Arizona Page Two
~ Arizona ~ In My Air Force Days ~
~ Trips Around Arizona in 1952 ~ Page Two ~

~ Wickenburg ~ Prescott ~ Jerome ~ Montezuma Castle ~

Wickenburg, Arizona... Old Western Town just Northwest of Phoenix
On the way North to Prescott, Jerome and a few Indian ruins

Just outside Wickenburg, the Hassayampa Well
Hassayampa means 'hidden water' but there is water below the surface

Was there water in that well?.. I don't remember

The Jail Tree was actually the Wickenburg Jail from 1863 to 1890

In the desert near Buckeye, Arizona
The cactus is a teddy bear cholla called the 'jumping cactus'

Prescott, Arizona from a hill to the East

Downtown Prescott, the first Capital of Arizona

My Jeep Station Wagon parked below the cafe sign for Lunch
I remember a good spicy bowl of Western Style Chili

Mingus Mountain, at Jerome, Arizona, looking toward Oak Creek Canyon

Jerome, Arizona, perched on the side of Mingus Mountain
Mines below the town collapsing and the town sliding down the hill

Toozigoot National Monument... Clarkdale, Arizona
An ancient pyramid like pueblo containing 110 rooms

Inhabited in the 15th century, have been abandoned for 700 years
The Apache word toozigoot means 'crooked water'

Montezuma National Monument at Cottonwood, Arizona
This cliff dwelling contains 20 rooms stacked up in 5 tiers

This is the best preserved Cliff Dwelling in the United States
It was occupied from 1100 to 1425 A.D. by Pueblo Indian tribes

Montezuma Well, near Montezuma Castle
It is a deep lake in a crater like mesa 470 feet across

There are mumerous small cliff dwellings in the crater rim
Inhabited about 1200 to 1400 A.D.

A cliff dwelling in a cave near the bottom of the Montezuma Well

Heading North to Flagstaff, we pass through Oak Creek Canyon
A 15 mile drive between towering canyon walls... following Oak Creek

The highway climbing the Northern end up and out of Oak Creek Canyon

Indian ruins at Walnut Canyon National Monument
These dwellings were made of square stones cemented with mud

Checking out the ruins... Inhabited from 900 to 1200 A.D.

Interior view, there are over 300 of these one room dwellings
along the 20 miles of Walnut Canyon

Farther North, an extinct Volcano to explore
And climb to the top with my big Speed Graphic camera

Dave leading the way... The trail a bit treacherous
with the trail consistng of loose volcanic cinders

We make it to the top with a view of the distant San Franciso Peaks
The black areas just over the rim, the previous lava flow

Looking down into the crater
It is 1,000 feet across and 400 feet deep

Near the crater is an ice cave in the lava bed
Ice remains in the cave year round

Inside the cave... the dark area on the floor of the cave is ice

A final shot looking out from the mouth of the ice cave
Heading on North for more exploration of Arizona

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