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~ Tuesday January 31, 2017 ~
~ January is Leaving Today ~
~ Pay Day is coming Tomorrow ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And what for Tuesday? The great Living Room project is on hold until Wednesday and Thursday
Looking for Bob to come and haul off the Futon on Wednesday and the new Chairs come on Thursday
Meanwhile I can enjoy the new view from the TV in it's new Location and so far I like it

Then, 8 a.m. and off to the Fast Stop to chase the Rainbow again... And Navru said he got his Laptop fixed... Great!
So I bought my Tickets and headed back, they had a new Ticket and of course I had to have one of those
I think it is ugly, big 7 on top made with Roses, not so bad, but all those ugly black circles below
But really easy to work, only scratch off one 'button' at a time to find a 7 or 77 or Money Bags
And it happened that I bought Ticket Number 007, and then Scratched off a 7 for $7 and a 77 for a Double $10!

~ Ticket Number 007 for a 7 and a 77 ~

So I took my Winnings back to the Minit Mart and traded for more and didn't win anything again
I got another one of those new 7 Cards, and see they change the design several times as the Cards are sold
I liked the look of that Card better but it was just a loser this time... so sad...

When I got back I got a knock on the Door, it was the Maintenance Manager here and he asked for a favor... Why Sure
He wanted me to accompany him to the nextr building, he wanted to check the Apartment after the Renter there just died recently
Wanted me to be a Witness that he didn't take anything from the Apartment while checking things
On an earlier occasion when another Renter died, they accused him of taking the TV which of course he would not do

And on through the rest of the boring Day, just getting little things straightened out after the move
My friend Bob dropped in later in the afternoon to check the Futon, he liked it, said he would be back Wednesday to get it
And I got an Email that said my new Chairs had been shipped and would be here Thursday, looking for that for sure

And so, things looking good I had some Dinner and off again to dreamland and looking for a Super Wednesday!

~ Ever Onward and Upward! ~

~ Monday January 30, 2017 ~
~ More Living Room Changing Monday ~
~ Almost there except for the Futon and New CHairs ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Monday Morning, Had my Juice and Coffee, finished and posted my BLOG... And then... back to the Move
Next biggest task, moving the second Bookcase, take out all the Books, wrestle the Case to it's new position
Put the Books back and from then on all downhill... Deciding where to put the Tables and Computer
And the new Chairs when they show up, wil look better when I get that big Futon out of the Room

Moving right along on the Move... 7:45 a.m. and the second Bookcase moved, postioned and Books replaced!
And that completed that end of the Room, next vacuum under where the Bookcase had been and move in a Table
Thinking first, getting my HP Desktop Computer back in the Room and hooked up, away we go

That would just about do it for the present until I get that Futon out of there, then another Table
And I moved in my Computer one thing at a time, moving in an End Table first to set it on
Then rearranging the DirecTV Cables, what a mess... The U-Verse Receivers I had were Wireless, just put then anywhere
But these DirecTV Receivers ars back to using the heavy Cables and a hassle to get moved if you change things
And it took quite a bit of time but I finally got everything back in shape just about Noon
Now if I can get that Futon out of the Way and Install my new Chairs

~ Back of the Living Room on Saturday ~ And on Monday ~

One last thing before retiring to an afternoon of TV, I moved in another end Table for the Clock and Lamp
That should be about it until Wednesday afternoon when my Friend comes by to pick up the Futon
~ Where the TV and Bookcases were before the Move ~

Then the Finale when my new Chairs come on Thursday, the big Chair gets moved to the side of the Room
The new Chairs go where the big Chair is now, and another Table comes in for another Lamp and that should be it for now

Now it is on to Tuesday and then Pay Day on Wednesday and then we will live happily ever after

~ Ever Onward and Upward! ~

~ Sunday January 29, 2017 ~
~ Countdown to Pay Day ~
~ Started Changing the Living Room Around ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A pretty successful Day on Saturday, started the Day with $11 in my Pocket, hit the ATM for $40
Bought $20 worth of Lotto Scratchers, won $25 back, then worked most all Day on old Web Pages
Headed over to I-435 at 3 p.m. to see Rion, he gave me a bag of Loser Tickets to enter for prize Points
Then made a $30 Payment on his Computer financing I did for him, and I bought $20 more Tickets there
Back home to finish out the Day after I won $30 more from his Tickets, so... ended the Day with $96 in my Pocket

And starting off Sunday Mornng... That latest Windows build ran all day without getting to a restart to finish
Started the Download again on Dell One Sunday Morning and it got to a Restart and finished the Install
So then, on to Install it on Dell Two, the HP amd my Laptop, will this ever end? Nope, they say forever

Well, I could stop the Insider Program Downloads but they will continue upgrading Windows 10 until the World Ends

So... My Sunday Morning routine all done and a trip to the Minit Mart for my Lottos
Then over to the Price Chopper for a couple Items and back to El Ranchito for Breakfast

And then I began thinking about changing the Living Room around, something gets changed around here about every other Day
But there hasn't been a major change to the Living Room set up since about 2008 and I was thinking
The Living Room, longer than it is wide, the TV against one Wall was a bit too close to the Couch on the opposite Wall
I have been thinking of moving the TV to the end Wall, and also I didn't really like my new Living Room Futon much
So I thought I would get rid of it and buy a couple new Chairs to replace it... so I called a Friend

I asked him if he would have any use for the Futon, and he said he needed a new Couch and had been looking for one
So he is coming Monday evening hopefully to load it up and take it home. then I ordered a couple new Chairs

