~ That 69 CB 750 Honda ~

Sometime in 1969 I read in a 'Cycle' magazine that Honda was bringing out a 4 cylinder CB750
So down to Hatfield's Honda shop... "When ya gonna get a 750?" "What's a 750" Newt says?
So I told him what I read and then told him I was gonna buy the first one he got in
As soon as one came in the shop in 1969 and they put it together
I was down there to ride it home

So, then all over town and then some with the new bike
Here on top of 'Devil's Backbone' in St. Joseph, Missouri, where we went to ride in the dirt
Until they shaved it all off to make room for a new Hiway 36

And then, one of many rides through Krug Park in St Joseph
To test out the bikes on the many curves up and down the hills in the Park

And then a long ride to the Lake of the Ozarks for an IBM Fishing Trip
My Friends drove my Car for me, I rode the Honda 750

Stopping with the Gang for a Burger on the way

Guys in the Car taking Photos out the window


Final stretch ~ Heading Home to Saint Joseph

Then fun times at the Industrial Park South of Home

Doing some Hill Climbing and jumping around on that big Bike

Lots of Fun on that Super Honda CB-750 until 1975
Sold the Bike and bought a 1975 Chevy Van to start the Van Club Era for Me

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