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~ Now in that Good Old Summer Time ~

~ Tuesday July 17, 2018 ~
~ That Ceiling Project in my Office Closet ~
~ Meatloaf and Tomatoes into the Freezer ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The usual start to the Day, up at 5 a.m. and Coffee and Computer, a load of Clothes in the Washer
That done into the Shower and into clean Clothes and off to Platte City at 8:15 or so
Stopped in at the Fast Stop on the way for my Lottos and then on up Hiway 435, made it in record time
Finished my Business in Five Minutes and headed back to see Tom unloading the new A/C for upstairs
So there will be some noise upstairs and they may have to come in my place to move stuff out of a Closet

Then another Cup of Coffee, worked my Lottos for a $15 Win, no big ones for several Days now
A cooler start to the Day, 81 degrees at 10 a.m. and only going to top at 87 they say
Nothing needs to be done outside, maybe a walk out back to check the Veggies for another ripe Tomato
And inside later, now have enough extra Tomatoes on the Table to grind up and freeze

But before that... Time to slice up that Meatloaf and wrap it up for the Freezer for later
Leaving some in the Fridge for a couple Dinners, ended up with 10 large Slices

~ Big Meatloaf for many Dinners to Come ~

And then the A/C Installers came to start on their project, came in my place, took off the Closet Doors
Then chopped up the Closet Ceiling and put it all in a big Sack and started moving the A/C Pipes above
And that took a lot of noise, cutting and pounding, like last Wednesday all over again

~ My Closet Ceiling in the Sack ~

~ Where the Ceiling Was ~

And then they left... To work Outside and Upstairs where the new Air Conditioner Unit goes
But then one of the Guys would pop in and out to pull a Hose through or pound on something
They finally seemed to get everything needed done in my Closet but left a big mess in there
I new that Tom or that Crew would clean it up but I jumped in and did it myself including Vacuuming

All quiet again, what's next, well that load of Tomatoes on the Table
Washed them, trimmed them, and chunked them and then into the Food Processor
Loaded them into a couple Containers and into the Freezer with two previous packs already there

~ Tomatoes for Chopping and Storing ~

And that took me until 2 p.m. Is that the time for a Margarita? You betcha... Excuse me while I mix...
Well, first I wanted to take a look out back, see if there were any more Tomatoes ripening
And yes, Four more, Two little ones and Two nice bigger ones, the Neighbor was out when I came back
Asked him if he wanted a couple Tomaters, 'Why Shore', so 'Wait til I get a Photo and I be back'
So, I got my Photo... See it down there? And instead of a Margarita I grabbed a Dos Equis Cervesa
Thought I would chat a bit out front... Gave him Two Tomatoes (the big ones) but it was too humid for me
He gave me a few Lotto Tickets to trade for him and I headed back into the cool for the rest of the long Afternoon

~ And Four more for Tuesday ~

And that's all she wrote until Dinner, decided on some Mashed Taters to go with a slice of that Meatloaf
Served that up at TV time and that was all for the Day... Hasta la Vista...

~ Next Noise Event coming Wednesday ~

~ Monday July 16, 2018 ~
~ A Bounty Crop of Sweet Corn! ~
~ Not much else Going On ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ That Gift of Sweet Corn on my Porch Monday Morning ~

Now that nice Monday I was looking for has arrived... At least I hope it is nice anyway
It started with a generous Gift of 16 Ears of Sweet Corn! I saw a Message online from Navru from the Fast Stop
Saying 'I left you and Patricia a Gift of Sweet Corn, and have a good Evening', I guess I didn't hear him knock

~ Navru's Corn ~ My Tomatoes ~

First thing I went out to water everything out front, most everything looking OK even with the Heat on Sunday
And the watering finished I picked two more Celebrity Tomatoes from the Pot out there

~ Two more Tomatoes Monday Morning ~

Then I shucked the Corn, cut off some bad ends and dumped the Cobs into the Crock Pot
Added water to simmer a couple hours, then after that, cut off the Kernels and freeze them

~ Corn Shucked and into the Crock Pot ~

Then I headed down to the Fast Stop to trade for some new Lottos, only won $5 back this time
I asked Navru if he could use the Twin Bed I needed to remove from my Office Closet, he said he could
And that he would come and get it Tonight, it has to be moved on Tuesday Morning
Then on the way back I stopped to get another Photo of the latest Construction on Hiway 45

~ More new Construction on Hiway 45 ~

Juat poking around for a couple hours until the Corn was done, then thought of a Meatloaf to go with it
Back to the Price Chopper for a couple pounds of ground Beef and some Panko Crumbs
When I got back it was time to take out the Corn, let it cool a bit and then cut it off the Cob
Into a couple small containers and into the Freezer for later, decided to have Green Beans with the Meatloaf
Then I started on the Meatloaf, how many times have I done that? many, many but not lately

I spread out the Meat in my large stainless Bowl, then Salt and Pepper and piled in the stuff, lots of stuff
Chopped Onions, Green Pepper, Panko Crumbs, Eggs, Tomato Ketchup, did I forget anything? Into the Oven
An Hour later, out to cool and wait for Dinner, back to the TV for some Afternoon 'Entertainment' (huh?)
More like a Cartoon with Trump acting like an Idiot over in Helsinki, he needs mental treatment