Then I started moving stuff around and worked about all the rest of the Day and still only half done
It doesn't look like much of a job but there was a lot of heavy stuff to move, Wires to change and it all takes time
I started by scooting the big Chair out of the way and moving the end Tables out of the Room
Then taking all the Books off of one Bookshelf and moving it to it's new site, Next the TV and it's Cabinet and Shelf
The TV is too heavy for me to lift so I eased it off the Shelf, onto the Coffee Table to wait for help with it
Then I could move the TV Cabinet Base and the Shelf that sits about it to the new Spot, then I called my friend Pat
Asked if she would drop by a few minutes to help with the TV, she said sure and started down the Hill to my place

We moved the TV to the Shelf, then I opened a 'Dos Equis Amber' Cervesa for her and poured a glass off Vino for me
So then we had a nice chat while I moved Wires around and got the Room ready to move the second Bookcase
We had a good time visiting for an hour or two and then she headed back up the Hill to home

~ About Half Way on the Room ReArrangement ~

And then I finished hooking up all the Wires to the TV, Blu-Ray Player and DirecTV Receiver to get the TV going
Moved the big Chair to the opposite end of the Room, got a Sandwich and another Glass of wine
And enjoyed an Andre Rieu concert from the new viewing position... And it looks better and sounds better

Then adjourned for the Evening and off to a fairly good Night, and now today, Monday, finish more of the move
Then hopefully my Friend will come and take the Futon and then I just wait a couple days for the new Chairs... Ho Ho!

~ Ever Onward and Upward! ~

~ Saturday January 28, 2017 ~
~ Starting Saturday at 5 a.m. ~
~ A Pretty Nice Winter Saturday ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Well now, Windows 10 Insider Build 15014 didn't last long, I downloaded that one on Friday, January 20th
And now, Saturday Morning I have Build 15019 downloading on my Dell One Desktop, wonder what they will mess up this time<
Last one seemed pretty much OK but I have been having a couple glitches on the Internet now and then
Nothing serious but some a little irritating if that was what was causing it, we shall see, shall we not?

Was checking through my Monthly Payments for February, have most all scheduled and it looks a little better than January
I just have been buying too many Tech Toys that I don't really need... But it is fun and I like to have fun
I don't have any reason to save for anything so I might as well enjoy things as long as I can

Out to the Kitchen to get a Cup of Coffee, took a peek at the new Canna rescue, looking good already
Just out of the Pantry and now greening up and developing new Leaves, plants can be so interesting

~ Cannas out of the Pantry Wednesday, January 25th ~ Now on Saturday January 28th ~

And what to do the rest of this long Day ahead? Not a clue, headed out first for some Lottos
Not too bad, made a $5 Profit, back to find something to do, OK update those old Blog Pages
Looking back now at my first attempts, was I really that dumb? I guess so but I thought they were great then
A lot better and with a lot more Info, Video and Photos than that restrictive 360 Blog that Yahoo provided
And so as the Pages and the Years passed my Pages got a bit neater along the way...

This Blog gives me something to do... And a great reference for me... When I got what and when I planted what
A good history, again for me when I look back and reflect on Memories, and a few Friends actually keep up with it too

So I started first on Page One... And thought I had it in good shape, so I started on page 26 and thought I would work back
And there were a lot more changes than I thought I would have to make, finally midafternoon I had it done
So I uploaded the updated Page to my Web Site and took another look at Page One, nope, still didn't like it
And I started back on that one, worked until close to 3 p.m. before giving it up for the Day

Earlier I had messaged my Friend Rion, asked if he was ready for a payment on the Computer I financed for him
He said sure, he would be in at 3 p.m. so I headed over there to trade in my $25 Win for a $30 Win and his paynent
So for the Day I made a $15 Lotto Profit and some extra Cash too... And he gave me a bag of loser Lotto tickets to enter for Prizes
Back to finish out the Afternoon and Evening, planning on a Burger and some Pasta Salad and maybe I can find an interesting Movie
Not too bad a Saturday after all, let's try for a better Sunday... Ole!

~ Ever Onward and Upward! ~

~ Friday January 27, 2017 ~
~ Starting Friday at 1 a.m. ~
~ More 'Christmas Tree' Peppers showing Up ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Well, I gave up on Navru's Laptop, what about that Cloning Program I bought for the try?
I still have the 1 TB Hard Drive that I removed from my Laptop to add a SSD instead
That would be a good backup, so I cloned my Laptop SSD contents to the Hard Drive
I could use that in case any of my other Desktop SSDs would fail, just replace it with that one

OK, fiddled around on the Computers until about 3 a.m. then what do you do that time of the Morning?
Just thinking, I have a lot of my earlier Blog Pages that are a mess now, Photos too large
Text running the full width of the Page, well I learned a few more things in HTML since I started
And my Pages now are a bit neater with a bit more organizing... So why not try to fix the old ones?

