Apache Trail
~ Apache Trail, Arizona ~
~ A Side Trip on the Way to and from a Truck-In at Phoenix Raceway ~

The East rim of the Salt River canyon... Highway 60 West, heading toward Phoenix

We have to go down the mountain and cross the Salt River... That's it at the bottom

Down the right side and cross the river at the X, then wind back to the top on the left side

Approaching Apache Junction... The Superstition Mountains in the distance
The Lost Dutchman Gold Mine is supposed to be hidden in these mountains
It hasn't been discovered to date...

Which way did he go George?

Looking down into 'Tortilla Flats'... No town there now...

A little closer view from in front of the van this time

The X marks the bridge in the next picture

The bridge at the bottom... Won't get your feet wet in that crick

Giant saguaro cactus... keeping sentinel in the desert

Well now, Frank is about six feet tall...that one must be about 40 feet high

Roosevelt Dam... Named for Theodore Roosevelt
Said to be the largest masonry dam in the world at the time

Holding back Roosevelt Lake... when full extending 23 miles long

In 1978, very low... this is an important water supply for Phoenix and the Salt river below

A good view from the top there, the last pic and the next were taken from there

You can see from the water marks, where the level has been and is supposed to be

About a third of the way up Lake Roosevelt, a cave dwelling up high

On the way up... hundreds of saguaros and cholla cactus
They call the cholla the 'jumping cactus' and get near one and you will see what they mean

Lots of these dwellings all over Arizona... This one is at Tonto National Monument

They say these were occupied 600 years ago by the Salado indians...
To the left, a large clump of cholla cactus, also called the 'teddy bear' cactus and 'jumping' cactus

This dwelling was in a cave that measures 85 feet wide and 40 feet deep

And contained 20 rooms

A view of Lake Roosevelt from the cave dwelling

The area at the top of this picture that looks like sand is the dry lake bed, normally filled with water

One more view of Lake Roosevelt on the way down

And then on to Superior, Arizona and heading back to St Joseph

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