~ Algunos de Los Animales ~
~ Some of those Animals ~ In All Those Years ~

Well it seems there were always animals around... Here James with a chicken
I suppose an Easter chicken and, hard to see but Jerry has a cat

And what kid in the 30s and 40s didn't get their picture taken on the pony?
Yeah, I'm the cute one on the front

This rooster is also on my car page but if you haven't seen it... this is Pinky
An Easter chick that died of old age... Not for dinner!

We had this old tomcat from a kitten, I was in high school about this time

That Tom didn't do much except sleep... And that old Persian cat lived for a really long time
Seems even until I moved to St Joseph... Like 20 years

Nope, never owned a horse... I just rented this one at a resort South of Luke AFB, Arizona
They rented out horses in the off season when the demand was slack

I always asked for this one, a lively filly named Sugar...
Very nice ride when she was in a good mood...
At other times she wanted to go back to the barn early and would take off across the desert
But I always prevailed, sometimes even after a pretty scary ride

The first couple years in St. Joseph I had an apartment and no need of an animal
When I moved to my new house someone brought in a cat for me... I told him 'I don't want any cat'
And I flipped it and then said 'And I sure don't want any momma cat!
But the cat stayed and lived for about 20 years, producing kittens on a regular basis
Though luckily in very small litters... This is one of her later progeny

A neighbor friend, Raymond, brought over his (not-so-Great) Dane... at the time) for a bath...
Had the poor puppies ears clipped after that, had to be in with the style

This is another one of Raymond's puppies in the watermelom patch
But not the Great Dane... I think this one was a weimaraner

The old momma cat was a calico part Siamese and we got along really well
Had her fixed up with a litter box and all... But the first time she came into extrous
And when I walked in after work... I told her 'Now it's outside for you'
And that's where she lived the rest of her life.. under the bunny barn for the most part

This is not the momma cat, but one of her later kittens, all that time and I can't find a pic of her
I had a lot of video though... But I lost it

OK, what we got here? Maybe doing the Mexican ~Cat~ Dance
Old momma cat had many different colors and types of kittens, not too particlar about her boyfriends I guess
And she was very protective of them, one time attacking Butch, Nathan's Alaskan malamute, when he snatched a kitten
And when I rescued it, the kitten was unharmed

Is this part of the Hat Dance or is there a mouse in there?

And this one may have been the kitten that Momma cat rescued... it was an orange tabby like this one
See that look, he knows he's not supposed to be there... Why do they like to sleep in the fresh laundry?
Notice that quilt? My mother made that way back when and It's still on my bed today... Got to be over 30 years old!

The orange tabby is kind of my favorite, always male (I read that somewhere)
But seem to be good natured...

OH! The rabbits... Someone brought an Easter Bunny for me and that started a whole new era
This one wasn't the first, that one was a big white one
And this one seems to be a good match for the upholstery

I built a hutch for it outside the back door and then someone brought a 'friend' to stay with it
Oooops... and then we got more little ones

So I built pens for them and made boxes for their houses
And somehow we got more and more bunnies

After that got out of hand I got tired of battling the weather to feed them
And more for my comfort than theirs, I built the bunny barn...
At the far left, Butch's A-Frame dog house, before I built him a deck on it
And then Nathan's pigeon habitat

Oops. how did Butch get in there, he was Nathan's dog... a whole other story
But Butch had to stay at my house... and he was interested in the rabbits
Notice the wires around the bunny barn pens, a fence charger that I hooked up
To discourage him from nipping at the bunnies

Now, here's a new bunch of bunnies, five of them there
But hard to count with themn all piled up like that

We ended up with several breeds of bunnies, from the plain white to these floppy eared ones
They were all just 'cute as a bunny' though

A picture of Butch as a puppy, looking like he wants a bite of the of that bunny...
Well, Nathan wanted a dog... And a friend of mine raised registered Alaskan Malamutes
He wanted to make a nice deal on a puppy for Nathan... But he was horrified that we called him 'Butch'
I had to explain how we registered him as 'Chief Bluffwoods Buchcroft'... and what it meant

Sometime in there... Nathan's Grandfather raised pigeons and wanted to give Nathan some 'white kings'
So we ended up building him a pen and coop for them... After they got acclimated I cut an opening in the top
So they could fly out and then come back in, fun to watch...
But they started mating with wild ones and we ended up with some various colors

This must not have been not too long after I built the upper deck, no trumpet vines on it
But then later they got out of hand and I cut them all down again

And Nathan and Butch, Nathan didn't like it so much when Butch got as big as he was...
How time flies... Was this really like 30 some years ago?

I built Butch a deck next to his house, in cool weather he was on top
In hot weather he crawled underneath for shade

Butch and Nathan ... Family Portrait...

And then when I moved to Parkville
No pets allowed, but this neighbor cat came over to visit

It used to come over to visit so I gave it a little treat now and then

Then a neighbor asked me to visit his cat while he was away

This was Tiger and he was always glad to see me when I checked on him

Then a Robin came to visit in December... In the Off season

And came back next spring to raise a family in my pear tree

But... Do you count the deer in my back yard as pets?

So many pets over so many years and so few pictures, most of their antics were on lost video
I didn't especially want pets, but friends kept donating them...
And Nathan wasn't allowed to have pets at home so his menagerie was at my house
I did claim the old cat, and I had an Amazon Double Yellow parrot a few years
But then 'we' had rabbits, dogs, cats, hamsters (lots). gerbils (too many) a couple rats, pigeons
What did I forget?<
Wonder if Boss Bob would let me have another parrot?

~ So... This is All I could find Pictures of Now ~

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