I started on my Page Number 1 that I wrote in 2008, most all of my Videos were just blank squares
Back then I was uploading my Videos to Google and they discontinued that Service, later I went to VIMEO
So I replaced the no-go Google Videos with those of the same subject that I luckily had on VIMEO
And I changed most all the Typing with line breaks instead of letting them run to the edges
Finished up that one Page about 6 a.m. that kept me busy quite awhile and a lot more need that editing too

So how many pages need to be updated? I checked and looks like I wised up in Page 25, looks like 23 Pages
Well when I get bored now I can tackle more of that but it sure is a boring process and no one looks at them anyway

Back to Indoor Gardening for a few Minutes, went to open the shade in the Front Window
Saw a few more Pickling Peppers on the Stems, it has been a slow process but finally getting some Peppers
Then I saw a couple more on the front side of the Plant, they say the Plants produce 'Loads' of Peppers

~ More Peppers showing up on the Pepper Plants ~

And then on to a long long and sleepy Day, didn't want to go back to Bed but sure didn't have any zip
I took the Laptop back down to the Fast Stop, gave Navru the sad story, he was disappointed of course
Well the way to prevent that is not to get a Virus in the first place and then be careful trying to get rid of it

So, I managed to use up the rest of the Day, made some Cole Slaw and Pasta Salad, grilled up a Bratwurst
Managed to stay up until 6 p.m. and then off to a better night of sleep, waking up just at 5 a.m. my usual get up time

OK, Saturday, Four Days until Pay Day and running low on Money, well some good News early
I checked the IRS online and they say my Return had been approved and my money will be sent to the bank on February 1st
So then I will have three Pay Days in a row and maybe a better Cash outlook for February... and it is a short Month too

Hey Hey, March is on the Way! I sure could use a little Spring Weather... OLE!

~ Ever Onward and Upward! ~

~ Thursday January 26, 2017 ~
~ Planted Lettuce First Thing ~
~ Failed on a Computer Repair ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

6:45 a.m. on Thursday and getting bored already, Got all my Computer catchup done and now what to do?
Well I lucked into a couple minor Garden chores on Wednesday, maybe I'll find something to do Thursday
I am going to check with Navruzbek down at the Fast Stop to see if he brought in his Laptop
From what he says I don't have a lot of hope that I can get it running for him but I will take a look
His description of the problem doesn't make much sense to me so I have to see for myself

Doesn't look like a good Weather Day at all, starting off at 27, a top later of 32, that ain't swimming Weather fer sure
And the Mercedes doesn't have a working Heater so I might just drive the Blazer the next few Days

OK, then about 10 Minutes of Gardening before Breakfast, that Lettuce I planted in Garden 4 not popping up
Maybe I am not giving it enough time but seems in my earlier tries the Lettuce pops up in a couple Days
And if it doesn't by then it goes nowhere at all, and so I had planted that Lettuce Sunday the 22nd
I had two Kinds of Lettuce Seeds, one type came up fast, the other not much at all, so I tried again the 26th

Off to the Fast Stop in my Blazer...and Baby it's COLD outside! But the heater works in the Blazer
And down the Hill to the Fast Stop, bought my Lottos and Navru brought out his Laptop
Showed me briefly what it was doing and I loaded up and headed back, to scratch off NOTHING! I can't live like that!

So I plugged in the Power Supply on the Laptop and started running Diagnostics... that takes awhile
And I could't get anywhere doing that... Try something else, I thought I would try cloning my HD System to the Laptop HD
To do that I would have to download a Cloning Program, then remove the HD from the Laptop, then clone to that HD

~ Hard Disk Surgery to ry to Clone ~

So I removed the HD, downloaded a Program and started out running the Process, but it got complicated
Time for a Margarita and some Afternoon ease, so I set aside that Project for later

Then on to the Afternoon, Evening and Dinner and then off to Bed way too early but I was so so so sleepy
And I woke up way too early and was thinking about the Laptop so I got up to play with it
Had better luck with trying to clone the Program this time until the final step... and then
It said it could not clone from a GPT Disk to MBR Disk, have to convert the MBR Disk to a GPT first
Then I went to 'Disk Management' to convert the Hard Disk, there it offered to convert to Dynamic Disk
But the GPT Disk convert option was greyed out, no go... I just had to give up on it...

So, Navru needs a Battery, a copy of Windows 10, possibly still something else wrong in the Computer
It is an old Computer anyway, my opinion, the best Option is just by a newer, up to date one

OK now 2:30 a.m. on Friday... I'll Post this and get on with the Day way too early

~ Ever Onward and Upward! ~

~ Wednesday January 25, 2017 ~
~ Planted a Pineapple Top ~
~ Two more Cannas from the Pantry ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Here we go agan... Another Pineapple on Sale, picked that up on one of my Trips on Tuesday
Saw that Pineapple was on sale on the way to get something else at the Price Chopper
I can't pass up a good Bargain so I chose a nice one, so now I'll Peel and Chunk it to eat
And plant the Top as usual to see what it will do, They can get pretty good sized over time in the Sun

~ Some Pineapple to Eat ~ The Pineapple Top Planted ~

So Wednesday, back to the 30s for a few Days, it was 35 degrees at 7 a.m.
Thinking about the Weather though, it doesn't seem we have had as much Cold and Snow as usual this Year
And if that is the case, that is perfectly fine with me... But we still have February to go

OK then, out to the Kitchen... Huh? What's that? Something popped up in an empty Pot
What did I plant in there? Peppers I think, I'll have to check... And so I checked, couldn't find anything
That's one advantage of my BLOG, can usualy see when I planted something, well there was a Mexibell there before
But it wasn't going anywhere so I clipped it off then planted some Seeds and I think it was Peppers

~ Peppers (I think) Popped up in the Pot ~

And then some Breakfast, decided on a Bacon and Egg Sandwich on Toast... Yummy, then off to the Fast Stop
I went there to pick up Navruzbek's ailing Laptop, but he didn't bring it, forgot, said Tomorrow
So then I went on to the Price Chopper to trade Lottos and only won $10 for trying, back to the Ranchito

Headed again to the Kitchen to Cut the Top off the Pineapple, then Plant the Top
Then peel and chuck the Pineapple to cool in the Fridge, but first wanted a Pot to plant the Top
So I took a look in the Pantry... Hey what's that? more Cannas popping up, so that delayed the Pineapple
I dug the Sprouting Rhizomes out of the Pot, then planted them in a Pot that already had a Plant in it

~ Cannas in the Pantry ~ Rhizomes Removed ~ Rhisomes Planted in the Pot !

