The Family Album
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~ The March of Time ~ 1932 to 2017 ~

1932 - Age 8 months
Hell, you gotta start somewhere, doncha?

1935 - Age 3
I'm the Cute One on the Right

1937 - Age 5
Ready for Kindergarten at Kensington Elementary, Kansas City

1938 - Age 6
The Brothers Three. yeah I'm asleep

1944 - Age 12
Freshman at East High School, Kansas City

1946 - Age 14
Bought my own bike, gave it a paint job

1947 - Age 15
Junior Year, took ROTC to get out of gym class

1948 - Age 16
Senior, graduated and got out of there! Went to work for Sears

1951 - Age 19
Got bored working at Sears and Joined the Air Force in October 1950
Promoted to Corporal after Tech School

October 1954 - Age 22
Honorable Discharge, back to work at Sears

March 1, 1956 - Age 24
Started work at International Business Machines
A prize if you can guess me...

1968 - Age 35
and another new toy

1975 - Age 43
Gave up motorcycles and customized a 75 Chevy van

March 1981 - Age 49
after 25 years at IBM,
my Quarter Century Club luncheon,
Alameda Plaza Hotel, Kansas City, Missouri

March 1987 - Age 55
Retired from IBM and started a new life of just fun

July 1994 - Age 62
After 7 years of retirement in 1987
- from 31 years of labor(?) at IBM.

December 1996 - 64.
My "New" IBM computer... Playing with 'Snappy' and my web pages

June 1997 - 65
and calling Social Security for some more money!

July 1998 - 66
After a fire in my St. Joseph house, moved to Parkville

December 2003 - 71
A new computer and updating my Web Pages

May 2005 - 73
And no more glasses after 60 years... and a new digital camera

September 2005 - Still 73
And I bought a second computer I didn't need... HP Media Center....

October 2006 - 74
Another new car? 2006 Grand Caravan... Has more goodies than the 2005 cheapie van

March 2007 - 75
Another new computer? Yep, another HP Media Center... loaded and with Vista installed... now what next?

August 2009 - 77
Another new Camera Yep, Panasonic HD Hard Drive video camera... now Blu-ray HD DVDs!

August 2009 - 77
Oh yeah... for Blu-ray... Had to install a new Blu-ray DVD burner drive... and Video Card... And Blu-ray Video Editor program...

February 24, 2010 - 78
Got my new Canon Rebel EOS SXi finally... More new pics... And I like this one!

October , 2010 - 78
Decided the Payments were too High on the Caravan

Gave it back to Chrysler and bought this 2002 Blazer

October 08, 2010 - 78
Another New HP Computer and Loaded!

Quad Core Intel Processor ~ 16GB RAM
~ 1 TB Hard Drive ~ Blu-ray Burner
~ 21 & 1/2 Inch HD Monitor

October 08, 2010 - 78
The Latest Computer Line-up

2011 - 79
The Canon XSi was doing
everything I wanted to do quite nicely
But then I saw reviews of this New Canon EOS 7D DSLR
and I had to have it

So May 31, 2011, I ordered the Canon EOS 7D

A week later, here we are trying it out
Takes great Photos and great Videos and I love it!

Now on September 8, 2011, I updated this page

And is the Canon EOS 7D my last Camera?

Oh Oh.. Got my sights on this one, stay tuned to see when I get it!
New 5 Star Rated Panasonic AG-HMC40

October 25, 2011, New TV and DVD Player arrive

Left to take to Sanctuary Meetings to show my Videos

And here to use as a Second Monitor for my Computer

October 27, 2011, New Camera Arrives and I Love It!

Made the First Video that night at Pumpkin Carving Night in the Nature Sanctuary

And the next one the following Saturday, Ghost Story Night

November 5, 2011, New Laptop Computer

Never Cared Much for Laptops but I got this one to Play With in the Living Room

And I never thought much of Dell, but this one seems to do OK

January 11, 2012, Happy 80th Birthday!

And now what's next?

February, 2012, Decided my HP Photosmart Printer needed replacing
so I bought this nice 'All in One' Dell 715 wireless Printer

November 2, 2012, New Desktop Computer Arrives

Wanted to check out Windows 8 so bought a New Dell Powerhouse XPS 8500
Almost Identical Specs to the HP with 16GB Ram, 1 TB HD, Blu-ray Burner

The Computer Line-up November 5, 2012

Ever Onward and Upward ~ The Only Way to Go!

April, 2013, I had installed some 'Third Party' Ink Cartridges on my Dell 715 Printer
And they wrecked my Print Head... Called Dell, they wanted $149 for one
But the Guy at Dell said he could send me a new Dell 725W Printer for less so I said go Ahead

But then I found a Print Head online for less than $50, so I ordered one
Then I had two really nice Dell Printers Online

And then this is the way my Tech Toys looked on November 2, 2013
Now... What's Next?

And the latest on September 02, 2015
Now... What's Next?

- - - Be right Back - - -
looking for some more pitchers!

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