~ San Antonio, Texas ~
~ A Side Trip on the Way to and from South Padre Island ~

If you visit San Antonio you have to see the Alamo, don't you?

It seems every angle gives a different view

You are not allowed to take pictures inside, it is a 'Shrine' they say

And just across the street, behind this large hotel is the famous 'River Walk'

This is the place that gave Kansas City the idea to make a 'River Walk' on our own Country Club Plaza

But though our river walk is beautiful, we lack the boats and many restaurants along the river

They fill the boats to capacity at times and there is a line waiting to buy tickets

Under the bridge and across the river is the Cafe del Rio...
The Mexican food is great and the price is right

On any nice day this place is packed, but the service is fast and friendly

I had some really good enchiladas here... Even better than I make?

The River Walk is beautifully landscaped and extends for blocks
Just below street level in the downtown area

The boat ride makes a complete loop around the area, several miles at least

Then, when the World's Fair was held in San Antonio
They extended the river to enter the area of the fair

This part of the River Walk looks more like the neatly manicured way the Kansas City River Walk looks

The river enters into the center of the Fairground buildings

Under a bridge and into a courtyard

Where the boat turns around and heads back

And every World's Fair now has to have a tower don't they?

And this one is a truly impressive one...
A scary ride to the top... (well... not really)

The Fairgrounds from the top... The river was extended into this area for water events

And a view of the city... The River Walk is just behind that tall hotel in the center...
Some of the first river pictures here were taken just behind that hotel

Now on the way back downtown

If it is still open, a 'Must See' is the Buckhorn Museum then relocated to the Lone Star Brewery

The collection of horns and stuffed animals was originally in the Buckhorn Saloon downtown
I don't know why but they moved it to the Lone Star Brewery
And they have a lot more stuff there than could possible fit in the saloon

And they give you a couple free beers at the Brewery
Used to be unlimited but the last time I was there
They give you tokens for only two... Awwww...

The way to start the tour... gimmee a beer!

Somehow tasted better there at the Brewery
Than the Lone Star I bought when I was stationed at Randolph AFB

And then, they used to make Pearl Beer back then in San Antonio which I thought was better

Caramba! Mira el oso grande! (look at the beeg bear!)

Anywhere he wants to sit.. he sits!

And they had quite a display of fish too

We used to order Red Snapper like this at a place on the Bay at South Padre Island
But it was crispy fried

Full sized stuffed animals all over the place

Anyway... One more walk down the river

And one more look at the alamo... and head back home... Hasta la Vista... Baby!

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