Arizona Page Three
~ Arizona ~ In My Air Force Days ~
~ Trips Around Arizona in 1952 ~ Page Three ~

~ Wupatki National Monument ~ Petrified Forest ~ Grand Canyon ~

On the way to Tucson, in South Arizona is this Indian Ruin
But I don't remember the name of it

This is Wupatki National Monument 34 Miles Northeast of Flagstaff
In Northern Arizona, abandoned about 1200 A.D. This ruin had over 100 rooms

This view shows the circular arena, used for ceremonials

View of the West... or back side of Wupatki

The Rainbow Forest... in the Petrified Forest National Monument

Old Faithful Log in the Rainbow Forest
The largest intact log in the Petrified Forest

Newspaper Rock... An example of prehistoric petroglyphics

The Agate Bridge... This log is 111 feet long and forms a bridge
Across a small canyon 44 feet wide and 25 feet deep

The ancient trunk has been reinforced with concrete
To prevent collapse of this favorite attraction

A desert scene in the Petrified Forest

More desert stretching for miles

The Grand Canyon... This view from Yavapai Point
The canyon toward the top of the photo contains Bright Angel Creek

The Grand Canyon, said to be one of the Greatest of the World's Wonders
The area was made a National Park in 1911

The South rim of the canyon averages 7,000 feet altitude
The depth averages one mile and the width 4 to 18 miles

Grand Canton from Hopi Point
From here another glimpse of the Colorado River

Picturesque Cedars and Junipers are seen liberally
Throughout the viewpoints along the canyon rim

The North and South rims are only 10 miles apart by airplane
By trail it is 21 miles by mule and the trip takes two days each way

The South rim is open all of the year
But the North rim is closed by snow usually from October until May

Desert View Watchtower... Constructed of native stone
A wonderful view of the canyon from this point

The Canyon view from Desert View Watchtower
The last of the viewpoints on the East Drive on the South Rim

All those photos were taken with this big old Speed Graphic
All over the State... Time to pack it in for now

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