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~ Monday, August 15, 2022 ~
~ Busy here and There ~
~ Sunny ~ Not as Hot ~

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Monday Monday... We're here again and halfway through the month of August, is Chrismas on the way?
Well maybe a couple warm Months before we get there, what's the Weather to start the Week?
Well nice out there a 7:30 a.m. Says Sunny and 70 Degrees, very nice, yes
And then... Sunny and heading to 88 for the Day... And then Tuesday... Wow! A top of only 77 and Rain
And then the next 8 Days after that. Temps in the 80s.. I like the sound of that for sure

OK, On to the Day and what's next? Well I took a look at that Video I took yesterday and looks better than I thought
So I will pour my Coffee and get started on editing and uploading that for another boring River Video

Working away on that Video reminded me of the owner of one of the Boats, who rents fishing Trips
He gave me his Card, I looked it up and found him on Facebook and got a couple Photos
Here's his Card and a Fishing Photo, looks like fun

~ Olen Lehman on another Fishing Trip~

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~ Owner of KC Rodbenders ~

So some progress on Editing the Video and time to get the Day started, I need a hair cut
Into the Shower to get prepped for the Day, out and shined up and shaved and off to the Price Chopper
Well first a stop at the Hair Chopper for a haircut, well they call it the Shear Palace
A trim and then next door to the Price Chopper to cash in and hit Machine Two
Back then to work my Cards for a $5, $15, $20 and a nicer $25 Win... Ser Gut!

Then back to editing that latest River Video, took a while with this and that
Finally edited and uploaded and here it is

And then what? Later that usual for another River Trip but let's go see
Nicer, not as Hot Day, down to the Park, checked the Tree Statue firsr as usual
Then headed over to Platte Landing Park, passing the Entrance Shelter saw it was full of people
On down to the Boat Ramp, more hikers on the Trail and in the Puppy Park, a couple Boat Trailers

But nothing else so I headed back to park in the lot by the Entrance Shelter and the crowd was gone
Took a walk over to the River, no people in the Shelter but the Tables were loaded with stuff
And then here they come! Runners from all directions, I started getting some Video
Then the Shelter packed with runners, asked a guy what was the action for the Day
He said practice runs by clssses from Park Hill South High School, so got some more Video
Back and forth, here and there and that's enough, time to head for Home

TV Time by then, just uploaded my new Videos, took a peek, then on to close down the Day on TV
I'll take a look Tomorrow to see if I can make a Video out of that Race around the Shelter stuff

~ Monday ~ Busy Monday ~

~ Sunday, August 14, 2022 ~
~ Modest Lotto Win ~
~ Too Hot! ~ Let's stay Inside! ~

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Sunday Morning at 7:30 a.m. Up a bit earlier at almost 6 a.m. so a long Morning ahead
Now most all my Interet stuff is done so boring time can set in earlier, Hi Hum already
Yeah, lots of boring hours but then Time still seems to fly from Day to Day
Already 7 Months past my 90th Birthday and that Birthday just seems a couple months ago

So, what's the Weather, the guy on TV was warning gonna get hotter, like we need that
Already the excess heat is running everyone out of the Park, a lot less people down there this Summer
And the quietest summer Saturday I have ever seen down there Yesterday, empty parking Lots at the Shelters
So, Temp looks good for the moment, 72 Degrees and Sunny now... And looks better than they said last Night
It was high 90s down there Yesterday, Today it says partly Sunny and High of 89, a bit better anyway

Finished up the Morning, what's next? My game of Fortune of course, headed to the Price Chopper
Cashed in my $45 Win, headed to Machine One for my Load, picked up a couple grocery Items and headed back
Then back to unload and scratch off a single win of $77... I like those, Have won 14 so far this year

~ Big Smile from Lady Luck ~

Enuff to try again so I headed back, tried $45 on the non-Winner Tickets and this time got a $25 and $10
Not bad for the Day but time to find something else to do

And 11 a.m. and it is only 79 Degrees out there but Sunny, let's run down to the Park before it gets Hot!
On down to the Park, entering Platte Landing Park, big Party in the Entrance Shelter, on down to the Boat Ramp
Parked and hiked over to the Bench in the shade to sit and see what was happening
A few Hikers and Bikers and a couple Boat Trailers in the Parking Lot

~ After the River Trip ~

Then here comes a Boat up the Ramp and another heads down, got some Video here and there
Just hung around for a couple Hours seeing this and some of that... Nothing much special
Then sunned out and tired so I gave up and headed back about 2 p.m. to wind down the rest of the Day

(And maybe another River Video to Edit)

~ Sunday ~ Busier than Expected ~

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