Arizona Page One
~ Arizona ~ In My Air Force Days ~
~ Trips Around Arizona in 1952 ~ Page One ~

~ Phoenix ~ South Mountain ~ Camelback Mountain ~ Apache Trail ~

Looking North on Central in Downtown Phoenix Arizona

I was stationed at Luke Air Force Base in January 1952...
During the next year or so there travelled all over the State
Taking Photos of everything that looked interesting
Here is the Entrance to the Base back then

Below, the entrance to South Mountain Park, on the South side of Phoenix

On the road to the top of South Mountain

A stop on the way up to look back at the South side of Phoenix

And another to check out a very tall Saguaro cactus

The lookout shelter at the top of South Mountain

And my High School girl friend Phyliss came out on the train for a visit
And I showed her some sites around the Area

And smile, you are on Candid Camera...
That looks like the Brownie 620 camera like I had earlier in High School

On another trip to South Mountain
Jerry, my younger brother and the Donald and my Jeepster at the top

A view from the Lookout North toward Camelback Mountain on the North side of Phoenix
Named Camelback as it looks like a sleeping camel

A little closer view of Camelback Mountain from old Hiway 60.. East of Phoenix

This is an old Movie location to the East of Phoenix near the Superstition Mountains
Many old Western movies were filmed there

USAF Buddy Bill Bennett and I climbed to the top of Camelback Mountain
He was in the same Camera Technician class I attended in Denver in January of 1951

Hang on, looks like it is getting a bit steep here

OK you got up there... How you gonna get back down?

A rest stop to check on another huge saguaro about 25 feet tall

Made it to the very tip top of Camelback Mountain

Dave made it too... I was lugging that big old Speed Graphic Camera all the way

Here a look on the North side of Camelback... some desert resorts below

A look down on the Phoenix side
You can see my Jeep Station Wagon just in front of Dave's finger

Another view on the South side.. Downtown Phoenix at the very top of this photo
And then... Yes, we did find our way back down

Aerial view of Luke Air Force Base in the 50s when I was assigned there
The red arrow points to the Photo Lab where I worked
The White Tank Mountains behind the base where we climbed a few times

South of the Base was a resort that rented horses to others than guests in the off season
The White Tank Mountains again in the background

So we took advantage of that a few times
I always asked for this horse named 'Sugar' as she was rather lively
She once tried to run back to the stable before I was ready

Dave climbing a section of the White Tank Mountains, not very steep at this location

Now a trip on the Apache Trail, East of Phoenix... Entry off Hiway 60 at Apache Junction
The Superstition Mountains looming ahead... The location of the famed 'Lost Dutchman' Gold Mine

This at is my Photo of the Superstitions in the background with a model mule train
I bought a Mule Train model kit from 20 Mule Team Borax, assembled it
Loaded the wagons with Borax? and took a pic and superimposed it on the real photo

Looking down the canyon toward Tortilla Flats... Just above the head of the guy on the right
There was a kind of little store there once... Nothing there on the last trip I made later

Now looking back up to where the last photo was taken

Now for a refreshment stop... My younger brother came out for a visit
I showed him the sights around the Phoenix area

No... We sure don't grow them like that in Missouri

Looking down into Apache Lake formed when the Salt River was dammed
For irrigation purposes and also fishing and boating location

The trail winding along the Salt River toward the Roosevelt Dam

And dipping down right next to the river

A view from the trail just below Roosevelt Dam
The native stone cut from the walls of the Salt River Canyon

The dam is 1,000 feet across, rising 284 feet from bedrock
Five years in construction and completed in 1921... Named for President Theodore Roosevelt

The dam then formed 23 mile long Roosevelt Lake with a capacity of 398,430 Acre Feet

A few miles East of the dam is Tonto National Monument
Here the small museum and parking area... My Jeepster parked in front of the Museum

Indian cliff dwelling at Tonto National Monunent
Inhabited 600 years ago by the Salado Indians

The rooms were constructed of stone and adobe with ceilings of Juniper poles

This ruin originally contained 20 rooms crowded into the cave
Which measures 85 feet long by 40 feet deep

The half mile trail back to the parking area, Roosevelt lake at the top of the photo
The hills covered with teddy bear cholla and saguaro cactus

On the trail back down, one more look at Roosevelt Lake
Then driving the rest of the Trail to Superior, Arizona, then Back to Phoenix

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