On then to the Finale, Meatloaf and Green Beans with some 'Breakig Bad' TV and then a better Movie
And then that's all she wrote for a fairly pleasant Monday... (except for the Weather)

~ Next that Closet Deal on Tuesday ~

~ Sunday July 15, 2018 ~
~ Halfway through July ~
~ A Pleasant Afternoon with Patricia! ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ Greeted by a new Bloom on the Canna Sunday Morning ~

Sunday all over again and halfway through another Month, and another Hot Day predicted
71 Degrees at 5:30 a.m. and heading to another 94 Degrees Day later, Oh Woe!
I need to get out front early and water all the thirsty Plants out there all over again
I only got around to dumping a Bucket of water in the Tomato, Eggplant and Pepper Pots Saturday

And then the first chore of the Day at 6 a.m. I moved that Suitcase and File Cabinet out of the Closet Friday
Gave the Suitcase to Navru, decided later I could use the File Cabinet for something and found a place
Just fits perfectly between my Desk and Computer Table, could be handy there for something

~ New Home for the old Filing Cabinet ~

Out at 7:30 a.m. into a bright Morning with the Sun peeking over a foggy Gully
Headed to the Minit Mart for a tank of Gas and a few Lottos, got my Gas, got my Lottos
Back to scratch off a $20 Winner, then time for some Breakfast before heading back out front

~ Two new Tomatoes and the First Pepper ~

Saw Two ripening Tomatoes and a nice looking Green Pepper in the Pots on the way out
So I picked them to add to the Bounty on my Kitchen Table... The Tomatoes will ripen more
And that Green Pepper will go good in a Salad wth a fully ripe One... Oh yes

OK, hooked up the Hose, headed out back for the Hose and Whooppee! What's that? A flash of Red in the Tomato Bed
Walked over and saw Seven ripe Tomatoes of various sizes and picked them all, pulled the Hose and headed around front
The Neighbor was sitting out, I stopped to chat a bit, he asked if I had gone for my Lottos
I said 'Yeah and won a Nice $20 one', he asked of I was going back, I said 'Might as well try again'

He gave me money to buy some for him and I postponed my Water Chore and headed back to the Price Chopper
Cashed in my $20 Win, bught $20 more for me and $10 for him, back home, gave him his Lottos, inside to woek mine
And I scratched off another $25 in Wins, Hooray! Then took a Photo of my newly picked Tomatoes

~ More Celebrity Tomatoes Sunday ~

Then entering my Lottos for Prizes and Drawings, I got a call from Pat, 'I'm bored, you receiving Visitors today?'
'Why shore, come on over'... Said she would be over about 1 p.m. and on to the rest of the Morning with this and that

And at 1 p.m. Knock Knock Knock, Come in... Well Well Well, Look who's here... Haven't seen you in many a year!
If I knew you were comin I'da baked a cake, baked a cake, baked a Cake, If I knew you were comin Ida bake a Cake
How jado, howja do, how jado?

And then the Party started and lasted until after 5 p.m. And a good time was had by all
First off a freshly mixed Margarita ao sip with some catchup Chat and then the TV and my latest Videos
And then some Bobby Flay TV Cooking and then a Crossrord and some Tests Games on my Computers

Next a finish to the Movie we got halfway through last Visit, with some fresh Popped popcorn
Finally a sample view of 'Breaking Bad' and then it was time to head up the Hill to home to feed the Animals

And for me to wind up the Day, made some Cole Slaw, into the Fridge until I could heat up some Ribs in the Oven
Then I finished that Episode of 'Breaking Bad' and todded off to Bed for a Dream filled Night... WOW!

~ Now Looking for a nice Monday ~

~ Saturday July 14, 2018 ~
~ One more nice $50 Lotto Win ~
~ Finishing up after the Flooring Project ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ $50 Win Number Four for July! ~

Friday Evening, was a bit tired and sore from all the moving stuff around activity
After a little Vino Tinto and some Supper I was sleepy and went to bed early again, about 6:30 p.m.
Seems I have been moving stuff in and out and around, here and there, for about a Week or more
And still at it with some of the stuff out of the Closet, moved into the Office Room and Hall

So... First thing Today, after another really Hot Day Friday, the Plants out front look thirsty again
Took a peek at the Weather for today... Nice out there now at 73 Degrees, topping a bit cooler than Friday at 88
That isn't really very cool but sounds a lot better than 95

Next some more moving, moved the Books to the TV Shelf and fastened the dark Curtain behind to hide the Wires
Then loaded some more throwaway stuff into the AeroCart and trotted it up to the Dumpster
Time to go get Lottos yet? Well I took that large Suitcase out of the Closet, I'll never use it, maybe Navru could
So I got a Photo of it, drove down the Hill to buy some Lottos and show Navru the Photo
Sure he could use it, I offered him the File Cabinet too but he didn't think he had a place for it
Then back home to work my Lottos, won a nice $50 one and headed back to the Fast Stop

~ My never used Suitcase for Navru ~

Gave Navru the Suitcase, he really liked it, then I cashed in my $50 Win and bought Three More
Back Home to lose on all three, then hunt up some late Breakfast and get on with the rest of the Day

Then what about the rest of the Day? Not much to write Home about, just putting stuff back here and there
And I hooked up my 'Shark Rocket' and vacuumed the Carpet I had put back in the Living Room
Overall it looks quite nice around here compared to a few Days ago with that new clean Flooring

~ Another not quite so busy Day ~

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