, ordered that, put the 715w back in service

Then my Friend Pat said she needed a Computer, not using the Dell Laptop much
So I sold it to her, and installed and demoed it at her place

May 2014 I saw a good deal on a super Dell Laptop to play with

In January of 2015 I signed up for the 'Insider Program' for the new Windows 10
Then I installed Windows 10 0n my Sell 8500 to try it out

And I liked the new Program and Installed it on all my Computers
Kept up with all the Insider Updates as they were introduced

Then in May 2015 I ordered a new super Dell 8700 XPS Desktop
Installed a Blue Ray Burner and a 1 TB SSD Drive to add to the 1TB Hard Drive
This one was my new Number One Powerhouse Computer

The Computer Line-up in September 2016 all I wanted and needed

And then my Dell V725W Printer decided to retire
I replaced it with a nice Brother Multifuncition Printer

Then in the Middle of 2017 I had trouble with my 8700 Dell Desktop
Didn't think I could fix it, gave up and bought another Dell Inspiron Desktop
Then I got the Dell 8700 going again, then connected the Inspiron to my TV

Next addition, a new Monitor for the Inspiron installed in the Livimg Room

And the next Bump in the Computer Road, my Brother Printer stopped Scanning
Worked on it several Days, gave up and ordered a new Canon Pixma

And then the Computer Line-Up on March 8th, 2018
Canon Printer ~ Brother Printer ~ Dell 8700 XPS ~ Dell 8500 XPS ~ HP Pavilion
And Dell Inspiron in the Living Room

The latest Computer Line-Up in September 2019
This is doing quite Well for the Present

What's next? Just stay Tuned

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