Now the latest lineup of the Cannas on the Kitchen Shelf and on to finish with the Pineapple

~ Latest Cannas in the Kitchen ~

And then, all that unexpected Gardening finished, 2:30 p.m. and time for a Margarita and a TV catchup... OLE!
After that, then what? Well dig something up to eat... What'll the be? OK some crispy Oven Fries
And a Lotto Prize Italian Sauage on a Bun with a little Mustard and a Glass of Vino on the aide
So that's enough of that, what's the Movie? Well one of the Pink Panther re-runs, how silly and dumb can an Actor get?
I lasted that one out and then off to Bed, my Dreams are more entertaining anyway

~ Ever Onward and Upward! ~

~ Tuesday January 24, 2017 ~
~ WHAT? We got some Sun! ~
~ Not much Action ~ But an Interesting Day ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So what for Tuesday? Some running around, a few Lotto Wins, no profit though... But still a fun Day
A chilly Morning, in the 30s to start, same as the last couple Weeks... very little Sun or warm
I had a $15 Winner to trade in, went to the Fast Stop, got more Lottos, some Chat with Navruzbek
Seems he has a Laptop with Problems, told him I would take a look at it, said he would bring it Wednesday

Back home to scratch off $25 in Wins... Nice start, back to the Price Chopper to cash in and buy nore
This time a $15 Win, about even up then... Back home to play around online for awhile
Was chatting with Sigi on Facebook Messenger, I was saying what to eat Today? He says Salmon... Huh?
I have Lots in the Fridge and Freezer but no Fish, I don't eat much Fish, hadn't had Salmon for years
I did buy a good size whole Salmon some years back and smoked it, can't say that was much of a success

Anyway a new Idea so I took off again for the Price Chopper, traded in the last $15 Win for more
Then headed to the Back to find some Salmon... Had some great looking Salmon in the Meat Case
But that stuff was over $12 a pound, I could do without that. checked some in the Freezer Cases
They had all kinds, I found a pack, presmoked, Cajun seasoned and ready to bake, looked good
I got a pack of that and then some Frozen Ore-Ida 'Extra Crispy Crinkles' Potatoes and headed home

That was early Afternoon, the Sun was out nice and bright when I got back from the Store
Snapped a Photo on the way in, sure need to clean up that Front Yard, and those Rose Bushes need pruning
All the Bushes out front grew more than any Year so far, will take a lot of trimming this coming spring

~ A Little Sun for Tuesday ~ No Roses until Spring ~

Then on into the usual afternoon, starting with my Margarita, then TV and Snacks, same-o as every Day
The Day ran down to Dinner Time, and time to fire up the Oven for the Fish, said 400 Degrees for 25 Minutes
In with the Fish, then to watch the Clock and listen for the Timer... Beep Beep Beep
Out with the Fish, cranked the Oven up to 450 Degrees and in with some Extra Crispy Crinkles for 15 Minutes

~ Seasoned Salmon Fillets to Bake ~

Then out to add to the Salmon on the Plate, back to the TV to try it out... Nope, not the best Fish I ever cooked
Baked OK, the texture OK, but way way overseasoned with whatever they put on it, wow!
I finished my Potatoes but I couldn't finish the Salmon, no Home Run this time, better luck later maybe
Next Time I'll do my own seasoning and see how that comes out... This try no way as good as the 'Swai' Filets I've tried

So that was an OK Tuesday escept for the Dinner, now we will try anther Wednesday

~ Ever Onward and Upward! ~

~ Monday January 23, 2017 ~
~ Oil Change for the Mercedes first Thing ~
~ Another Slow 'Nothing Much Going On' Day ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Well the new Blue Blanket worked great for Sunday Night, so soft, so light but still warm enough
And there is still that thick Comforter ready in case the Heat goes off, which only happened once the last 16 Years
That was one heck of an Ice Storm that Day, I was watching out the front Window when I saw the Power Pole fall over
And it sure did not take them long to stick a new Pole in the very next Day and then the lights came on!

~ The Ice in the Gully in 2010 ~

OK, get the Computer stuff done first, get an early shower and then get the old Mercedes down to Glenn's Auto Lube
An appointment at 8 a.m. Hope it goes faster than the last time with the Blazer, they had to send out for Differential Oil

Headed down about 7:45 a.m. after deicing my Windshield... where did that come from? Arrived and sat down for a wait
And quite a wait, took about an Hour or so but the labor Charge was low... so Goodie! Stopped on the way back at P&G Hardware
Picked up a bottle of Lamp Oil for my Lamps, they have been empty a long time and so nice to see their Glow again
I used to have some Colored Scented Oil, can't seem to find any close now and the online stuff is high priced

Then next door to the Price Chopper for some Lottos and headed back to scratch off a $25 Win, only a $5 Profit
Maybe, I should try the Fast Stop, well, after some Breakfast anyway

So I headed down to the Fast Stop after a very late Breakfast to get my Lottos, cashed in my $25 Win
Pocketed $5, bought $20 more then began chatting with the Clerk, he is from Uzbekistan and very talkative
I wanted to show him something on Facebook and used my Phone, he checked it on his Phone too
After some time chatting I headed back to scratch off a $15 Win, so even up for the Day anyway

