~ The Boat ~
~ A Really Short Boat Trip ~ Not Many Pics of This One ~

After I left the Air Force I went back to work at the Sears Warehouse in the West Bottoms in Kansas City
We were a Plumbing and Heating warehouse but on my floor I found a neat little runabout stashed there
I asked about it and found it was a clearance item at a give away price.. I snapped it up

Soon after that I bought a lot at Lake Lotawana near Kansas City to have a close place to boat and waterski

So at that time a lot of weekends were spent at the lake...
My ladyfriend Donna would rather sit on the boat than get behind on the skis, I don't think she ever tried...
The foredeck was one color when I bought it, later I did the two tone wood when I added the windshield

And Donna wanted to ride with me every time when I pulled another skier
I thought it would be nicer if she would let the other girls ride now and then
I could only take one passenger with the original 25 HP motor

Here are a couple high school buddies kickin back with their lady friends
This old dock belonged to my neighbor there, later we went in together to build a new one
I supplied the barrels that Donna's dad gave me and the neighbor supplied the wood and assembled it
Then I painted it bright red and white striped

Four people was a full load for this little 12 foot runabout
I could only take one passenger when I pulled the waterskiers

Later I traded up to a larger fiberglass runabout with a 50 HP Mercury on it
And it was a real workhorse... but wasn't as good looking as the little Yellowjacket
And I don't have a photo of that one either

My how time does fly, here is my kid brother and his first born...
Have a snack Dad and then let's go for a cruise

We better take this along, might be out awhile

So here I am getting up on the skis... Got to brag here some
I read how to do it, then got up the first time I tried and stayed up all around the lake
And I got real good at teaching the quick easy way to get up, stand up and stay up

So many times out at the lake and so many waterskiers and hardly any pictures

Showing off a bit here? Well anyway I had strong teeth then... and still do now

About that time I got interested in SCUBA diving, took a course, bought the gear
And went diving with the Dive club here and there in Southern Missouri, in deep springs and old mine pits
But I have no pictures... I had some movie film but it was lost along the way...
And when I moved to St. Joseph the SCUBA went by the wayside
I didn't look as good as this friend did in it anyway... though that is MY wet suit<>

So, I sold the boat and lake lot and SCUBA gear and moved to St. Joseph
Then the canoes came later, you've seen a lot of the yellow one but I had two more aluminum ones
A short wide one, not good for much except maybe pond fishing
And a nice long one that made a few more river trips before that hobby left

~ And Now On to What Else? ~

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