(Away We Go!)

~ All Those Computers ~

~ My Computers from 1985 to 2013 ~

1985 ~ My First Computer ~ IBM PCjr ~
64KB Memory ~ Color Monitor ~ No Hard Drive
IBM gave us a discount but the full System still cost $750 with Monitor

1985 ~ Later added a 20MB Hard Drive and a 128KB Memory Module

1987 ~ Not sure when I bought this one ~ IBM PS2
I remember it wouldn't do all that much
and cost way too much

I think the list price on mine was $6,500 but with IBM discount it was something like plus $4,000
This pic is not mine, I found it online

1990 ~ Later an IBM PC ~ A Bit more Memory ~
Faster Processor ~ Larger Hard Drive ~
External Speakers and a Dot Matrix Printer

1998 ~ Then my First Compaq ~ All I remember was it had a 386 Processor and larger Hard Drive

And a New IBM Proprinter Dot Matrix Printer

1998 ~ Brought the Compaq with me when I moved to Parkville

2003 ~ Then a Newer ~ Better ~ Faster Compaq
and an HP Ink Jet Printer and New Scanner

Now had two computers to play with
Scanner on the right

2003 ~ Then I had a problem with the Compaq...
Didn't use it much anyway

So I gave it to my Neighbor BJ who had it repaired
and he used it for some time after that

My scanner now on the left here

2005 ~ Sometime around 2005 I wanted a new HP Media Center Computer
Found a good price at Best Buy ~ added a Web Cam

2005 ~ Then upgraded to Flat Panel Monitors and added another Web Cam

2005 ~ The 2005 HP with a new HP 19 inch monitor
Added memory to 2 GB Maximum

Was still my main Internet computer in 2012 but couldn't be upgraded to burn Blu-ray DVDs

And my original Scanner gave up and I bought a newer better one
The new one cost less than the original

Then I decided I needed a Photo Printer
Ordered this HP Photosmart Photo Printer
Sometime later my original HP Injet printer passed away

2007 ~ Next Windows Vista came out in 2007 and I wanted to try it
So instead of upgrading my 2005 Box, I bought a new one (center) with Vista installed

This then was my Photo and Video machine

2007 ~ This Computer came with an external Media Drive slot
so I ordered one

The first Media Drive was a 160GB capacity

2009 ~ I bought a new HD Video Camera and I wanted to burn Blu-ray DVDs with the HD video it made

So, to this 2007 HP I added Memory to the Max of 4GB, a new Video Card a Blu-ray Burner and a HD Video Editor program

2009 ~ Adding 2 GB of Memory to the 2007 Media Center HP bringing the total memory to 4GB

2009 ~ Added a more powerful Graphics card for Blu-ray burning

2009 ~ Added an LG Blu-ray multi Drive to burn Blu-ray DVDs

2009 ~ Then a friend's computer gave out and as I wasn't using the Compaq much, so I gave it to him

Back to using two computers, one for Internet, the other for Graphics, Photos and Video and upgraded the 2007 HP to Windows 7

2010 ~ And then I saw this HP Pavilion Elite in PC World magazine and I had to have that So I custom ordered it with everything I wanted...

Quad Core Intel processor, 9GB of Memory, 1TB Hard Drive, TV Tuner, Blu-ray DVD Burner, Windows 7
21 1/2 inch HD Monitor, HDMI input
Full HD 1920X1080 resolution

Just everything I wanted and didn't need...
The Older 2007 HP could do all that I needed
But this one does everything better!

2010 ~ And then needing more external Drive space for Back-up
I ordered a second Media Drive... 1TB Capacity

The same HP Media Drive with a greater capacity cost less than the original 160GB

2011 ~ Now the Computer Line-up in January 2011

Next New Shelves

With my Panasonic HD Video Cam and my Canon DSLR ~ We are ready to put you on the Internet

~ The Computer Set-up February 22, 2011 ~ With the New Shelves ~

Next an Upgrade to my U-Verse 'Gateway' Modem/Router (left)
And a U-Verse Transmitter for a New TV Wireless Receiver (right)

And the new U-Verse Wireless TV Receiver

Replaced the HP Photo Printer with a Dell 715w all-in-One Printer

Bought a Dell Laptop just to play With
And sold the Oldest HP to a Friend
Later I sold the Laptop to a friend that needed it more than I did

~ The Computer Set-up September 15, 2012 ~ And More Coming in October, 2012

Ordered October 12, 2012 delivered ad installed November 02, 2012
New Dell XPS 8500 Custom Ordered with Windows 8 Installed

Liked Windows 8 so I Downloaded and Installed Windows 8 Pro on the HP PavilionElite
Now all up to Date November 6th, 2012

~ And Again the Computer Set-up November 06, 2012 ~ Can there be More?

Yes! 8 GB More RAM for the new Dell Installed

March, 2012, read about the new Super Fast SSD Drives in PC World Magazine
So I ordered what they said was the best, Samsung 840 Pro 256GB SSD Drive
Installed that in my Dell XPS Desktop and yes! It is FAST!

Ok, April 2013 I installed non Dell Ink in my Dell 715w Printer
That messed up the Print Head and Dell wanted $120 for a new one
But they offered me a new better Dell 725w Printer for $119.95 (list $169.95)
So I ordered that one, really nice, I like it

Needed a place to put the new Dell Printer so I moved the TV hooked up as a Monitor
I wasn't using that much anyway for that purpose
Then I found another source for the Dell Printhead for $59.95, ordered that and put the 715w back in service

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