Then checking out Facebook again I saw I had a Friend Request from 'Navruzbek Ibadullaev'... Who is that?
I clicked on the Name... Hey it's that guy at the Fast Stop, so I accepted his request and looked at his Timeline
And I thought I would do a little trick to surprize him, I copied a Photo from his Timeline Page
I had a few Photos of the Fast Stop in my Files so I 'layered' his Photo on top of One and posted it on Facebook
Then I went back to the Fast Stop and told the Clerk I just had seen him on Facebook... HUH?
Yeah, go look, he did, looked surprized and said 'How you do that?' I told him I was just a Genius was all

~ Navruzbek on his Facebook Page ~ And Added to a Fast Stop Photo ~

Well, that process can get tedious but handy at times for special effects, like the Gift Book I added on top of the Cake
Just another feature of my Excellent and Free Program... 'paint.net'... I use it for a lot of things... it's great

So that was about there was doing on Monday and not a thing on tap for Monday... I am in my 'Winter Doldrums' again
Well, a couple more Months and things may get a little, brighter and warmer and busier?

~ Ever Onward and Upward! ~

~ Sunday January 22, 2017 ~
~ More Garden Changes ~ It Never Stops ~
~ A Night in my New Bed Sheets ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And an addition to Saturday activities, more Garden changes, it never stops, always something in or out
The Tomato Plants in AeroGraden 7 looked like they were dying, we can't have that can we?
And the Two Pickling Pepper plants in Garden 4 will get too tall for that Garden, with a 12 Inch Lamp Height
The Peppers in Garden 5 are already taller than that, so I pulled the Tomatoes and put the Peppers in that Bed
So what about that now empty Garden 4... Hmmmm, let's put some Lettuce Seeds in that one for a try

~ Latest Garden Changes ~ Tomatoes out ~ Peppers In ~

And a new Bed in the Bag report on the first Night, I had been sleeping under one Sheet and a Blanket
This set came with sheets and a Comforter, would that work instead of a blanket?, looked awful thick
Well I tried it that way... No, didn't work, got too hot too quick... Got up and changed it to a Blanket
So now what? I'll get a nice new matching blue Blanket, leave it on the Bed to sleep under as usual
Then when I get up I can put the Comforter back on just to look 'Purdy'... HAH!

And, a quick Breakfast of some Biscuits and Sausage Gravy, a few minutes of the TV News
And then... here we go again, I took a few Minutes to plant some Lettuce Seeds in Six Pods
Slipped them into AeroGarden 4 and now we can see what happens to this try, Lettuce usually works OK

~ Lettuce Planted in Garden 4 Sunday Morning ~

Things were moving slowly on Sunday Morning, 9:30 a.m. and not in the Shower yet... And I wanted to go to Walmart again
So into the Shower, get Showered, Shampooed and Shaved and all prettied up and headed out a little after 10 a.m.
Walked right to the Blamket I saw online, and a Blue Color and on sale for $5.88, not bad, and so soft
Back at el Ranchito, slipped it on the Bed and put the Comforter on top, now that should solve the overheating
I can just roll the Comforter off when I go to Bed and it is still there in case the heat ever goes off... HAH!

~ Nice Soft Blue Blanket to complete the new Bedding Set ~

OK, this is about enough of this for a Sunday, about 1 p.m. I put out a Lotto Prize Sausage and a Brat Bun to Thaw
Time then for a Margarita, some boring TV News and then a Grilled Sausage on a Bun with some fresh Cole Slaw
Please excuse me now for the rest of this Day that I need to work through... What? another Monday Tomorrow?

~ Ever Onward and Upward! ~

~ Saturday January 21, 2017 ~
~ Spring was here for a Day! ~
~ Visitors with a Gift ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So, just a lot of Pomp and not much Circumstance on Friday... what does Saturday hold for us
Such a lot of hubbub to get a new President going, all those people crowding in to Washington for that
I had a much better seat and more comfort right here in Parkville watching everything close up on my TV
And it was quite a spectacular show on Friday and Saturday, I didn't stay up for the Balls later on Friday

What for me Saturday? Well I was getting tired of the dull red Covers on my Bed, the red Sheets still look good
So I did a little shopping online at Walmart first thing... AHA!.. Bed in a Bag! And Blue Plaid, looked good to me
And I ordered it, Store pick up same day, so heading there when I get the email notice it's ready for pickup

And another Windows 10 Insider Update... A few days back they came out with Build 15002... and it had a Bug
So then the next Day or so they came out with Build 15007 which fixed that bug for me... except on my HP Desktop
And Friday here comes Build 15014 which so far seems OK and it worked on the HP also.. so what's next?

Then a check on the Peppers in AeroGarden 4, it looks like picking out the extra plants helped a bit
The smaller Plant has caught up to the other one and they are one their way to making Peppers... I hope

~ Peppers on January 18th ~ And January 21 ~

And around 10 a.m. I checked my Order online, said Ready for Pick-Up, so off we go
At Walmart, got a Cart and walked all the way to the Back, buzzed the Clerk and she brought my Bag
Not a very big Bag and I really didn't need the Cart but loaded it in and headed out
Dumped it into the Mercedes and headed for Home, stopped for Lottos, only won $15... Darn
Then to take a look at my new Bedding Goodies, installed them on the Bed and Wah Lah! Ain't that purdy!

