~ The Wheel of Fortune ~
~ The Argosy Casino ~
~ Riverside, Missouri ~

At first the Argosy Casino was on a Real Riverboat that cruised the Missouri River for Two hour sessions
Of course the heavy gamblers and the Owners didn't like that limitation and also the cost of maintaining a Crew and Captain on the boat... and the expense of cruising

So after a few years, somehow the US Coastguard declared it wasn't safe to cruise the Missouri River with the limited rescue equipment available... and the boats were permanently docked

So then permanent shore buildings were constructed and the Two Hour sessions were eliminated and the $2 entrance fee was then paid by the Casino

And finally the $500 loss limit was dropped after pressure from the Casinos
Of the five Casinos started in Kansas City, three did not have the original Riverboats but had replica boats docked in ponds just off the Missouri River
Later the two remaining real Riverboats were sent down the river to other ports

When the new much larger Argosy land casino was built, the only vestige of a Riverboat is the bow of a fake one, sticking out of the side of the building... And all you can see from the parking area are the two fake smokestacks appearing above the roof of the front colonnade at one side of the West entrance here

The parking garage is located just to the right of this entrance... The entrance from the garage is through the collonade shown here... The way I come in

Main Entrance and Valet Parking... Parking garage to the far right

The Hotel Entrance is to the left of the Main Entrance

The Fountain in front of the Main Entrance

There was a large tent like structure here at first... They removed that when they built the Hotel where the original parking garage was situated

The original parking garage was razed and this Five Star Hotel to the left was built in that location

A Facade of Italian villa style buildings covers the front of the Hotel

A view from across the street...

This is the view from the extreme East side of the complex looking West to the Casino

Still across the street walking back to the parking area... The 7th Street bridge to Kansas crossing the Missouri River at the far right

Looking Back to the Main Entrance from the parking area

An earlier picture showing the tent in place at the far left and the fake boat and colonnade missing to the right of the West Entrance... And no Video Sign above the West entrance

The old parking garage at the far left... and no Hotel yet

I borrowed this photo from the Casino web site... Looks like an early photo and somewhat enhanced with the lighting effects

But I took this photo just inside the Main Entrance some time ago

Tall columns and impressive stained glass

Usuallly some display just inside the Main Entrance... Here to the far right

A view of some of the gaming tables I took from their web site

And some of the several thousand slots available

I was making my KC Fountain pages back then and wanted to add this one just outside the entrance to the gaming floor

Cameras are generally not permitted inside the Casino... I asked permission to take these of the fountain and entrances...

A current view of the West Entrance where tour busses discharge their patrons and a Farewell to the Casino for now

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