(Away We Go!)

~ All Those Cameras ~

~ Some of my Cameras from 1944 to 2010 ~
~ Although Photography was one of the First of my Hobbies ~
~ It has been the longest lasting ~ I am Still taking Photos almost Every Day! ~

1944 ~ Well I was 12 in 1944 and a Freshman in High School
And I started taking pictures of friends and family then
But I do not remember with what Camera...
And I was working after School then and bought a New One

1946 ~ My First Flash Camera ~ Brownie Flash 620 ~
Real nice little box... Took Sharp 2 1/4 X 3 1/4 pics
Original Price $6.00... Flash Extra

1946 ~ My Second Flash Camera ~ Kodak Brownie Reflex 127
And a Mistake... Took Dinky pics less than 2 inches square
And I never liked true reflex cameras anyway
Original Price was $6.00 and Flash Extra

1947 ~ Was a Junior in High School here
And reading mags about a better Camera

1948 ~ Then I graduated in 1948 at age 16, went to work for Sears
Making big (?) money and getting big ideas...

I bought this book about Graflex Cameras
Well worn and well read, I still have it after 69 Years

I read about all the original Graflex Cameras
And in the back... The New Pacemaker Speed Graphic

1948 ~ Well they had one in the Showcase in Sears Retail Store
And I used to go down on break and drool over it
And the Price for the Camera alone was $400... Case and Flash extra

So... I got Mom to sign for it and it was MINE!
But I made the payments

Started taking photos everywhere I could
Here at the ROTC Ball in 1949

1949 ~ Built a Darkroom in the basement, developed and printed Photos
This one snapped by a friend in 1950... I was 18 and in the Civil Air Patrol

And got tired of working at Sears and Joined the US Air Force in October of 1950

1951 ~ Lowry Air Force Base Denver Colorado ~ Camera Tech School
At that time the Photographer field was saturated so second choice was Camera Repair School

And a good choice as it turned out for Assignments

Was second in Class and got a promotion to Corporal at finish

1951 ~ Assigned to the Base Photo Lab at Scott AFB, Illinios
My job was to maintain all Photo Equipment and also was in charge of the Supply Room and ordering of supplies for the lab

Was adanced to AFSC 40350 and Promoted to Sergeant (Airman First Class)
Now I see that it is called Senior Airman

And of course I had my Speed Graphic with me from then on

1952 ~ Assigned to Luke AFB, Arizona, still lugging that Camera with me

Took a Photographer test, passed with A 98 Score and transferred to Senior Photographer AFSC 23250

1953 ~ Assigned to Randolph AFB, Texas to stock a new Recon Photo lab with Equipment and supplies

Promoted to Staff Sergeant, AFSC 23270 and finished out my Air Force enlistment
Then back to work at Sears in 1954 for two years
and then to IBM in 1956 for the next 31 years

1956 ~ Started at IBM... Not taking many photos then

in 1962 moved to Saint Joseph, Missouri at the request of IBM
Bought a new Camera, One like this Canon Ex-Auto photo I found online
Then a new house, new hobbies, taking lots of 35MM Slides

Most of the older photos on my web pages are copies of slides I took with this type of camera

Then in the 1980s I got into video... First with a separate camera and recorder... Then next into Camcorders... Like this RCA...
It was Stolen and replaced by a Samsung. Then I lost all the Video I had taken in a fire, moved to Parkville in 1998 and brought the Samsung with me

Next I bought this used Vivitar 35mm SLR and started taking pictures around Parkville

It did a fair job and I was scanning the prints for placing into web pages

I still have this old dog on the shelf

2003 ~ Sometime about here my Vivitar 35mm was having a light leakage problem and I jumped into the Digital camera world with this dandy little Kodak workhorse and fed my web pages with it's pictures until 2010

2008 ~ Sometime in 2004 my old Samsung VHS Camcorder was stolen from my place here in Parkville and I know who...
Now serving in Federal Prison for drugs

So I went without Video for a few years and then bought a Panasonic SD Video Camera (left here) Next an HD (right)

But the SD Camera didn't suit me and I sold it and ordered a new Panasomic HD Video Camera

Taking HD Video all over and burning Blu-ray DVDs to show on my TV... Really Sharp!

2010 ~ Then I read about the Canon Rebel XSi Digital SLR in PC World magazine and decided I had to have that

Ordered that early in 2010 and been giving it a real work-out since, new pics just about every day for my BLOG

2010 ~ The Canon has a built-in flash that is adequate for many scenes but I added an External Flash for better coverage

2010 ~ One of the first Photos I took with the new Canon

In the mirror so I had to reverse the copy

2011 ~ The Canon XSi was doing
everything I wanted to do quite nicely
But then I saw reviews of this New Canon EOS 7D DSLR
and I had to have it

So May 31, 2011, I ordered it

A week later, here we are trying it out
Takes great Photos and great Videos and I love it!

Then on September 8, 2011, I updated this page

And is the Canon EOS 7D my last Camera?

Oh Oh.. Got my sights on this one, stay tuned to see when I get it!
New 5 Star Rated Panasonic AG-HMC40

2011 ~ So that brought my Camera History to September, 2011...Such a fun hobby for all those years since 1944...

Here ready for Pics at the Annual Parkville Nature Sanctuary 'Santa Trek'

And then in October of 2011 I bought my latest Video Camera
A Professional Model Panasonic AVCCAM, full HD for Blu-ray Video

Then back to the Nature Sanctuary in late October to try it out
Video of Pumpkin Carving Night and Ghost Story Night

So if you are anywhere around here...


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