~ My 'Bed in a Bag' ~ Out of the Bag and on the Bed ~

Then on through the Afternoon TV Session and then I got a call, will you be home? We are heading that way
It was Don Kixmiller, he and his wife Dianne, long time Volunteers and Parkville Nature Sanctuary Committee Members
He said they had a Gift for me, they arrived and he presented me with a Book by a Military Photographer
He knew that I had been a USAF Photographer and thought I would enjoy this Book which I am sure I shall
And to make the Book more Valuable it had been signed on the Fly Leaf by other Members of the Nature Sanctuary Committee

~ Don and Dianne Kixmiller ~ And the Gift Book ~

I have to admit to a little 'Trick Photography' here, I only had One Photo of Don and Dianne together at a Meeting
In the original Photo they were holding a Cake, I thought I would make one of showing them with the Gift Book
But here is the real Gift Book they brought to me Saturday Evening

~ My Gift Photograpy Book ~ Signed by Nature Sanctuary Committee Members ~

His wife Dianne was with him, they came in for a really nice chat and I showed them my Photography Book I started with
A Book called Graphic Graphlex Photography I bought in 1948 before I bought ny Graphlex Speed Graphic Camera
It haa a Photo display of the 'Anniversary Speed Graphic' which I also bought in 1948 at the age of 16
It has many pages of 'how to' Photography and I learned most of my Photo Knowledge and techique from that Book

~ The Book that taught me the art of Photography ~

Then on to a pleasant chat about many things and they finally had to move on to other things
And now I have their Photography Gift to read and enjoy the many Photographs in it
And the added Value of the Signatures and comments about my help in the Nature Sanctuary to appreciate

Then on to finish out the day and then try my new Fancy Bedding, I'll report on that Sunday Morning

~ Ever Onward and Upward! ~

~ Friday January 20, 2017 ~
~ More Warm Days Ahead ~
~ One More $50 Lotto Win ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Friday Mornng 7 a.m. and 45 Degrees, going to 53 later and almost to 60 on Saturday
And a few more days in the 50s after that, yeah... I sure do like this kind of Weather in January
And Today another Friday to use up, got the Day started by throwing my Sheets in the Washer
After that, no plans... just use up the rest of the Day, nothing much needs to be done
Excuse me while I go work my Daily online Crossword Puzzle and finish my Coffee

Took a look and a Photo of my Tomato Plants in AeroGarden 7... And what's wrong with them now?
One stem turned Yellow and dropped off and other looks like it is doing the same thing
And it looks like some of the lower Leaves are drying up... Well anyway, the Peppers seem to be doing OK

~ Tomato Plants in Garden 7 Don't look so Good ~

So off to seek my Fortune at the Minit Mart and the Clerk there helped out some, gave me a $50 Ticket
And that makes Two $50s and One $40 Ticket for the Big Ones for January... But I want the really BIG ONE!

~ Another Nice $50 Lotto Win Friday ~

And, I watched the Inaugural Concert on Thursday Night, quite an impressive display especially the FireWorks
And just caught the Swearing In Ceremony before I headed out Friday and that was also quite Impressive
Looked like Trump behaved quite well on both Occasions, maybe he can settle down a bit now

So, Friday afternoon, no News to watch all Afternoon, just Trump stuff and some was interesting
I caught the Swearing in earlier and then during Cocktail time I watched the endless Parade
I gave up before it was over, I don't think it even had an end the way they kept coming

~ The only thing on TV all Day Friday ~

The whole Trunp family was there and in on everything all Day, and old man Trump was into it all
It would have worn me down to a frazzel but he seemed to last it out in fine shape
Maybe he can handle the Job after all, looks a lot better than Carter ever did

On to another Saturday and boring Weekend

~ Ever Onward and Upward! ~

~ Thursday January 19, 2017 ~
~ Warm Morning ~ Couple More on the Way ~
~ First Sweet Pickling pepper Shows Up ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

OK... 42 Degrees at 7 a.m. Going to 51 and they say the next Two days top at 55, now I can go for that
These last few Cloudy Dreary Damp Days were so depressing... we need some Happy Sunny Days
Well, Wednesday was a Happy Day, $130 in Winner Lottos and a nice increase in my Credit Line to waste
Let's see if Thursday can do any better than that

And now another Appointment on the Schedule but an easy one, back down to Glen's for a Mercedes Oil Change
Then nothing due until February, my Primary Doctor wants me to come in for a followup on his last Guess

Only 46 at Noon, the Day passing slowly and Cloudy on top of that, a little Damp out there too
Made a couple trips to the Price Chopper, traded in some of my Winnings for more, this time only a $15 Win
Went back to trade that one in, this time won back $20, still ahead of the Game a bit

It would be nice to have something to do (that is interesting) but nothing mucxh needs to be done
Well I could launder my Bed Sheets again, but that doesn't take long... So what else?
I need a photo of something for Thursday's Blog too, what needs to be photographed around here? Not much

Well yeah, I found something to get a Photo of, the Pickling Peppers have had lots of Blooms since the first of the Month
But for the first time I see what actually looks like a Pepper on one Plant, so Whoop De Doo!
The ad for the Pepper Plants said 'Loads of tiny Sweet Peppers', so maybe ths is the Start of my 'Christmas Peppers'

~ Peppers on January 9th ~ And January 18 ~

Then on to wind down another Day, looks like January is winding down fast, well Spring is what I want
And also that Big Lotto Win so I can buy a new Mercedes... Now wouldn't that be fine... On to another Day...

~ Ever Onward and Upward! ~

~ Wednesday January 18, 2017 ~
~ Warmer again Today ~ They Say ~
~ A Couple More Nice Lotto Wins ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Wednesday... Half past the Working Week, like they used to day... Back when I was actually working
OK, 31 Degrees at 7 a.m. but going to 54 later they say, how very nice... We sure lucked out on the Ice Storm
So let's go take a look in the Kitchen, those Peppers doing not much of anything, I think I saw why
Up high on the shelf, it's hard to see what's going on in the Pods, I pulled them out to take a peek
You plant several Seeds in a Pod to start, then pull all but one when they Sprout... well, I missed a few
One Pod had about Three germinating Seeds all trying to fit in there, popped out all but One, the other Pod had Two
So now I am thinking they should do a little better without all the competition in one Pod

~ Peppers on January 9th ~ And January 18 ~

And some Good News... Or is it bad for my spending ways... One of my Credit Cards doubled my Credit Limit
Well nice of them in case things get any tighter moneywise than they have been the last Two Months
Always a few extra Bills hit in December so next Month and plus my Income Tax refund, things should get a bit better

So I got my Morning routine done and headed out to the Fast Stop, I took my Dell Blue Tooth Speaker to play with
I played some Music from my Phone and the Clerk really liked my Toy, asked if I would sell it
Told him I would have to check what I paid for it and he could play with it until I got back

~ My Dell Blue Tooth Speaker ~

Got my $20 worth of Lottos and headed back to scratch off a couple Winners and I sure could use that
Got a nice $40 and $50 Winner, got the Charger Cable for the Speaker and headed back to the Fast Stop

~ Right when I needed it Most ~

And the Clerk was still playing with the Blue Tooth Speaker, says how much do you want for it?...
I told him I had looked it up, Dell was asking $89.95, some other Dealer wanted $71 and Amazon had it for $44
So he said 'How much do you want' and I said '$90'... HUH? I said 'Give me $90' and handed him my Winners
So he gave me the $90 and I handed him the Charger Cable... He reached for his Wallet, and I said 'No Charge'
And he was tickled to receive the Gift, well I just won that $90, wasn't using the Speaker anyway... share the wealth
So I headed back Home to scratch off another $10 Winner, $100 for the Day... not bad at all

And... 1 p.m. All those Riches rolling around in my Pocket, I headed out to try again
Hit the Price Chopper and won $30 More... but that was only a $5 Profit
On to the rest of the boring Afternoon after that... Hey... The Sun came out Bright!
We sure haven't seen any of that for a few Days... How nice it was!

~ What is that big Bright Ball up there? ~

Then the Afternnoon stuff, then a Dinner and it was such a plateful I could only eat about half
BBQ Smoked Pork with BBQ Sauce, Boiled Tater with Onions and Butter, Broccoli with Butter and Cheese... Yeah...
Then another old Movie and I actually stayed up later, better for making the Night shorter

So good Credit News and good Lotto winnings for Wednesday, can Thursday be any better? Let's go see...

~ Ever Onward and Upward! ~

~ Tuesday January 17, 2017 ~
~ A Warmer Tuesday ~ A Little Hazy Sun ~
~ Not much going on at the Smith Ranchita ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Well now, first thing on Tuesday, saw that the Chard I transplanted on Saturday already grew to touch the Grow Lights
I didn't want to raise the Lights too far above the Peppers there so I snipped off the biggest Leaves
I put the Chard in an envelope and into the Fridge to use for something later, maybe clp some more in a couple days?

~ Saturday ~ Tuesday ~ after Harvesting ~

~ Chard to Use in Something ~

And now I did think that there was something wrong with AeroGarden 4 in the Kitchen, stuff just not growing
Maybe the Air Pump died, maybe I can check that, that Chard just wasn't growing fast there, but faster than the Peppers
Just after two Days in Aerogarden 6 it grew so much I had to clip it, so looks like something isn't quite right in Garden 4

And so I checked out the Aerogarden, the Lights go on and off as they are supposed to, I added Nutrient a few Days back
I added Water to the Grow Bowl, then checked the Air Pump, you push a Button and see if the Water 'eddys' around
And it did, so looks like the Garden is OK, but the Crops just don't do all that well in that Garden lately

Then off to seek my Fortune at the Price Chopper for Goodies and my Lottos. won $25 this time, $5 Profit
And I just bought 'goodies' this time... Chocolate 'Boost' Energy Drink, Pat gave me a $3 Coupon for that
Then some Candy Orange Slices, Dry Roasted Peanuts and a sack of assorted Candy Bar miniatures... yeah

Just back and I heard a loud knock on the Door... Who be that? Well it was Boss Bob making a visit to the Complex
He wanted to pick up some Tools he had left in the Work Shop and dropped in for a Visit with me too
So we had a nice Chat, showed him some of my latest Videos on the TV.. And he wanted to know how I was getting along

He left and on into what is getting to be a boring afternoon Routine, I need to find more to do but what?
I did decide to run back to the Minit Mart to trade in $20 of my Winners for $20 more Winners, even up this time
That was pretty much the Day... I did call my friend with the Laptop, I asked if it as still broke
He said no, back working again, maybe a fluke in his Router or something, I was sure that I had it fixed
Quite a relief to hear that my repair was actually successful after all, I hate to lose...

And that was pretty much all that was going on on Tuesday a slightly better winter Day after all

~ Ever Onward and Upward! ~

~ Monday January 16, 2017 ~
~ No Snow ~ We got Rain ~ Hooray! ~
~ Changes in the 'Computer Room' Again ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So, we got none of the Snow they predicted for Sunday, ain't that a shame? No sledding today
Well, no sliding off of Bell Road into the ditch either, gimmee the Rain and warm please

~ Lookee! We got Liquid Snow! ~

So I woke to what sounded like Rain pouring down on Monday Morning, peeked out, yeah a River in the Street
34 Degrees at 5 a.m. and supposed to get warmer later, sounds great to me, they missed on this Ice Storm Forecast
And now saying a week ahead in the 50s, that sounds even better

One benefit of the last repair attempt was moving the HP Desktop I was just using as a 'spare' to the Living Room
I was using my Laptop there to 'mirror' to my TV to show things online, I moved the HP there to replace it

~ Laptop replaced by my HP Desktop ~

Since then the Desktop does a much better job showing things on the TV, matches the 'aspect ratio' better
And now the Laptop replaces the HP in the 'Control Room' and it is now my 'portable' spare

~ HP Desktop replaced by my Dell Laptop ~

And then more changes...Always changing things around, didn't really like where the 'Computer TV' was sitting
So I moved the Printer from the Left of Dell Desktop Two.. to the right of Dell Desktop One, behind the Laptop
Then I set the TV where the Printer was and put the Sound Bar on the shelf above, I think that's some better
And I moved the Blue Tooth Speakers I wasn't using much from the Shelf behind Dell One, they are 'extra' now
I don't really have a use for them at the moment, maybe something will come up, I have so much extra Tech Toy Stuff...

~ Latest Setup in the 'Computer Room' ~

And the way I use my HP Desktop Computer in the Living Room now, I took a Photo to show Sigi

~ HP Desktop cabled to the TV ~

Well then that was about all the activity except the Usual wind up of the the Day...
And now a new one to try to find something to do to keep me occupied a few hours...

~ CHARGE! ~ They went Thataway ~

~ Ever Onward and Upward! ~

~ Sunday January 15, 2017 ~
~ Well... Where is that Snow? ~
~ We got no Snow ~ Ain't that a Pity? ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sunday Morning, 31 Degrees, they said we would wake up to Snow and then have Snow all Day
We had Ice On the Windshields and a light Misty rain but no Ice or Snow on the Street
So I got the Ice off my Windshield and tooled up to the Price Chopper for another $20 of loser Lottos
Just Dark and Dreary and Wet but no trouble getting around, maybe later? So, again we shall see?

Some fiddling around on my Computers and this and that and then decided to take my Friend's Laptop back
He said he was Home so I headed the several Miles over there, still no slick Streets
I got his Computer hooked up, picked up my own Laptop and headed back home, glad to have it back

~ Laptop back at Bob's ~ Up and Running ~

I had put a lot of the Friend's Data on my Laptop for him to use while I worked on his problem
So I set about deleting it off, putting some of my Stuff back and getting it hooked up to my Home Group
That took quite awhile and then I got the latest Windows 10 Insider update installed on that Box

And that was that except for Cocktail, TV and Dinner... except... Bob called, said his Laptop was offline again
So now what? It was hooked up with Ethernet cable, the Part I replaced was the Wi-Fi Card so what can be wrong now?
Oh well, ya win some, ya lose some and he sure has more Computer problems than I do

Off to bed then with still no Snow, they misssed big on this Forecast and I am tickled pink!
Now on to Monday and a new Week

~ Ever Onward and Upward! ~

~ Saturday January 14, 2017 ~
~ A Little Ice Saturday Morning ~
~ Then some Hazy Sun at Noon ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Taking a look out front at 6:45 a.m. Saturday Morning, 26 Degrees and looked like a thin film of Ice on the Windshields
Couldn't see that there was much Ice out in the Street, they salted it on Saturday Afternoon
So the top for the Day supposed to be 31 Degrees and they are saying Snow later in the Day

~ Ice on the Windshields Saturday Morning ~

Didn't mention the finale for the Day on Friday, I decided to snip all the remaining Lettuce out of AeroGarden 6
Now all the Lettuce is gone in Garden 6 and 7 and now we can see the Pepper and Tomato plants grow
And I could see that there were three more tiny Plants in one Pod, popped them out so the big one would prosper

~ Lettuce all Harvested from Garden 6 ~

Then a little transplanting... I planted Chard in Garden 4 and only one Plant came up, then two Peppers
The two Peppers are in the back Pods and barely emerging, the Chard was in a front Pod and touching the Grow light
So I lifted the Chard out of Garden 4 and slipped it into a front Pod in Garden 6, see how it does there
And I can keep the Grow Light down low over the Peppers in Garden 4 to help them get started

~ Chard moved from Garden 4 to Garden 6 ~

Sometime after 9 a.m. I heard the little Tractor out front, the Maintenance Man was working on a Saturday
Tom was in the middle of the Street throwing Salt from the back of the Tractor to melt the Ice on the Hill

So I could head out for Lottos if I wanted to... but didn't feel like it was worth the effort just to lose another $20

~ Tom making it easy to get up the Hill ~

On to the Day, Noon time, 30 Degrees, hazy Sun and the Ice all gone... As Shakespeare would say "Much Ado About Nothing"
Well, they were saying that we would get Snow and more Ice later on Saturday, well we shall see, shall we not?

I took off to the Price Chopper to get some loser lottos, and that's just what they were
Now what to do the rest of this now brighter looking Day?

And as usual it turned out to not be much of anything to do, just cook some dinner and have some Wine
I kept an eye out the Window watching for that Ice they promised, and now was falling by Bedtime
But they were warning it would show up later and we would wake up to Snow... again... we shall see

~ Ever Onward and Upward! ~

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